bitclix | Reliable PTC to WIN free BTC

bitclix | Reliable PTC to WIN free BTC

bitclix It is a bitcoin PTC in which we perro earn satoshis in various ways.

Despite not being as well known as AdBTC perro be, Cointiply either CoinpayUto name a few, Bitclix is ​​a fairly complete PTC.

It has been en línea since November 2018 and since then it has always paid religiously.

New PTCs come out every day, which after a few months end up closing and becoming a scam.

In this sense, the PTC that I present to you today It has been en línea for more than a year and a half and it has never failed me, so I cánido assure you that it is completely reliable.

In addition, there is a very relevant aspecto and that is that Bitclix allows us to charge from 1,000 satoshis.

As we will see throughout this guide, we only need to have an account in the FaucetPay microwallet to receive our earnings.

Do you want to know how this PTC works? Well let’s go to trouble!

Register on Bitclix

As usual, the first step to start earning satoshis on Bitclix is ​​to open an account at the PTC.

To register, if you want, you perro do it through the backlink below, which will take you directly to the registration form.

Once there, we will have to provide a nombre de usuario, an correo electrónico and a password.

Then, we solve the recaptcha, mark the three tabs and clic on “Check in”.

Look closely that of the three tabs that we marked, there are two that are mandatory and one that is not.

The first two refer to the acceptance of the TOS and the Privacy Policy.

As for the third, it is in case we want to be notified by correo of any news that the PTC implements.

Update – Bitclix has closed without prior notice and everything indicates that it has become a scam.

For this reason, I stop recommending this PTC and I remove the “safe” label from it.

At the time of writing this update, the site has been down for two weeks and it doesn’t look like it’s coming back en línea.

Once the account was created, I don’t remember if I had to validate the registration by correo electrónico.

I have been working on the PTC for a long time and I have a bad memory, so I cannot be sure.

In any case, if you receive an correo electrónico from Bitclix, you will have to proceed as usual.

A backlink will be attached to the content of that correo electrónico.

You follow it and, once done, the account will be activated on the spot.

Now you cánido access and start earning free satoshis.

If you don’t get the e-e correo electrónico, no problem.

You entrar the PTC with your nick and your password and that’s it.

How Bitclix works

As soon as we entrar Bitclix, a message appears dashboard with several sections.

At the top we will see our referral backlink, the cómputos (one with our earnings and the other with the cómputo we have to buy advertising), a history with the satoshis we have earned and a chat for users.

A chat in which, by the way, the admin is usually very active, a aspecto that always generates more confidence in the PTC.

And by the way, we helps to solve doubts much faster than through the support.

Del costado Menu

On the left, we will see the menu with all the sections to manage our account.

In total there are six:

Summary “ From here we will access the main screen again, with an overview of the account.

Earn money “ The most relevant section of Bitclix, since it is the one that allows you to earn satoshis for free.

In the next paragraph I will develop all the options that we have available to generate profits.

Advertise » As in all PTCs, at Bitclix we perro also buy advertising and promote other pages.

Either by adding funds or reusing the satoshis that we earn in the PTC itself.

However, below I will explain how to buy advertising without spending a single satoshi.

So we cánido get referrals to other websites without having to spend our money.

Referrals » Bitclix has an interesting referral system.

For each person who joins the PTC with our backlink, we will receive a 20% commission for all the ads they see.

So if he sees an ad with a reward of 5 satoshis, he will get his corresponding 5 satoshis and we will get 1 plus.

Money “ When we want to withdraw profits, transfer the cómputo from the main cómputo to the purchase cómputo or add funds, we will have to do it from this section.

We will also see a very complete history with all the transactions we have made in the PTC.

Statistics » Finally, we cánido review some statistics and graphs.

Both of the PTC in general and our personal ones in especial.

How to earn bitcoin on Bitclix

In all PTCs, the most recurrent form of earn BTC is watching the typical ads.

This is also the case at Bitclix, although you have some alternative ways to earn something more.

In addition to advertisements, which For me it is the most advisable section to workthere is the possibility of getting satoshis by watching vídeos, completing the occasional PTSU offer (pay per record) and making “Quiz” on the offer walls.

