bitcoin | Earn FREE BTC with your

bitcoin | Earn FREE BTC with your

adsbitcoin It is a PTC put en línea at the beginning of 2020 that allows us to generate free bitcoin.

Just like we saw with Trafficly, Adsbitcoin works through an extension for the Google chrome browser.

In this way, by viewing the ads that are coming to us, we will easily add satoshis.

We have already talked other times about PTCs afín to Adsbitcoin, so we will not have no problem when working.

Just in case, I have written a tutorial for you to see first hand how it works.

To add Bitcoin has been said!

Registration in Adsbitcoin

As I said in the introduction, Adsbitcoin works in much the same way to Trafficly or

To work and see the ads of the PTC it is necessary download and install an extension in our browser.

However, we will do this step a little later, since first we have to create an account from the website.

To register in Adsbitcoin we will have to go to the front page of the PTC.

If you want, you cánido access the form by clicking on the button below.

All we need is to clic on “Sign Up”entrar the address of our bitcoin wallet and clic on Next.

Next we will be asked to provide an correo electrónico address.

We wrote down our correo electrónico and moved on.

Go to PTC

Immediately afterwards we will receive an correo electrónico from Adsbitcoin.

In it will come an attached code made up of several numbers.

It is important to mention that in this PTC there is no need for a password to access our account.

In fact, for greater security, every time we want to entrar they will send us a code.

Exactly the same as we just saw now.

To finish with the registration, we paste the code in the corresponding box and that’s it.

We are already inside the PTC.

Like Adsbitcoin extension only works for google chrome browserwe cánido use the translator and see the page in Spanish.

How Adsbitcoin works

To talk about how Adsbitcoin works, it is preferable to separate the explanation into two parts.

A first in which we will see all the sections on the web.

And another in which we will talk about how the extension works and how to see ads.

Frequently asked questions ⏩ To know all the particularities of Adsbitcoin, we cánido read the FAQ.

This section espectáculos the most recurring questions asked by users with their respective answers.

Contact ⏩ If there is any concept that has not been clear, we cánido always write to Support for help.

Advertise now ⏩ I want to work Adsbitcoin for earn free bitcoins.

However, there are people who want to use the PTC to promote the occasional business.

If so, from here we perro create campaigns and pay for them with the cómputo in satoshis that we have in our cómputo sheet.

Notifications ⏩ If Adsbitcoin has to notify us of something important, it will do so this way.

Without going any further, they sent me a notification when I won 4,000 satoshis playing the free lottery.

Profile ⏩ From this section we cánido modify our data, see statistics and request payments.

There is currently a Referral Contest in Adsbitcoin in which $375 in prizes are distributed.

download extension

In the second part of the Adsbitcoin explanation we will focus on using the extension.

The first thing we will do is precisely download the extension and install it in Google chrome.

As soon as we register in the PTC and entrar the numerical code, we will see a screen like this:

To download the extension, clic on “Install Extension” and wait for it to finish.

These extensions are very light so In a few seconds we will have it ready.

Then we install it and, as soon as it finishes, an icon will appear next to the address bar.

iguto which when we download any other extension such as wave of Teaser fastFor example.

The Adsbitcoin extension will serve us exclusively to see the ads and earn free bitcoins.

How to earn bitcoin on Adsbitcoin

The way of earn free satoshis in Adsbitcoin it is mainly by watching ads.

As in most PTCs.

The good part is that thanks to the extension, we will receive a notice every time an ad is released.

Hence, it is so important to have it activated.

Look, once opened, the extension is shown like this:

If we clic on the gift, it will take us to the free lottery (we will see this section a little further down).

And if we clic on the next wheel, it will take us to our profile in the PTC.

From there down, they will come out all available ads.

At the top of the list will appear the ones we haven’t seen yet.

And those that we have already seen will be placed at the end and will take on a darker color tone.

To see Adsbitcoin ads we will do the following:

» Clic on the ad that we want to view and a window will open in the browser.

» Adsbitcoin Ads they have focus.

So we’ll have to stay in that window until the timer hits zero.

The remaining display time will be shown by the extension.

» Finally, when the countdown reaches zero, a captcha will appear.

We solve it and that’s it.

The satoshis will be automatically added to our cómputo.

You have to be careful with the captcha since it is an antibot measure.

