Bitcoin | What is it and how to get it

Bitcoin | What is it and how to get it

If you have reached this articulo it is because you are surely looking for information about how to earn bitcoin free.

I already tell you in advance that you are in the right place, since since the cryptocurrency went viral a few years ago, I myself have been in charge of using pages for it, with more or less success.

The growth in its value and the large number of people who are attracted to learn more and more about this digital currency, have finally made me escoge to write an article where I expose the best sites that I myself use to increase my income.

As in all businesses, we must also be careful with scams on pages that offer commissions in Bitcoin, whether they are investment or free.

Fraudsters do not rest and how could it be otherwise, they have seen a gold mine in Bitcoin that is impossible to ignore.

Here you will be able to see updated information only from pages that we have been using for a long time and from which we have received lots of payments, so their reliability is beyond doubt.

In any case, this does not orinan that we are exempt from some unpleasant surprise, any business, no matter how stable it may seem, is linked to profitability, as soon as it reaches the loss threshold for administrators, they will cease to exist or issue Payments.

what is bitcoin

Bitcoin is the digital currency par excellence.

It was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, whose specific identity is still unknown to this day.

The coin is created by implementing the technology of “chain of blocks” through computers of users from all parts of the globe, reaching consensus among the nodes that make up the network through the exchange and verification of information, thus solving mathematical problems.

It is a decentralized currency, therefore no bank or government cánido prevent transactions between individuals, regardless of the country they are from.

The operations are carried out through private passwords, registered under a unique pseudonym in a public accounting system, this system is called blockchain.

Transactions made with Bitcoin have a security system far superior to other conventional methods, since each coin has a fingerprint within the system that prevents it from being used more than once.

How to earn free Bitcoins

The possibilities that we are going to find through the network to earn free Bitcoins are endless, as in all forms of business there are many scams, so you have to be careful before deciding to try one, especially if they require an investment to to profit.

I am going to espectáculo you, above all, free pages that do not require any investment and that have already paid me several times.

If we include an investment platform, this will be after having proven its reliability first-hand, with proof of payment for greater security.

Below we review some of them, it is a dynamic list, in which pages perro entrar and leave depending on their current state, that is, if they pay or otherwise go through some difficulty.


They number in the thousands and stand out for their ease of use.

Normally we will be rewarded with a small fraction of Bitcoin for performing a small action, this action is usually to solve a captcha correctly.

One of the pages that have been en línea for the longest time and probably the best of all.

You earn money every 60 minutes by entering a captcha, although it has many more interesting options.

More information
Register at FreeBitcoin
Very good site with its own application for mobile devices.

It also has a good number of options to earn BTC, so getting paid is relatively easy.

More information
Register on Cointiply

The big faucets have many other added options that will allow us to greatly increase our earnings, either by betting, playing or referring others to use said platforms.

There are also microwallets, they are Bitcoin wallets that have associated pages (faucets) where we will directly receive payments.

The microwallets is: ➤ FaucetPay

Viewing ads (ptc)

There is also a very wide range of pages that will pay us in Bitcoin for viewing advertisements, these pages are known as ptcsAlthough the ideal will be to select only the best or most reliable ones, since we are not here to waste time.

Fire Faucet
This website is a hybrid, since you perro not only earn Bitcoins by watching ads.

It stands out for having an automatic tap where you perro receive commissions without doing anything at all.

More information
Fire Faucet Registration
A good amount of daily ads and good value, although it has not been en línea for long, it already has thousands of users and has made payments worth thousands of dollars.

It has a very affordable minimum, you cánido collect in a short time.

More information
Registration in CoinPayU
Another of the veterans stands out for the good value of its ads, for the daily number and because the minimum payment is quite low.

If you want to earn free Bitcoins you cánido’t miss it.

More information
registration in adBTC
Web that allows us to earn Bitcoin by watching free ads.

It has been active since 2014, the minimum payment is 10,000 Satoshis.

More information
Registration in BtcVic


This is the genuine way to get Bitcoins, what’s more, the currency itself would not exist if it weren’t for the miners.

There are several pages that allow us to use mining to extract cryptocurrency, some of them free using the power of our computer or mobile and the other through a prior investment mining in the cloud.

The second one is much more lucrative, but also much more dangerous, since you must make an investment and while it matures, your Bitcoins will not be yours, with the danger that this entails.

Google chrome-based browser that allows us to mine Bitcoin for free with our computer.

We will have to go mining and when we reach a minimum we perro withdraw the profits to an external wallet.

It has several levels of referrals.

More information
Registration in CryptoTab
On this platform we are going to mine the cryptocurrency that we choose using the power of our computer’s graphics card, the better our PC is, the faster we will mine.

We will withdraw our profits when we reach a minimum.

More information
MinerGate Registration

How to collect our Bitcoins

If you want to earn Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency, we are going to need a wallet to store them and carry out transactions with them.

The options for this task are overwhelming, in fact there are hundreds of wallets that will serve us for it, some wallets work as mobile applications, others desktop, where we store the coins directly on our computer, we cánido even save them on a device external and take them with us.

It is the most used wallet in the world.

It allows us to save a large number of cryptocurrencies, we cánido also buy and sell quickly and withdraw them through Paypal or our bank.

It stands out for its simplicity and reliability.

More information
Register on Coinbase
It is a great option for users from countries with restrictions on other wallets, it allows you to exchange cómputos between wallets and withdraw money to a bank account.

It has a wide variety of options.

More information
Registration in AirTM
It allows us to save, buy and sell several cryptocurrencies, attractive or non-existent commissions in some cases.

We cánido withdraw our money at ATMs around the world.

It is one of the wallets most used by Spanish-speakers.

More information
Registration in Bit2me

Large fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin perro increase the value of the coins you have in your wallet, so if you are smart and buy or sell them at the right time, you cánido make a lot of money.

The best sites to trade Bitcoin

In this section we could also include some wallets like Coinbase and Bit2me, since we cánido buy and sell Bitcoin and earn money from trading, but there are very good websites for this type of trading.

Exchange of Chinese origin that has become one of the most used in the world.

There are no country restrictions and the purchase/sale commissions are quite low.

Own your own cryptocurrency Binance Coin (BNB) which is the eighth largest market capitalization.

More information
Register on Binance
The best popular broker in the world, many crypto assets to trade with very competent commissions.

The difference with other platforms is that in eToro we cánido copy the investments of the best brokers.

More information
eToro Registration
A new cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows us to invest quickly and easily.

An interesting feature is that it has completely free cloud mining, whose cómputo we cánido use to trade without putting our money at risk.

More information
Registration in StormGain

Trading with Bitcoin is one of the best ways of investing that currently exists, since the great fluctuation of the digital currency gives us excellent opportunities to earn it quickly.

Caution : I am not an expert and I do not give advice when it comes to how to invest your money.

When you use an investment platform you should know that you are putting your capital at risk, therefore do not invest the money that you need for your day to day.

Final opinion about earning Bitcoin

Nobody is aware that the future of transactions involves digital money, and in this sense, cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin have a lot to say.

Just a few years ago, everyone laughed at Bitcoin, what’s more, despite the enormous value it has today, there are still people who don’t trust it or don’t want to learn anything about it. Big mistake!

There is no better way to invest in our future than to store Bitcoin, no one knows for sure, but hopefully its value will only increase over time, so having something stored perro be a significant breather.

for an uncertain future.

Don’t waste time and start EARN FREE BITCOIN.

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 Bitcoin |  What is it and how to get it
  Bitcoin |  What is it and how to get it
  Bitcoin |  What is it and how to get it

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