Binance P2P Function What is it, how does it work and

Binance P2P Function What is it, how does it work and

We will teach you what Binance P2P is, how it works and what it is currently used for.

It is a kind of peer network, being a fairly automated option to be able to trade between people, but automatically.

Considering that it is an offer – demand, it is done at the moment.


The first thing you should do is access your Binance account and go to the top bar.

You will notice that there are several options, but the one that interests us is Trade.

There a list with other options will be displayed and you will choose P2Pwhich is the one of our interest.


We cánido notice that, when entering, if we refresh by selecting, for example, every 5 seconds, new options will be progressively added.

It will be necessary to consider that each option has a different payment method, or the same, it will depend on each one of them.


In Fiat You will be able to see and modify the currency according to the one you require.

You cánido place it in Euros, Dollars or any that you use in your country.

In this way you will be able to see options of people who are selling for that currency that you have selected.

Payment methods

You cánido also look at different options in terms of the way in which each one receives payments.

well be with Transfer wise, Paysera and else.

The positive of this purchase / sale model is precisely this, being able to use payment methods completely different from the usual ones.

In addition, these other payment methods may be good for you, considering that others may not suit you, and even the person selling.

Likewise, you perro get different and even special prices.

All Payments

In All Payments You have the option to filter between the types of payment.

You have many, so by variety you will not be limited.

This also allows you to use payment methods that cannot be used on Binance en sí, as well as buy directly in a certain currency and avoid fees.

Other cryptocurrency options

If you head to the upper edge, you will be able to notice various other cryptocurrency options, usually the most common ones like Etherium, BNB, or the same BTC, USDT to buy them with euros or more, among others.


If you choose a cryptocurrency to buy, you will only have to select the buyer that best suits what you need, for this you must select the green button Buy BTC (in case it is this crypto), then a new window will open.

Data verification

You would have to enable the mandatory data required by the platform to be able to carry out this trading.

Some of them are mensaje de texto among other verifications.

If you do not have them enabled, in that window it will tell you, so select enable in order to proceed.

sale of crypto

As this is used for the purchase with the offers that each person places, considering that it is recommended that it be verified, you perro also use the sale option when selecting sellin the upper left corner.

Indeed, being in Buy purchases are activated, and sell sales.

They are all P2P networks.

Powered by PexPay

If you access the upper center border, and clic on the orange letters that say Powered by PexPay, you will find a little more information.

One of them is that in Pexpay you cánido use more than 300 payment methods, as well as more than 70 currencies to sell and buy digital assets, all instantly and safely, and also with low fees.

You will notice that it is also insured with global coverage.

Basically, for this, you have to select the ad from those that are published at the time of access, and after that, place the order.

Once done, the transfer will proceed completely automatically.

Pexpay Merchant Program

Also, you will find information related to the Pexpay Merchant Program.

One of them is the fact that you will be able to advertise with low rates.

You also have dedicated support.

It could be said that this platform has made a kind of agreement with Binance to be able to be inside the wallet itself.

You have a map that indicates the countries authorized to trade in this market.

Almost half the world.

Vídeo tutorial of what it is, how it works and what the Binance P2P function is for in 2023

To complete the detailed explanation of what it is, how it works and what it is for the P2P feature on Binance, we leave you a vídeo tutorial.

So if you get along better with the audiovisuals, access it and you cánido even ask the questions you want to clarify any doubts.

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 Binance P2P Function What is it, how does it work and
  Binance P2P Function What is it, how does it work and
  Binance P2P Function What is it, how does it work and

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