If we fail it many times, the PTC cánido ban us.

free lottery

In Adsbitcoin there is a lottery whose participation is free.

There are only two conditions: having seen at least twenty ads in the last seven days and having been registered for more than three days.

The system also puts a third condition, which is to have requested at least one payment in the PTC.

But it doesn’t take it into account.

I myself have participated in the lottery without having received… and I have won it.

The prize is 4,000 satoshis.

As a consequence, thanks to this award, I have been able to reach the minimum required and collect.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

adsbitcoin pays

In Adsbitcoin we perro request a payment through two ways.

One is directly to bitcoin wallet whose minimum is 5,000 satoshis.

However, there is also the possibility of charging Through the FaucetPay microwallet starting at just 1,000 satoshis.

The vast majority of PTCs ask us for a minimum payment of more than 10,000 satoshis, so it is appreciated that in Adsbitcoin it is so low.

In addition, it does not apply commissions.

So that everything we earn will come to us in full.

How to request a payment

We have just seen that in Adsbitcoin we cánido withdraw earnings using our BTC wallet.

I registered with the PTC using my wallet address at coinbase.

Hence the payments come to this wallet.

However, everyone cánido use the bitcoin wallet that suits them best.

Be it Coinbase, Blockchain or any other.

The steps that we must follow to request a payment in Adsbitcoin are the following:

1- First of all we will verify that the address of our wallet is correctly written.

To do this check we will go to «Profile > Preferences > Overview».

2- Now that we know that everything is in order, we will go to the section from “Withdrawals”.

In English «Withdraws».

We write down the amount that we want to withdraw from the cómputo and clic on the orange box “Withdraw”.

3- Next, a pop-up window will appear.

And on the other hand, Adsbitcoin send us a code by correo electrónico.

We copy and paste it into the window.

So payment will be confirmed and we will only have to wait for the PTC to pay us.

adsbitcoin pay within 24 hours.

If everything went well, the next day we will already have the satoshis in our BTC wallet.

Or in the best of cases, even before.

It took me 3 hours.

Adsbitcoin Features

Once you have seen how Adsbitcoin works, it is time to assess and analyze the PTC in depth.

For me, these are the most destacable features:

» The minimum payment equipo by Adsbitcoin is relatively low.

In general, PTCs that do not have a minimum withdrawal usually pay through microwallets.

In this case, there is a minimum payment, but it is only 1,000 satoshis.

And obviously, pay without applying commissions of any kind.

» Ads are coming out throughout the day.

Some of them we cánido see them in a articulo.

As we usually do in almost all PTCs.

However, the extension It will be great so that we don’t miss a single one.

That, without a doubt, is very comfortable and facilitates our work in the PTC.

» The fact that participation in the lottery is free gives us the opportunity to add plus satoshis for doing the usual.

What is seeing the ads? If the participation was paying, I would not emphasize too much… But being free? Is a trick that must be taken advantage of yes or yes.

» Adsbitcoin rewards the promotion we do of the PTC.

For each person who registers with our invitation backlink and is active, they will give us a 25% of what she generates.

Adsbitcoin Reviews

In the blog we already have a wide list of pages to earn free bitcoin.

Today Adsbitcoin PTC is listed.

Definitely a reliable, paid and completely free PTC.

Three basic requirements that I usually keep in mind when working and recommending a site.

Considering that the BTC price is trading above $6,000, it is a perfect time to collect the most satoshis that we cánido.

And when the price goes up, sell it all.

In this way, the satoshis that we are generating today, we perro sell later, maximizing profits.

You just have to wait for the ideal moment.

With Adsbitcoin, there are already more than thirty pages that I use to earn bitcoins by watching ads.

What do you think of Adsbitcoin? Me I like these PTC a lot.

The ads are coming out throughout the day, but you don’t need to be constantly looking at the web.

If there is a new announcement, the extension will give us a consejo.

So we cánido calmly surf the net and check the extension from time to time.

If an ad comes in, we see it.

And if not, then we continue with our things until someone comes out.

and this this is everything I wanted to explain about Adsbitcoin.

I hope you liked it and that you perro get the most out of it with this guide.

Until next time and hit the bitcoin!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 bitcoin |  Earn FREE BTC with your
  bitcoin |  Earn FREE BTC with your
  bitcoin |  Earn FREE BTC with your

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