Bit2me opinions: what it stands out for, advantages,

Bit2me opinions: what it stands out for, advantages,

Today, there are multiple cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world.

Therefore, if you are looking to join this market or have a share in it, you may wonder what are the best cryptocurrency exchanges in which you perro trust your investment capital.

Because of this, today we bring some Bit2me opinions and what you should know about this exchange.

What is Bit2Me?

bit2me is a Spanish company that is registered in Alicante.

This, offers exposure to cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin.

Therefore, it is presented as an exchange platform, which not only allows you to buy Bitcoin with fiat money, but also offers more functions; such as sale of tokens or acquisition of other recognized cryptos.

This company was born in 2014, and since then it has had the purpose of becoming something more than an exchange, offering extensive cryptocurrency related courses and articles on his blog.

Therefore, it is almost certain that a large part of the users who hear about Bit2me think about the academy they have, since many of their articles are very well positioned in Google plus.

What does Bit2me stand out as an exchange?

First of all, one of the highlights of Bit2me, is that it has a affiliate system with which you perro earn up to 50% of what referrals pay in commissions.

However, it also has several other aspects in which it stands out from the competition, starting with:

  • Point and rank system.
  • Low sales fees and quick release of funds.
  • It does not have commissions in case of paying with transfer.
  • Easy to understand and intuitive platform.
  • Cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Cryptocurrency academy with more than 100 open access publications.
  • Allows the purchase of cryptos with cash.
  • It has its own token.

Bit2me commissions and fees

The Bit2me commissions and fees for fiat transfers, buying/selling crypto and more, they are as follows:

Bit2me official page.

Commissions and fees.

Important: The stipulated figures may change over time or by the company’s own choices.

Therefore, it is essential to keep this in mind in the future.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Bit2me

Despite being a platform that may not have negative aspects to highlight, you should know that just as there are positive points, we cánido also find some disadvantages.

Advantages of Bit2me

  • It is a company with more than 5 years in the market.

  • It is registered in Spain.
  • It has an intuitive platform.
  • More than 100 posts and educational vídeos in his academy that are free to the public.
  • Excellent affiliate system.
  • More than 70 cryptocurrencies available to buy.
  • Aplicación for Android and iOS.
  • Available in Latin American countries; such as México, Colombia, Argentina, Panama, Chile, Bolivia, among others.
  • Cryptocurrencies cánido be exchanged for cash.

Bit2me Disadvantages

  • Bank transfers usually take a while to confirm.

    So if you are in a hurry to make a purchase, this may be considered a negative.

  • Not available in some countriesLike Venezuela for example.
  • Limited amount of cryptocurrencies to operate (although they are adding more little by little).
  • It does not have tools to trade.

How to start in Bit2me?

Bit2me is a very easy to use platform, in which you perro buy cryptocurrencies even without registering; although for this you will only have the Tikebit method available.

If you are interested in registering and starting to operate with cryptos, we suggest you follow these steps:

  • Entrar the official page or give clic here.
  • Look for the upper right box that says “Sign up” and press it.
  • Once you have loaded the new page just add the information requested; an dirección de correo electrónico address and a password, in addition to accepting the terms and conditions of service.

  • Then just press the box that says: “CREATE ACCOUNT”.

Finally, the platform will send a confirmation dirección de correo electrónico to the dirección de correo electrónico address you have entered in the form.

You must open this message and continue the process with the indications you have; only will request to open a backlink to complete the process.

However, it should be noted that before buying/selling cryptocurrencies also you must perform an identity verification on the platform.

This is only for the purpose of increasing security levels and preventing spoofing on the exchange.

Therefore, we suggest doing it when registering with the cryptocurrency exchange house; If you fear the disclosure of your personal information, you should know that Bit2me complies with the GDPR data protection policies.

How many cryptocurrencies perro you buy in Bit2me?

Bit2me is a platform that, despite having more than 5 years of presence in the market, has a limited amount of cryptocurrencies to operate (see list of available cryptos).

This is due to the fact that they are governed by very strict regulations when choosing the tokens that they will expose to their clients.

For this reason, the amount of cryptocurrencies that perro be buy on Bit2me does not exceed the number of 74 coins, some of the most important:

  • Bitcoin.
  • ethereum.
  • Litecoin.
  • Dash.
  • Cardano.
  • Ripple.
  • Chainlink.
  • Monero.
  • TRON.

Payment methods to buy cryptos in Bit2me

Buying cryptos is quite easy, since the exchange house supports multiple payment methods that will make it much easier for you to acquire a token.

These options to make payments are:

  • Card: credit, debit or prepaid; regardless of whether it is Mastercard or VISA.
  • Bank transfers: These perro be European or international.
  • Tikebit: This is a payment method that will allow you to buy digital currencies with cash.

    It consists of making the purchase of a coupon that you perro entrar into the platform to acquire a preset number of tokens; This expires after 1 year, so you must use it before it reaches 12 months of issuance.

  • Cash: You will be able to buy cryptos at the exchange’s ATMs, but it is an option limited to many countries.

    For now, it’s just available in Spain, Italy, France and Portugal.

  • Cómputo on the exchange: It consists of depositing fiduciary money to the platform to change it whenever you want through tokens.

Does technical support work well?

The technical support system must be impeccable on any such platform.

Thus, Bit2me is committed to answering all questions accurately in your support areafrom there you perro entrar the question you want to know and you will surely find an answer to your question.

However, they also offer multiple other options, such as the chat area; who will put you in touch with one of the specialists available.

Also, you will find 2 more solutions; one of them consists of open a ticket or make a call to the assistance numbers that they have on the web.

Bit2me opinions: is it reliable and safe or a scam?

Analyzing the platform in depth we cánido confirm that Bit2me is safe, compliant and not a scam.

It stands out mainly for the simplicity and ease with which it allows you to buy cryptocurrencies and for the high level that its technical service offers.

If you’re not a Bit2me customer, you almost certainly don’t know what exceptional service means.

Since, as a high percentage of its clients make clear, this platform pay full attention possible to its users, in addition to assistance under all circumstances.

In addition, they hold a countless number of events on a regular basis, as well as multiple marketing campaigns on radio, televisión and the Internet.

In order to make yourself known in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Since its inception, they have proven to be a reliable platform that is committed to users..

Therefore, they take into account all kinds of criticisms, comments or suggestions, even when it comes to listing new tokens on the exchange.

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 Bit2me opinions: what it stands out for, advantages,
  Bit2me opinions: what it stands out for, advantages,
  Bit2me opinions: what it stands out for, advantages,

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