bitpanda | promotion €10 in cryptocurrencies

bitpanda | promotion €10 in cryptocurrencies

bitpanda it is primarily a cryptocurrency wallet.

We are also going to incorporate the exchange function (currency exchange) and a Trading platform.

All this is the same site, both web and aplicación.

bitpanda has previously been known as Conimal, a fintech company based in Vienna, Austria.

The platform is specialized in the purchase/sale of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies within the Eurozone.

The bitpanda commissions are the lowest on the market.

bitpanda It was founded in 2004 and currently has almost one million registered users.

This makes it currently one of the best brokers in the cryptocurrency market.

He currently has a promotion in which you cánido win €10 free in cryptocurrencies.

This is a great claim for those users who want to start earning their first crypto for free.

We will achieve it in a very fácil way, you will only have to buy €25 in any cryptocurrency.

If you want to know how to do it, I invite you to continue reading.

Shall we continue?

bitpanda 10 euro

At the same time that you register, you perro take advantage of the promotion and get €10 in crypto completely free of charge with this bitpanda promo.

Of course, it must be said, that this promotion would have to subtract more or less €1 from commissions if you make a bank transfer.

Having said that, I leave you here the backlink for you to register, if you keep reading I will espectáculo you how to register.

How to register on Bitpanda?

  • sign up with this invitation
  • You make the verification fácil
  • You deposit €25 by bank transfer
  • You buy those €25 in cryptocurrencies (whatever you want)
  • They give you €10
  • Withdraw your €35 or invest it

This is the easy and fácil way that you cánido get €10 with this bitpanda promotion.

When registering, remember to use real data and, above all, do not use multiple accounts.

As in any application in which you have to handle money, you must verify your ID.

For entrar the €25you must go to the main page and clic on “purses“, gonna “euro purse” and “deposit EUR“, you must choose the SEPA option, it is the free option, entrar a minimum amount of €25 and accept.

What type of account verification do I choose?

When you register you will see that there are two different types of verification, I will explain them to you in case you want to do one or the other.

Let’s go there!

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Light verification.

It is the easiest and fastest option, but you will have restricted access to certain features.

“Light” verification will unlock the following features on Bitpanda:

  • deposit, withdrawal of FIAT money by bank transfer
  • trading cryptocurrencies, including precious metals such as gold and silver

This type of verification is completed simply by uploading a photo of your identification document, such as your ID or passport.

full verification.

This full verification is the best option, especially if you live in Europe and are interested in getting the most out of Bitpanda.

With this verification you will be able to unlock all the features available on Bitpanda.

I explain them to you in the following points:

  • you will unlock all the features available on the Bitpanda platform, including swap and savings plan
  • deposit and withdrawal of Fiat money through bank transfer, credit card, Visa or MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, etcétera…
  • you will have access to the Bitpanda Global Exchange

This verification is somewhat more complicated, you will have to make a vídeo call in English.

During this call they will ask you several very fácil questions in English (name, date of birth, ID number, etcétera…).

You should also focus your identification document from various angles so that they perro see the different holograms that the DNI carry and perro verify that it is true.

Depending on the party you want to get (and your level of English, why not say it) you cánido and should choose one type of verification or another.

I personally have done the first one, since I only want to trade and move cryptocurrencies with the aplicación.

How to withdraw money on Bitpanda

To pull money from Bitpanda, you will need to have a minimum of €25 in your account, or the equivalent in another currency.

It is best to buy the money you invest in cryptocurrencies and wait for its value to rise.

But if what you want is to withdraw your money to your bank, you must follow the following steps.

  • you must transfer the cryptocurrencies to Euros
  • select “purse” or wallet
  • give to withdraw euros

To collect you cánido choose several currencies, from the euro, the US dollar, the British Pound, the Swiss Franc, etcétera… If you read me from Spain, you must select the euro.

Once transferred to euros, you perro withdraw it to your bank.

Clic “wallets” and select “withdraw EUR“, entrar the amount and then confirm the transaction from the dirección de correo electrónico with which you registered.

If you do not see the dirección de correo electrónico, check your junk e-e correo electrónico.

Send cryptocurrencies to another Wallet from the bitpanda wallet

If instead you want send cryptocurrencies to another wallet, for example coinbase, you just have to clic on the cryptocurrency and select SEND.

Then you must paste the address of the wallet you want to send it to and confirm the operation.

As always, in a few hours you will have it in your wallet.

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Like any transaction, they will charge you the commission charged by each wallet.

If, on the other hand, you want to buy cryptocurrencies within the bitpanda wallet, a fee will be applied to you.

commission of 1.49% for sale and 1.29% on the total amount.

Bitpanda aplicación

bitpanda It has an application available for both iPhone and Android devices.

From this application you perro both buy and sell as buy cryptocurrencies from your móvil.

Although there is also a bitpanda website, I personally do all the transactions through the application, for convenience and speed, I started using the application and I am very comfortable with it.

Bipanda promo “tell a friend” and win €10

The program of bitpandatell a friend” will give us an opportunity to attract more people to the platform.

You cánido attract people from all countries where identity cánido be verified on bitpanda.

For legal reasons, the recruitment of users residing in Germany and persons with residence or business name in Germany is not allowed.

All of them will be left out of the program.”tell a friend“.

If you do it from the web page, by clicking on the bear icon you will see the backlink to invite other people.

However, if you want to do it through the Bitpanda aplicación it will be going down in the application menu, you will see “tell a friend”.

Also, if you have a topic-related website or blog, you cánido become an ambassador.

Being an ambassador means that in addition to the €10 that you are going to take for each verified usuario, you will take 20% revenue share that each referred client does.

The percentage will always depend on the total amount of net income from all referrals generated each month.

Bipanda reviews

Is Bitpanda reliable? The answer is very fácil: yes, Bitpanda is a great opportunity to earn money en línea easily and it is also completely reliable.

You perro check it by reading all the bitpanda opinions in forocoches or by typing the name in google plus.

Simply by buying cryptocurrencies, doing trading we cánido get money in an easy and fácil way.

If you did not know the platform, I invite you to join, just by putting €25 you perro easily earn another €10, which you perro either leave and wait for the cryptocurrencies to rise or you perro collect them, in your hands they will remain.

For the moment, I leave you the registration backlink, if you do it from my backlink we will both win €10 in cryptocurrencies.

Are you going to run out of them?

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 bitpanda |  promotion €10 in cryptocurrencies
  bitpanda |  promotion €10 in cryptocurrencies
  bitpanda |  promotion €10 in cryptocurrencies

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