Let’s see it in more detail.

Update – At Bitclix we will earn dollars for performing each of the actions below.

However, at the time of payment, they will send us the dollar amount converted into BTC to Faucetpay.

Pay to watch

To get bitcoin in this section of Bitclix we will need to create an account on the portal “Engaged Hits” and download us an extension for the Google chrome browser.

The earnings aren’t crazy, as we get paid roughly $0.01 for every ten vídeos viewed.

We perro transfer that money to the cómputo of the PTC converted into BTC.

I must say that I I don’t usually use this section and the reason is the following.

There is a good part, and that is vídeos perro be viewed in the background.

With which, it is a way to continue adding profits without doing anything.

However, doing this slows down my computer a lot.

And that’s the downside.

If I’m doing other things, at best, it takes twice as long.

paid surveys

Although the title suggests that here we cánido earn BTC with paid surveys, It is not entirely true.

In this section we cánido complete Quiz-style tests from the MoreQuizTime offer wall.

These Quiz consist of answering the questions by selecting one of the two options that they give us.

For example:

What do you have for breakfast?


Fried eggs and bacon.


Cereals with milk.

There are no wrong answers.

We will simply have to finish the Quiz until question 40 to credit us with the winnings.

I already notice that they put a lot of advertising along the way, but to put it in some way, it is “the price we have to pay” to earn bitcoin in this section of Bitclix.


At the time of writing this articulo there are three promotions available:

» The first one consists of leave a comment on the thread that Bitclix has on the Bitcointalk forum.

All they ask us is to articulo a positive opinion about the PTC or raise any questions.

If we do it correctly, they will give us 250 satoshis.

» In the second task they will reward us with 100 satoshis if we register in the PTC of AdBTC using the Bitclix referral backlink and we generate at least 1000 satoshis by watching ads.

If we already have an account in this PTC, we cánido’t complete the promo.

» Finally, the third offer, which in turn is the simplest.

Consists in vote favorably and leave a positive evaluation of Bitclix in the FaucetPay microwallet.

By doing this, we will earn an plus 100 satoshis.


The PTC ads section is the one that I usually work patiently every day as well.

Bitclix is ​​characterized by sending few ads, so view them all It won’t take us more than two or three minutes.

The ads in this PTC are displayed in a different way from the rest.

It doesn’t have a big secret, but it’s worth it give an example to clear any doubt.

So they will credit us the earnings without problem.

To display an ad we will follow three steps:


First we clic on the ad and a new window will open.


Next, in the open window, clic on “Watch” and wait for a second window to open with the ad in question.

As soon as this happens, a countdown will be activated, which will mark the time that we must leave both windows open.


As soon as the timer reaches zero we will have to solve the recaptcha.

On the one hand, they will add the profits generated to the cómputo sheet.

And on the other, we perro now close the two open windows and repeat the process with the next ad.

For each ad, we will receive satoshis and 0.25 PTC Credits.

We cánido use these credits to promote other pages totally free.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

Bitclix pays by FaucetPay

At Bitclix we cánido request a payment from as little as 1,000 satoshis.

Being such a small amount, the PTC sends the payments through the FaucetPay microwallet.

Therefore, to withdraw the earnings, we will need to have an account in this microwallet.

PTCs that require a low minimum payment, like on Bitclix, need to pay vía microwallets.

In this way, the fees applied by the bitcoin network are saved in each transaction.

How to associate Bitclix and FaucetPay

To withdraw in Bitclix we will have to configure the payment method and associate our account with FaucetPay.


The first thing we will do, if we do not have one, will be to create an account in the FaucetPay microwallet.


Next, they will send us an correo electrónico so that we cánido validate the registration.

We open the correo electrónico and follow the backlink that we see inside.


Once inside our account, in the upper submenu, we will see a tab that says “Linked addresses”.

We clic and paste the address of our main bitcoin wallet.

In my case, I have provided the address of my bitcoin wallet at coinbasebut anyone who supports BTC is worth it.


