Bitly » How does it work? dirección de Internet shortener with

Bitly » How does it work? dirección de Internet shortener with

bitly is a company that allows you shorten your long urls, in order to have an easier dirección de Internet to manipulate.

This company is headquartered in New York, and it was created by Peter Stern in 2008.

Bitly is currently the leading company in this field, since its use has become enormously habitual.

You cánido shorten your URLs in Bitly for free.

Bitly takes care of using certain algorithms to convert a long backlink to a short one.

Based on the hash codes, a short backlink is built that refers to a dirección de Internet to the respective Internet address.

The long dirección de Internet is converted to a short dirección de Internet, so the dirección de Internet is an intermediate step that is assigned to the directivo of a single url.

Users perro see only the shortened backlinks, but not the URI.

Registration and first steps in Bitly

Registration in Bitly is free and fácil, and you perro do it by clicking here.

When entering you must go to Sign Up, where you have to fill in the information requested, and then send the information to create your account.

They will send you a verification dirección de correo electrónico to verify your account.

With this your account has been created correctly.

Registration Form

You perro register in Bitly from the following backlink: Go to Bitly.

How Bitly works?

bitly is a backlink shortenerbut it is also a great marketing tool that is used to track clicks, see site referrals, among other statistics of your shortened backlink.

You perro shorten backlinks without being registered on the platform, but they will only be available for a certain period of time, and they will not provide you with clic statistics either.

If you want to find out about usuario behavior, you need to create an account before shortening a backlink.

Shortened backlinks in Bitly are called Bitlink.

The operation of this platform is very fácil.

When you shorten a url Bitly stores the placed backlink and backlinks it to a newly created short backlink.

If you clic on the short backlink that has been generated, then you will be redirected to the stored backlink, whereupon Bitly counts the clicks and espectáculos the statistics.

Bitly also offers the option to put spoken URLs, where you cánido put an identifier to the shortened dirección de Internet.

How to shorten your URLs in Bitly?

To shorten a backlink (bitlink) you have to place the cursor on the orange button called Create, where you have to select Bitlink in the drop-down menu.

A field will be displayed on the right side of the screen where you must place a backlink to shorten, and your backlink will automatically become a shortened dirección de Internet.

If you wish, you cánido customize the last characters of your shortened backlink.

When you are ready to use your Bitlink, just select the Copy button to copy the shortened backlink and paste it somewhere or you perro use the share button to share it on Twitter or Fb.

How to manage your shortened Bitly backlinks?

Every time you create a new shortened backlink, it is posted on your bitlink feed (with the most recent at the top and the oldest at the bottom), so you cánido always refer back to it. You cánido clic any shortened backlink in the column at the bottom left to see its details on the right, including the title of the page it backlinks to, copy/share/editar buttons, traffic statistics, referrals, and locations.

to keep their structured shortened backlinks as you add more, you cánido select the checkbox next to any shortened backlinks in your feed to tag or hide them.

You cánido use the search bar at the top to find specific bitlinks by a certain keyword or tag.

In the Your bit backlinks tab you will see a bar graphic which espectáculos the number of bitlinks you’ve created over the past week agregado a brief summary of total clicks, top referrals, and top placement at the top left of the screen.

Bitly Memberships

The Bitly company offers the possibility to use the platform with all its tools to the fullest.

For this there is a premium account.

When you register on the platforms you have a free accountbut the Premium account offers you more advantages.

free account

By having a free account, you only have access to the Your bit backlinks part.

This type of account is very useful when you do not need to know the statistics of your shortened backlinks in an advanced way.

premium account

With a premium account you perro use Dashboard, Custom Bitlinks and OneView tabs.

With this type of account you perro create Campaigns, which allow you to get really specific statistics and much better than the Premium account.

Bitly Public API

You may have noticed that other habitual en línea sites and tools automatically embed Bitly backlinks into their features.

This is because Bitly offers a public API so that third-party services cánido take advantage of it.

bitly tools

Be sure to check the tools from Bitly to be able to create and share huge amounts of shortened backlinks.

You cánido:

  • add the browser extension of your choice (Safari, Google chrome or Mozilla firefox).
  • Drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar.
  • Download the iPhone or Android aplicación.

  • Add the WordPress complemento to your WordPress site.

Bitly and SEO

The use of Bitly is not recommended in all cases, since any shortened backlink is initially directed to a serverr from Bitly, and from that server to the de hoy dirección de Internet.

Unlike users, a crawler does not reach the landing page, but goes to Bitly’s servers first, meaning users take a detour to reach the dirección de Internet that has been shortened.

in the world of SEO these redirects should be treated with caution, since part of the original backlinks may be lost.

The company Google plus indicates that not much backlink power is lost by using dirección de Internet shortening backlink services.

It is necessary to escoge whether it is worth shortening a especial backlink in individual cases.

Conclusion on Bitly

Using the Bitly platform is a good way to get Pretty easy URLs to handle, since really large URLs perro appear, which we cánido better handle using this backlink shortener.

In addition, the platform offers you a Premium account to achieve better results.

You perro easily shorten your URLs in Bitly.

The Bitly platform allows you to see the statistics of your shortened backlinks, which is very good for the digital marketing, since based on these statistics you cánido escoge to improve your promotions on the Internet.

With the Premium account you will have really advanced statistics, but the free account cánido also help you.

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 Bitly » How does it work?  dirección de Internet shortener with
  Bitly » How does it work?  dirección de Internet shortener with
  Bitly » How does it work?  dirección de Internet shortener with

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