Bitcoin Plus: free satoshis every 15

Bitcoin Plus: free satoshis every 15

Bitcoin Bonuses is a faucet to earn bitcoin that has been working and paying since 2015. If you are followers of the rises and falls of Bitcoin, you will know that Bitcoin is already around $12,000,000, and it is expected to rise much more. Now that Bitcoin has returned to its uptrend, it is an ideal time to accumulate small fractions before its value skyrockets completely and it becomes more difficult to earn small fractions of BTC. Anything we cánido get now may be worth its weight in gold in a few months.

For that reason in I get out of the crisis Let’s add this faucet. Plus Bitcoin is a free bitcoin faucet that I have been testing for a while and today I present it to you. Without further ado, let’s get down to business.

First steps and registration in Plus Bitcoin

Before registering on Bitcoin Bonuses You have to know that payments are made exclusively by the Coinpot wallet. For this reason it is essential that you have created an account in that wallet.

If you are one of the few who do not have an account or do not know how this wallet works for bitcoin faucetsI recommend you to read this articulo that I wrote telling the operation of this wallet. Don’t worry, registration in Coinpot is extremely easy.

Once your wallet is created in Coinpot, you cánido register in Bitcoin Bonuses Yes, no problem. To do this, just clic on the banner below and you will access the registration form.

To register you only have to entrar an dirección de correo electrónico address (it must be the same one you entered in Coinpot) and a password. Do not forget to confirm the e-e correo electrónico that is sent to your dirección de correo electrónico.

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Thus, the two accounts will be linked and the earnings will be received immediately in each claim you make.

How does Plus Bitcoin work?

The operation of this faucet is the same as others cryptocurrency faucets. It consists of claiming from time to time a stipulated number of satoshis.

In this case, every 15 minutes we perro claim our winnings. It is simply to entrar the page every 15 minutes and clic on the button “Claim Now” and ready! You will already have your earnings in Coinpot.

Additionally, Bitcoin Bonuses will give us an additional 5% that will be added to the profits you have made in the previous three days. If you are an active usuario, you will see your earnings increase significantly.

The satoshis that we are paid with these faucets will vary. Your range of rewards perro vary from 3 to 5,000 satoshis. But the most important thing is perseverance. Remember that you perro claim every 15 minutes.

Other ways to earn satoshis

In addition to claiming our rewards every 15 minutes. Bitcoin Bonuses offers us the possibility of earn bitcoin in other ways. Here I explain them one by one:

⏩ Play Afirma. It is a game of oportunidad where you must guess whether the winning number will be higher or lower than the one indicated before making the roll. To play you have to bet your satoshis, so I recommend that you be prudent. You could lose what you have previously earned.

▶ Offers and surveys. It is the typical section of the tasks of Offer Toro, Wannads, etcétera. Here you perro earn satoshis by downloading applications, surveys, etcétera… Remember to be careful with the downloads you do.

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Referral systems in Plus Bitcoin

This faucet has a great referral system. In this way we perro increase our profits considerably. We will earn 50% of all profits generated by lifetime guests.

The referral system has only one level but it is unlimited, so we cánido invite as many people as you want. We will find our invitation backlink in the section “reference”, as indicated in the photograph above. There we will find all the banners and the necessary material to promote Bitcoin Bonuses on our popular networks or on our blog.

Does Plus Bitcoin pay?

Yes effectively bitcoin plus pays without any problem. We must put our bitcoin address on the dashboard to receive our benefits when we reach the minimum.

Plus Bitcoin Opinion

If you are looking for reliable sites to earn BTC, I recommend that you use this faucet, your earnings will go directly to your Coinpot wallet.

Four years paying users guarantee this page. I personally have been using it for a few weeks and I am very happy, my wallet is going up a lot!!

Also remind you that if you are constant, the page will reward you with a 5% plus every 72 hours. And without saying goodbye, here is the registration backlink so that you cánido start earning bitcoin, remember that it is increasing at times! Regards and until next time!!


Currently this page has stopped working. Even your domain is free and perro be registered. If you want to know other facuets that do continue to work, I recommend that you read this articulo.

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 Bitcoin Plus: free satoshis every 15
  Bitcoin Plus: free satoshis every 15
  Bitcoin Plus: free satoshis every 15

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