Good afternoon friends!!! Today I am going to continue talking about the Bitcointhe cryptocurrency par excellence and which is believed to exceed the value of 800 dollarsto be prepared we have to hoard all the satoshis we perro (remember that the satoshi is the smallest part of Bitcoin).

I’m sure this also interests youWHAFF, application to earn money that works!

There are many ways to earn satoshis, with PTC pages, with Faucets, and through mobile applications, today I am going to tell you about one of them, it is called Bitmaker and it really works (verified).

We could define Bitmaker as an APP Faucet, that is, he pays us some satoshis for waiting a while.

Bitmaker is in English, but if you are already used to English from earning money pages, it will be very easy to understand.

will pay us 250 satoshis every half hourwhich is not bad for doing nothing, just watching our móvil inteligente (which we will do without any problem, I’m sure).

The withdrawals cánido be done from 5500 satoshisthat they will retire to our Bitcoin wallet every sunday at 2 amUTC.

Therefore, if we are constants and every half hour we open our Bitmaker application and see an advertisement of about 30 seconds, we will get good money at the end of the week, and of course, at the end of the month, never forget that this is a long distance racelike any job, you earn money at the end of the month, which is when you will see color, not day by day.

This aplicación has a referral system, therefore, you perro register from this backlink.

When you register you will get 2500 satoshisboth you and I, yes, in my case you have to put my referral codeis the following: DJW9NC.

And a little more to add, it is a fácil and easy application to do, if you want to add a few satoshis to your wallet, you must have this application on your mobile and look at it every half hour, it’s not much, right?

In the next articulo we will continue talking about easy and fast methods to add satohis, it is a part that I want to exploit, since it is very interesting when it comes to earning money en línea, either to have a plus or really want to live from this.


Bitmaker is a good aplicación to keep in mind to earn bitcoins, or etherum, if you prefer, whatever your choice, you must have it on your móvil inteligente

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