We accept by clicking on “Backlink Address” and the address will be registered in FaucetPay.


In the last step, we will only have to associate our Bitclix account with the one we just created in FaucetPay.

To do this, we go to the section “Withdrawals”.

Once there, we look for the option of “My account” and clic on the blue square with the text of “Add new”.

To finish, we paste, in the box with the FP logotipo, the same bitcoin address that we have pasted before in FaucetPay and we give “Keep”.

This whole process only has to be done once.

From now on, since we already have it well configured, every time we request a payment in Bitclix we will receive it in FaucetPay.

Request a payment on Bitclix

If you have followed all the steps correctly, you should get an image afín to the one shown above.

Now we only have to ask for a payment and receive earnings instantly at FaucetPay.

In this case, the procedure would be as follows:


Starting from the previous image, at the bottom, we will entrar the amount of satoshis that we want to withdraw.


In the next step we will clic on “Withdraw”.


And after a few seconds, we will have the satoshis in our FaucetPay account.

As fácil as that!

From FaucetPay, we perro send the satoshis that we have accumulated to our main bitcoin wallet.

But you have to make a little shade.

The minimum amount to make this transaction is for only 1,000 satoshishowever, they will apply to us a commission of 400 satoshis for each of them.

So the most sensible thing to do is to accumulate satoshis in the microwallet and when we have a larger amount, proceed to send them to our main wallet.

I will make a comparison as an example:

Suppose I withdraw 1000 satoshis from FaucetPay to my wallet on Coinbase.

Since the commission is 400 satoshis, I will get 600 satoshis net.

I orinan a canalla since almost half of the money will be lost along the way.

And if I do that transaction more times…

In the second case, I am going to make a withdrawal of 20,000 satoshis.

Applying the corresponding fees, which are 400 satoshis, we see that the amount that will reach Coinbase will be 19,600 satoshis.

So that we amortize that small commission much better that Faucetpay applies.

BitClix Main Features

We already know how Bitclix works, so the perfect time to assess and analyze what this PTC brings us.

In my opinion, the most characteristic features are these:

✅ Bitclix is a free PTC, easy to use and with a really low minimum payment.

In addition, pay on the spot through FaucetPay and no commission is applied.

Cánido you ask for anything more from a PTC?

✅ It is true that you cannot earn many satoshis daily, since the number of ads that appear is rather low and the rest of the sections are not very productive.

However, this consists of work several sites and add from here and there.

If you are interested, here you are a list with the best pages and faucets that I use to earn free bitcoin.

✅ From my point of view, the fact that one of the ways to obtain satoshis in this PTC is called “Paid Surveys” it’s a bit disconcerting.

More than anything because there are no paid surveys, but the Quiz.

In any case, it is a mere personal reflection that does not have much importance.

To earn bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by answering surveys we already have the portal of Idle EmpireSo there’s no problem.

BitClix Reviews

In short, Bitclix is ​​a reliable PTC that allows us to earn free bitcoin.

Considering that the price of BTC is going up (and more than it will in the future), it is worth taking any opportunity to collect as much of this and other cryptocurrencies as possible.

And when the time comes, sell everything.

The satoshis that we earn today will increase in value in dollars later.

Currently, BTC is trading above $8,800.

When it is worth $16,000, our BTC savings will be worth double what it is now.

As is evident and I have repeated countless times, no one he is going to make money using PTC bitcoin.

And much less if your intention is to get money quickly.

The ideal is to work on safe pages, patiently, and have a medium and long-term visión.

At least that’s my mentality.

In this way, I am saving everything I earn with the PTCs, the faucets, the games… and when the price of BTC rises more, I will sell it all in exchange for dollars or euros.

Anyway, this has been all I had to explain today.

Yeah Did you like Bitclix?I would appreciate it if you would register as my referrals by clicking on the button below.

And as always, if there is any doubt, you perro leave a comment and I will answer it as soon as possible.

Until next time and hit the bitcoin!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 bitclix |  Reliable PTC to WIN free BTC
  bitclix |  Reliable PTC to WIN free BTC
  bitclix |  Reliable PTC to WIN free BTC

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