Binance coin (BNB) | get it free

Binance coin (BNB) | get it free

Binance coin (BNB) is an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum technology developed by the most widely used and famous cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world, Binance.

Although the token is mainly hosted on the Ethereum network, there is also the possibility of exchanging them for BEP-2, Binance’s native currency and fully ERC-20 compliant.

How BNB coin works

Currently the currency perro be bought, stored or exchanged in a large number of exchanges or wallets, since we are talking about one of the tokens with the highest market capitalization and the highest value, in fact, at the moment it only has Bitcoin and Ethereum for above him.

When you trade on Binance you cánido pay your commissions with the BNB currency, these commissions may vary depending on the number of monthly transactions or the holding of BNB, therefore it is a currency that cánido save us a lot of money, this is especially good if you are a trader who makes a lot of transactions.

The amount of BNB issued exceeds 200 million, something that in the long run will decrease due to burning since we are dealing with a currency that cannot be mined, but despite this it has the enormous advantage of speed in its transactions. , much more than the vast majority of existing cryptos.

Where to buy Binance coin

At first, the token could only be acquired through its official exchange platform, Binance. Today there are a large number of platforms that allow us to buy or exchange this interesting currency.

▪ Binance: Official exchange and by far the most used to carry out cryptocurrency transactions worldwide. You perro buy BNB, trade and even earn interest.
▪ Exoduses: Sin conexión wallet where we perro save, buy and exchange hundreds of different cryptocurrencies. It has several unique and interesting options and its own aplicación.
▪ Very complete mobile application that will allow us to do all kinds of operations with BNB. Own cards to pay with cryptocurrencies.
▪ OKEx: Trading platform with huge growth, trade with BNB and get great benefits. It has an option to earn free money every 24 hours.

There are hundreds of other platforms that give us the possibility of obtaining BNB, here I have detailed some of the best and of course several of the safest, which after all is one of the things that we have to take more into account when shopping or negotiating.

As it is possible that you do not have the slightest intention of investing, calm down, I also bring you several options where we will be able to get Binance coin completely free of charge. If you like what you read, go ahead and discover them.

Sites to earn free BNB

There are more and more pages that offer us the option to earn BNB totally free and it is appreciated, because until recently it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

As it is a coin where it is not possible to mine, the amount is limited, this means that there are not many sites that offer this service, but luckily there are and I am going to espectáculo you.

1-. faucetpay

It is a wallet that accepts micropayments of a large number of cryptocurrencies, including BNB. On the website itself we perro find many faucets that work with Binance coin, where we will receive payments instantly in Faucetpay.

We perro also use it to receive payments from external pages that work with any of the cryptocurrencies that this microwallet accepts.

2-. Free Binance coin

It is a faucet from the Free cryptos family, and its operation is really fácil.

Every hour we will have the possibility of getting up to 300 dollars in this cryptocurrency trying your luck in its free roll. It has a relatively low minimum if you are an active usuario, of course.

3-. Clain Free BNB

This is a fácil faucet that will allow us to get BNB fractions for free every 5 minutes and with no limit on daily claims.

The only requirement is to have an open account in Faucetpay, since the payments will go directly to our wallet. We just have to paste the BNB address of our Faucetpay and claim the payment.

4-. diamond faucet

It is another free faucet where we will be able to claim withdrawals from Faucetpay every 5 minutes. Unlike others, here we do have a limit of daily claims, at this time there are 15.

The operation is fácil, to register we just have to paste our Faucetpay BNB address and solve a couple of captchas, we will receive payments instantly.

5-. Konstantinova

This faucet is classic, it has been paying off for a long time, so it is one of the most reliable that I am going to espectáculo you. It also has a limit of daily claims.

We must do the same, paste our wallet and proceed to claim our fraction of BNB that will be paid by Faucetpay.

6-. Loticon

BNB every 5 minutes for absolutely free, it also pays for Faucetpay instantly, so it’s easy to tell if it’s reliable or not.

Paste your BNB address and solve a couple of fácil captchas to receive the money directly into your account. You cánido repeat this operation every 5 minutes, with the only restriction being that the tap has an available cómputo.

7-. BNB Earn

Another faucet with the same operation as the previous ones. We cánido make claims every 5 minutes, yes, with this we find the restriction of a certain limit on the number of claims that we will be able to make per day.

Entrar your Binance coin address and fill in the corresponding captchas to receive your direct payment in the Faucetpay wallet.

8-. Betfury

This page is quite different from the previous ones, in fact it is an i-Gaming platform, which is the same, it is focused on investment.

But don’t worry, it has several options that will allow you to get free cryptocurrencies, including BNB, either with its free faucet or through staking.

Some of these pages pay in Binance Smart Chain (BSC), a chain of blocks parallel to that of Binance coin, in the Binance articulo I give you a description of how it works.

Final opinion about Binance coin

BNB was born with the sole iniciativa of ​​making commercial transactions cheaper within its own exchange platform, but over time it has been increasing its popularity and value to unsuspected limits, which makes it currently one of the cryptos with not only more market value, but one of the most used for all kinds of issues.

It is an ideal crypto for hotel and travel reservations, thanks to the Binance Card, where we perro save a large amount of money annually.

This and many more issues make us think that investing or getting this coin in one of these free pages that I have shown you is not a bad iniciativa at all, cryptos are here to stay and Binance coin is one of the powerful ones.

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 Binance coin (BNB) |  get it free
  Binance coin (BNB) |  get it free
  Binance coin (BNB) |  get it free

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