Binance | exchange for cryptocurrencies

Binance | exchange for cryptocurrencies

Binance it is an excellent exchange (changer) of cryptocurrencies. In recent times it has enjoyed great popularity among Internet users. This popularity is mainly due to the few commissions that apply Binance. Many of the small investors in cryptocurrencies do not know whether to choose between binance or coinbase. In In this article I am going to try to detail all the ins and outs of this exchange, what is binance and how to use binance. I myself discovered it a short time ago and the truth is that I found it most interesting.

It has been interesting to me and hundreds of Internet users, all interested in cryptocurrencies, and who know that there is life beyond bitcoin. Therefore, we need a reliable and secure platform and also cheap to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies. In this case, Binance comes in handy, since supports more than 100 different cryptocurrencies.

This platform is based in Tokio (Japan) and we offers the possibility to buy and sell more than 100 different cryptocurrenciescharging us one very low commission for each transaction. That is why it is a wallet to take into account for all of us who have cryptocurrencies and want to know how binance works.

What is Binance?

This company, binance It is a very new exchange platform. Us will offer the possibility of operating and trading with more than 100 types of cryptocurrencies. The popularity that Binance has enjoyed for a few years and currently is due to its wide variety of currencies available and also to the low commissions that they will make us per transaction. This is a great opportunity that we should not miss.

In addition, and as if that were not enough, we cánido operate with the platform from any country and from any device or operating system. It is very important for all of Latin America, since you perro have cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world without any restrictions.

register on binance

If you do not know how binance works, I will tell you that the first thing to do is register. He Binance registration is completely free. and as I said before, it is available to users anywhere in the world. even if you want make money from Venezuelabinance exchange is perhaps the best option you perro consider.

He process to register in binance it is as fácil as entrar your correo electrónico and password. If you press the banner that I put here below, you will directly access the registration form. As fácil as that.

Once Once the registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation correo electrónico to activate the account. Since then you will have your Binance account ready to operate. If you want a little more security (which the platform recommends), You cánido activate the authentication of two factors through Google plus Authenticator. The latter is an application that you perro download on your mobile phone.

How to deposit on Binance?

Once you have completed the registration on binance, and we are satisfied that binance is trustworthy, You cánido now start buying any type of cryptocurrency. For that, you will have to deposit Bitcoin, Ehterum or any type of cryptocurrency.

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  1. you shall go to the “funds” menu and then to the “deposits” section
  2. you shall choose from the menu the currency in which you want to deposit your funds. If you want to buy one or more of the cryptocurrencies they have, you must choose to deposit bitcoin, ethereum or any type of cryptocurrency.
  3. copy the deposit address provided by Binance and you must send the funds from any wallet.

this wallet does not offer us the possibility to buy all kinds of cryptocurrencies through a credit card or bank transfer. If you want to do it through these two methods, you will have to do it through platforms like Coinbase and then pass them to Binance.

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Binance: how to sell and buy

If you are already familiar with exchange-type platforms it will not be difficult for you to trade with Binance. You will not need to wonder where I see my wallet in binance. Personally, it is the first one that I use, and the truth is, it has been quite fácil for me. And if I cánido do it, surely you perro too.

If you are new to cryptocurrencies and you are a bit lost, I will explain in a few fácil steps how to use the binance exchange to be able to sell and buy any cryptocurrency.

It is extremely fácil: once you have a cómputo in your account to operate You must go to the exchange / basic menu. Once inside you will see a screen full of prices, currencies and graphs, even if it all sounds strange to you, don’t worry.

Here above you have the basic view of Binance, although it seems a bit confusing, once explained, it is not so much. In the image below, on its right side, You will see a quadrant with the available currencies with which you cánido make exchanges. BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT. If you want to buy using Ethereum, you must clic on ETH and it will espectáculo you a list of the cryptocurrencies that you perro buy with Ethereum.

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You cánido use the search engine, where you see the magnifying glass. You perro put the initials of the cryptocurrency to search and it will you will save looking for the cryptocurrency one by one.

Once the cryptocurrency that we want to acquire has been selected, in the bottom you will see two picturesone for buy and another to sell. You only have to indicate the selected cryptocurrency that you want to buy manually or by clicking on the percentages you perro automatically acquire 25, 50, 75 or 100% of the available cómputo that you have

Once the operation is done you cánido see the status in the menu “management of orders / open orders”. When the transaction is complete, you will be able to see the cómputo you bought in the “funds/withdrawals” menu.

Binance fees

As in all cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, to trade on Binance, we will be charged a commission. The rates and commissions that this platform applies are really low. On this occasion the average usually around 0.10% for each purchase or sale operation. Being able to disminuye this commission up to 0.05% in case of using your own currency, the Binance Coin (BNB).

Regarding withdrawal and deposit limits, with an unverified account you perro deposit unlimited and you cánido request withdrawals that do not exceed 2 BTC daily. More than enough for the vast majority of users.

Although it is difficult, someone may need to extend those daily withdrawal limits. If you need push those boundariessimply you must complete the profile with real data. You must upload a copy of your ID or passport. The verification process will not take you more than 24 hours and once you confirm your identity, the daily limit will be expanded to 100 BTC daily.

Is Binance safe?

yes binace it is safe and totally reliable. apply the security protocols ISO/ICO 27007:2013 and CCSS on your platform. Regarding the security of the accounts themselves, it will offer users the option of enable two-aspecto authentication using Google plus Authenticator to make deposits, withdrawals and modifications of personal data or account security.

Binance reviews

If you were looking for a Reliable and secure exchange for your purchases of different cryptocurrencies, you have come to the right place. Binance provides us reliability and safety, in addition to really low commissions. In this article, in addition to showing you what binance is and how it works, I have tried to reflect on its reliability.

Despite all the positive points and advantages that we have seen in Binance, we must always keep in mind that It is still an exchange platform and that they should always be taken certain precautions. The first one is always use very long and strong passwords and activate two-aspecto authentication. But above all I would recommend you not to store too many funds in the account.

if you have the lucky to have a lot of money in cryptocurrenciesI recommend you safer options, even if you find binance safe and you love the binance logotipo. In this case they would be physical wallets such as D’cent and ledger. In this case they will be physical wallets (also called cold wallets) in which you cánido store your assets in cryptocurrencies.

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 Binance |  exchange for cryptocurrencies
  Binance |  exchange for cryptocurrencies
  Binance |  exchange for cryptocurrencies

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