Bitfun: excellent faucet to earn bitcoin

Bitfun: excellent faucet to earn bitcoin

bitfun is a new faucet that we added to our blog.

In the same way that we work other bitcoin faucet, we perro work this.

With bitfun we cánido claim our bitcoin every three minutes.

But as I have told you, being a cumulative faucet, we will not have to keep an eye on the clock.

It will be enough for us to claim them a couple of times a day.

Bitfun is paying to our Coinpot wallet since 2017, so we won’t have cashout issues.

If you don’t have a Coinpot wallet yet, I recommend making one, since you cánido cash out from most faucets there.

If you haven’t read the articulo I wrote yet, you cánido read it here.

Register on Bitfun

To register in Bitfun, We will simply have to clic on the backlink above and it will take us to the registration page.

Once there, we will fill in our registration correo electrónico, we will fill in the confirmation capchat and we will have to wait for the confirmation dirección de correo electrónico, in the dirección de correo electrónico that we have put in the registration.

This is to verify that we really are the owners of the dirección de correo electrónico that we put in the registry and we are the ones who have registered.

How does the faucet work?

The operation of bitfun It is very fácil and very afín to others faucet coin pot, although with the peculiarity that the amount of satoshis that will be added to our account will increase progressively.

This means that the amount will increase.

As the minutes go by, not every day they give you more satoshis.

For example, at minute 1 they will give you a satoshi, while at minute 9 they will give you 30.

After working on this faucet for a while, I have seen that the best way to optimize time in bitfun is to make a claim every 90 minutes.

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To claim our satoshis we must go to the bottom of the page, in the section “rool says“, once there, we must clic on “Claim Now” and claim our satoshis, which will be automatically added to our Coinpot account.


In order for our satoshis to be added directly, it is important that we configure our Coinpot account as the default claim account.

So you will not have to wait for any type of minimum to earn your bitcoin

Bitfun Configuration

all configuration bitfun we will have to do it within the section “account“.

This section is very important that you do it, since it will be the section where we will have to put our Coinpot account to which our benefits go.

Within the section “accountWe will find two options:

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  • Account Details.

    Here we will find the details of our account coin potwe will be able to change the dirección de correo electrónico of the account where we will receive the satoshis, etcétera.

    We will also be able to see the details of our referrals and change our password.

  • Referrals.

    Here we will see the details of our referrals, and the percentage of satoshis that we have earned thanks to them.

    We will also have a series of banners to put in forums, weblogs, etcétera.

    Obviously, we will also have our referral backlink.

Earn more on Bitfun

Apart from the faucet function, in bitfun they cánido be earn satoshis in various ways.

All of them cánido be seen in the box above.

  • Games.

    Although this section will not benefit us, if we perro wait between claims, playing some fun flash games, we have more than 630 to choose from.

  • Roll Says.

    Here we will earn money, it will take us directly to the section “Claim Now”we will have to clic on that box, solve a small capchat and voila!, our satoshis will go directly to our Coinpot account.

  • offers.

    Here we will have the typical wall panel or surveys, with which we will earn satoshis just for registering on certain pages.

    Be careful with which, depending on which sites we register, in some, all they will do is call us by phone.

    In others, however, we may be subscribing to messaging services that will charge us a lot per message received.

    Don’t forget to read the fenezca print.

referral system

bitfun has a great referral system, exactly we will earn 50% of the satoshis that our referrals get.

And without any limit! We perro invite all friends or relatives who are interested in earning bitcoin and in the world of bitcoin faucet.

It really is a great opportunity to increase our Coinpot wallet and earn bitcoins.

What are you waiting for to register?

Does Bitfun pay?

Yes, it is proven that bitfun pays its users for the Coinpot microwallet.

I have already cashed out several times in this microwallet, to later transfer the benefits to other wallets such as Coinbase.

To save your cryptocurrencies, this is the wallet that I use the most, since it allows us to easily transfer our cryptocurrencies to a bank or Paypal.

If you want to read the articulo I made about it, you perro do it here.

All the proofs of payment that I get I usually articulo on the main popular networks such as fb, twitter or instagram, you cánido look for me in them with the usuario @salgodelacrisis.

There, in addition to proof of payment, you perro see news and some posturing.

Bitfun Reviews

bitfun is a great opportunity for earn money with bitcoinsWith just a few minutes a day and thanks to its great referral system, we cánido substantially increase our Coinpot wallet.

And what are you waiting for, if you have read the articulo until the end it means that you are interested in the topic.

All you have to do is register in this fantastic faucet, as you have seen, it couldn’t be easier.

Here I leave you a registration banner, any questions you have, you perro ask me in the comments or contact me on the contact page.

Regards and until next time!!

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 Bitfun: excellent faucet to earn bitcoin
  Bitfun: excellent faucet to earn bitcoin
  Bitfun: excellent faucet to earn bitcoin

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