| PTC that PAYS all | PTC that PAYS all It is a fácil PTC with which we cánido earn satoshis totally free.

It has been en línea since 2012 and pay automatically every Sunday through Faucethub, Coinbase or Xapo.

As we will see throughout today’s tutorial, there are several ways to make a profit on this page.

On the one hand we have the most common, such as paid ads or paid surveys.

But based on our daily activity in those sections, will award us with free spins for a game.

In each spin we will have the possibility of winning plus satoshis or even winning the Jackpot with an accumulated jackpot.

Last update ” I stop recommending this PTC and I remove the blog backlinks.

Ban accounts randomly, make selective payments… not to mention that after the last update, almost nothing could be earned.

Bitcoinsforme: How to register to the PTC

Before proceeding with our registration on, It is essential that we have an account in the Faucethub microwallet, in coinbase or in Xapo.

Otherwise we will not be able to receive payments from the PTC, so this step is very important.

If you already have an account on any of these platforms, perfect, since we will need it later to withdraw.

And if you still do not have any, I would recommend that you use Faucethub to collect from this PTC.

That in the end is the method that I use.

In the articulo on how Faucethub works you will find all the necessary information and the steps to create an account.

As soon as we have a valid account on one of these three platforms, we perro register with the PTC.

To do this, if you want, you cánido follow this backlink, which will take you directly to the registration form.

Once there we will entrar a nick, a password and we will provide an correo electrónico address.

After registration, we will receive an correo electrónico from with a backlink in its content.

To validate our account and be able to work the PTC we will follow that backlink and a new window will open.

Now yes, We already have our verified account and we cánido start adding the first satoshis.

How works

As soon as we access we will see a top menu with the five sections that there are to earn satoshis.

Later we will talk in detail about each section, but generalizing, we could say that our task will consist of:

» Reclaim in the faucet. just like we do in bitcoin and other afín ones.

» View Minute PTC Ads Staff and PTCWall.

» Respond to paid surveys on the walls of Tap Research either Adscend Media.

» View vídeos (if there are any, since in Spain I have not yet been able to see any).

» We cánido also mine using our browser.

» Play the slot machine with free spins.

Just below the menu we will see a general view of the status of our account.

Focus on this image.

On the left we see a classification of the gains we have obtained in each section, of what we have earned in total, of the amount of satoshis that are pending payment, etcétera.

And on the right, the last 10 transactions that we have carried out are reflected.

Or what is the same, the last ten actions that we have carried out to obtain satoshis.

For every friend who joins with our backlink we will receive 20% of the earnings they make in the faucet, 10% from ads and games, and 5% from mining.

Earn satoshis at

Despite the simplicity of the website, I think it is a fairly complete PTC.

When we use this kind of systems to earn satoshis everyone has their preferences when it comes to working them.

That is, there are those who prefer to see ads, who see it as more profitable to answer paid surveys, who have a predilection for the faucet, etcétera.

In this sense, we cánido choose between the different possibilities:


The faucet has a 5 minute timer and offers a reward of 10 satoshis on each claim.

We perro make as many claims as we want.


In addition, randomly, we cánido get free spins for the slot machine.

slot machine

The slot machine is a free game with which we perro get plus satoshis.

To get spins on this machine we will have to use regularly both the faucet and the offer walls of Minute Staff and PTC Wall.

As we have just seen in the previous point, in the faucet we will win random spins, but with the ads it is different.

For every 10 ads that we see on one of these two walls we will get 1 credit for the game.

offer walls

At we have a total of nine offer walls available.

with which to obtain additional profits.

Are Minute Staff, PTC Wall, Adscend Media, OfferToro, KiwiWall, Wannads, OfferDaddy, Super Rewards and TAP Research.

In each Wall we will find invitations to paid surveys, registration offers (PTSU), various raffles… For my part, I usually get into the walls of Minute Staff and PTC Wall.

I do it for two reasons:

✅ The first and foremost is that being active on these walls i get spins for the slot machine.

And with that, I always take a pinch or other.

✅ And the second is because the offers that we complete in a PTC not available in others and I prefer to take advantage of them in neobux.

As far as earnings are concerned, Minute Staff typically runs four 42-satoshi ads each day, a dozen 35-satoshi ads, another dozen 21-satoshi ads, and many 7-satoshi ads.

As for the PTC Wall listings, there are 3 of 33 satoshis, several of 6.6 satoshis, and many of 1 and 2 satoshis.

On the Minute Staff wall it is key to entrar at least a couple of times a day since the announcements are renewed.

If you see that they end, try updating the browserthat sometimes some more usually come out.


The vídeos are mainly advertisements like the ones we perro see on televisión or on Youtube.

For my part, I still haven’t been able to see any since I’m registered, so I perro’t espectáculo you any screenshots.

I do not know if in other countries you will have the possibility of earning satoshis in this section, but today, in Spain it is not possible.

Browser Mining

Finally there is the section that refers to mining through the browser.

The current ratio by which the web is governed is 99 satoshis for every million Hashes.

Once inside we cánido configure the connection that seems most optimal to us.

In my opinion, as I have said many times on the blog, It is not worth having the PC on and mining with the browser.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

Details to highlight and opinions of

Once we have seen how the PTC works, it will be up to each one of us how to get the most out of it.

If in the ads section, with the offers, or with all of them.

In any case, there are some considerations that I would like to highlight from

• The minimum amount required for to pay us is only 500 satoshis.

The best thing is that, after facilitating the payment method, they will pay us every Sunday automatically.

To configure the payment method we will go to “Editar”at the top of the Dashboard.

In the empty box we will paste the address of our wallet (Faucethub or Coinbase) or the dirección de correo electrónico that we have associated with Xapo.

• Using the PTC as described above, you cánido reach 500 satoshis in one day.

It is very easy and fast to reach the minimum payment.

In any case, if one week, for whatever reason, we don’t arrive, the amount is accumulated for the following Sunday.

• At we cánido also request a direct withdrawal to our wallet (if it is not Coinbase).

The conditions are different, since we will have to reach 10,000 satoshis and it is possible that they charge us fees when sending us the money.

• Reviewing the FAQ, abides by the same rules as most PTCs.

That is, if they identify a usuario who emplees VPN, VPS or Proxy will be permanently banned.

• To prevent fraud, most of the tasks we complete in the PTC have a 30-day window before being credited.

Yes indeed, all profits derived from the faucet, from viewing ads, from mining and from bonuses and sweepstakes, are credited on the spot.

Conclusion is, in short, a fácil, complete and 100% reliable PTC.

Also, it is very positive that the minimum withdrawal is only 500 satoshis.

In general, PTCs with a lower minimum payment usually put the barrier around 10,000 satoshis.

As it happens in AdBTC either Coinpayu.

However, on this page the same does not happen and we cánido get a weekly payment very left over.

For sample, capture with my transaction history.

I got those 250 satoshis in a couple of minutes!!

At Dineroworld we already use more than 30 reliable sites with which earn free cryptocurrency.

Today, we are adding PTC to the list on its own merits.

We always say that, in the end, it is about adding from here and there.

From my point of view, it is best to work as many sites as possible, so we will have more chances of generating profits.

What do you think of this PTC? If you liked the site and want to start generating your first satoshis, I would appreciate it if you registered by clicking the button below.

And if it’s left Do you have any questions about or do you want to leave your opinions?I invite you to write a comment below.

Until next time and hit the bitcoin!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you cánido see more about me.

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