bit2me | The best place in Spain to have

bit2me | The best place in Spain to have

bit2me It is one of the safest platforms in the world when it comes to storing and trading cryptocurrencies.

Its simplicity and the possibility of withdrawing cryptocurrencies converted into euros from more than 10,000 ATMs spread across the 5 continents have undoubtedly made it one of the favorite and most used platforms in many countries.

The possibility of using Bit2me is present right now in more than 40 countries and growing, and as I said before, the ease of making transactions with it is without a doubt one of its strong points.

Perhaps the only Achilles heel is the one that does not have as many cryptocurrencies as other platforms that are dedicated to trading these digital currencies, but in my opinion it has the essential ones, it also supplements that must with endless interesting features that we are going to review below.

Bit2Me Features

Before detailing the main characteristics, it must be said that we are talking about a legal and registered company, however it has operating since 2014.

The company was founded by Leif Ferreira and its team is made up of more than 20 professionals, all of them experts in cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoinforme SL (Calle Germán Bernacer, 65, 03203, Elche, Alicante, Spain and with NIF B-54835301)




All Europe, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, México, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Peru, Puerto Rico and Panama.


Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Dash.


1 unlimited level with which we will obtain 50% of each commission charged by the platform for each operation carried out by our affiliates.

The money cánido be withdrawn when reaching 30 euros.

Mobile Aplicación

Yes, we perro also have Bit2me on the mobile, it is available for Android and iOS.

Registration in Bit2me

To buy or sell cryptocurrencies you do not need to create an account, since thanks to Tikebit (exclusive method of Bit2me) we perro do it, although we will need to create it to invest by card or bank transfer, in addition, if we want to store these cryptocurrencies as in Coinbase , we perro do it in the wallet of the platform itself and for this we will also need an account.

Open a free account at Bit2me and store, buy and sell cryptocurrencies that you perro withdraw from any ATM

Registration in Bit2me

To create the account you must access “Wallet” either “Discharge” on the main page of Bit2me, then we will have to fill in this small form with our correo electrónico and a password.

First step to create a wallet

Then we will receive a confirmation dirección de correo electrónico with a backlink that we will have to clic so that our account is activated and we perro entrar it.

verify account

An important step will be to verify the account, this is of enormous importance to safeguard the security of our transactions and it is something that platforms such as Bit2me are obliged to comply with, among other things, to avoid money laundering or identity theft so feared in network.

To correctly complete the identity verification, we will go to our account or wallet and look for the dots (1) in the menu and then clic on Account (2).

First steps for verification

Then inside Account we clic where it says “Identity” there we will see that we have to do 3 more fácil steps:


Information Here we will have to select the type of account we want between Personal or Company, as a general rule we will choose the first one.

We will also have to fill in our data such as name and surname, date of birth and sex.


Identity We choose the type of document that we are going to upload, the options are Identity card either Passport.

We select our country of residence, our identification number and its expiration date and clic on continue.


Upload photographs Finally we upload a photograph of our document, remember that the numbers of it are clearly aparente and another of a autofoto where you hold your documentation and a paper where you expose a text that says “I am registering at to buy/sell cryptocurrency”.

When uploading the photos we must wait for the Bit2me team to verify our identity, if there is no problem they should verify our account in a few hours.

How to buy and sell cryptocurrency on Bit2me

At Bit2me you cánido buy and sell cryptocurrencies without registering on the platform, simply from the main page of the platform, but since I assume that you are going to open a wallet to store them and enjoy all the advantages and comforts of Bit2me, I’m going to tell you how to do it within the web itself.

Once our wallet has been created as I have told you above, we have to look for the option in the menu Buy & Sellthere we will find all the available options.

Options to buy and sell crypto

1 Choose the cryptocurrency you want to buy among those available; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash (more to be added soon).

2 Then you have to indicate the method that we are going to use to buy them; Bank transfer, card, tikebit or with the cómputo of our account.

Each of these options has a different daily limit and commission.

3 Next we will have to mark the amount that we want to buy, we cánido put that amount in euros or in Bitcoins.

4 In the next option you have to choose where you want to receive the cryptocurrencies among the available options; In your Bit2me account or in an external wallet.

5 Finally we have to confirm the transaction and wait for the money to arrive.

Depending on the chosen purchase option, it will take more or less.

To sell cryptocurrencies, the procedure is very afín.

The advantage of using Bit2me to sell cryptocurrencies is that we will be able to do it from any HalCash ATM for only €1.5 commission, whatever the amount.

Commissions in Bit2me

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies on Bit2me is much more profitable than on other platforms, since the commissions are very low and even non-existent in several of the options.

In any case, before making any operation it is convenient to review the terms on the website itself, since the conditions may change at any time.

purchase commissions

Wire transfer: The purchase limits for this method are between €200 of minimum and the €2,000 of max.

The commissions are 0% and the time we have to wait for our money is usually 1 to 3 business days.

Credit or debit card: The purchase limits are €30 the minimum and €1,000 the maximum purchase per day.

The commissions of this method cánido reach 3% and the money is received in a period of time of about 30 minutes.

tikebit: Purchase limits between €20 and €1,000, per day we perro buy a maximum of €5,000 with this method.

The commissions are 2.5% and it is received instantly.

Sales commissions

HalCash: The sales limits for this method are between a minimum of €20 and a daily maximum of €200.

Commissions reach 1.5% per sale, delivery time is instantaneous.

SEPA transfer: Limits from €50 to €20,000, the latter being the daily amount that we cánido reach.

The commissions are 0.5% and it takes about 24 hours to receive.

SWIFT transfer: In this case the limits are from €100 to €20,000 per day.

The commissions are €30 fixed and 0.5% variable, the waiting time to receive the sale is usually about 72 hours.

Bit2me Affiliate System

One of the strengths of the Bit2me platform is without a doubt its affiliate system.

If you are good at this subject or have a powerful means of dissemination such as a blog, you perro get some benefits not negligible.

To access the affiliate system and obtain a promotional backlink, we will have to clic on our icon in our wallet account and then where it says invite and win.

Get your affiliate backlink

We will have an unlimited level of affiliates, with whom we will receive the 50% commission for each operation they carry out on the platform.

The minimum payment is just 30 euros and cánido be withdrawn manually whenever you escoge, so only you have the management of your commissions.

* Bit2me’s affiliate system is very powerful if we compare it with other platforms, for example, Coinbase offers a payment of €9 when an affiliate reaches €100 purchased and LocalBitcoins offers only 3 months and we barely get 0.4% of the total of each operation and payments are received in one year.

In this sense it is a system (with its small differences), more afín to that of platforms such as Binance.

Final opinion about Bit2me

bit2me It is an ideal platform for the Latin market, where it is the undisputed leader and, above all, it is ideal for people who do not have much experience in the campo of buying/selling cryptocurrencies, since it is a fairly fácil platform to use and does not require no technical knowledge.

Nothing more, of course if you have any questions you cánido ask me without fear, although the platform has great information in the form of articles and vídeos explaining the details of it.

Open a free account at Bit2me and store, buy and sell cryptocurrencies that you cánido withdraw from any ATM

Free registration in Bit2me

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 bit2me |  The best place in Spain to have
  bit2me |  The best place in Spain to have
  bit2me |  The best place in Spain to have

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