BigBuy opinions: advantages, disadvantages and

BigBuy opinions: advantages, disadvantages and

Dropshipping is one of the most practiced virtual business modalities today, which is due, in principle, to the fact that it cánido leave an attractive profit margin. BigBuy is a dropshipping provider with a great reputation in Europe.and is headquartered in Spain.

If you would like to start earning money with this business model, we suggest you choose BigBuy. Here we tell you why it is one of the best dropshipping suppliers in spain.

What is BigBuy?

First of all, it should be noted that bigbuy It’s one of the top dropshipping providers due to its high margin of available products; which are located in a warehouse covering a total of 20,000 square meters. Also, the company works with a B2B business method.

Basically, BigBuy is in charge of providing its customers with a catalog of products to sell and publish in its virtual stores. However, there are many more aspects to highlight about this company; like the fact that you cánido start generating money without having to make an initial investment; omitting, that you must purchase a subscription that you will pay monthly to have access to the merchandise available in your warehouse.

Outstanding features of BigBuy

One of the most outstanding characteristics of BigBuy is that it has support for the whole of Europe, this forces it to be a company with the capacity to offer a catalog in up to 24 different languages. Besides, They ship to the entire European continent for excessively low prices.

It should be noted that it also has more relevant aspects, and among them you perro find the following:

1. They ship with your brand name

If you are worried that the package will reach the hands of the customer who requested it under the name of BigBuy, this is something you should not think about. Given that, This dropshipping provider makes all shipments under the image of your brand. So that your customers only recognize your virtual store.

2. Complete synchronization with your ecommerce

On the other hand, also you will be able to carry out a complete synchronization from the B2B company to your virtual store. This is thanks to the fact that it is possible to import the products through CSV, XML or FTP.

As a plus, order upload (using CSV and API) and carriers will also be able to sync; the latter will be through the API or Prestashop Connector.

3. Possibility of selling in the main marketplaces

Not only will you have the possibility to publish products in your y también-commerce, but you will also be able to do it in the main existing marketplaces; where it stands out first Amazon, eBay and Rakuten. In addition, BigBuy also has support for: AliExpress, Conforama, ePrice, Carrefour, among others.

Soon they will have: Allegro, vidaXL, ManoMano and eMAG.

4. Intuitive platform for easy depósito management and much more

Through a multiplatform that they have, it will be possible to manage all the information necessary to publish the BigBuy catalog or visualize the results obtained.

Thanks to the series of existing functions that you will find you cánido save a lot of time; from personalized selection, real-time synchronization, order management, shipments, carriers, references, category mapping, among others.

Advantages and disadvantages of BigBuy as a dropshipping provider

BigBuy is not spared from having some destacable disadvantages, which, although they perro be overshadowed by their voluminous advantages, should not be overlooked. Therefore, we suggest paying attention to the following points that we mention, since we will establish the positive and negative qualities of this dropshipping provider.

Advantages of BigBuy

One of the most destacable advantages of this company is that it has important agreements with multiple courier and transport companies. So, in this sense you will not have any problem.

In addition, it also has a excellent logistics and support system to guarantee the client who requested the product a reception in a timely manner. Without forgetting, that it has a platform that perro be easily synchronized in marketplaces or an ecommerce.

Let’s not forget that BigBuy has a catalog with more than 165,920 references available. Therefore, you will not suffer due to lack of depósito or variety. To close with the advantages, a very important point is that it guarantees you anonymity at all times, since the packages will be under the name of your brand.

Disadvantages of BigBuy

Among the disadvantages we do not find much, but they are still relevant. Since, one of them is that the depósito available in BigBuy warehouses is quite common throughout the Internet. Therefore, if you are looking to offer products that are different from those of the competition, it may be a bit difficult for you.

Despite The logistics system is excellent, shipments may take time depending on the location of the end customer. This is because the BigBuy warehouse is located in Spain, so sending it to other European countries will be a bit complex.

Finally, it is important to know that In case of working with a marketplace such as Amazon, payments may be deferred. Since, Amazon has its own policies, where one of them will harm you directly. Because it makes it impossible to access the money if the final buyer has not received the product.

What products does the BigBuy catalog have?

At BigBuy you perro find a variety of products available, but if you are looking for a specific product you should check its availability directly with the supplier. Now, among the categories of merchandise that you will find, the following stand out:

  • Computer science and electronics.
  • Beauty products, cosmetics or perfumery.
  • Health.
  • Fashion accessories, accessories and clothing.
  • Toys and costumes.
  • Sports, leisure and outdoors.
  • Home, real estate and garden.
  • Gourmet kitchen.
  • Articles for adults or Sex Shop.

How does BigBuy work?

BigBuy works in a fairly fácil way, always focused on making work easier for its customers. Basically, the service consists of 4 stepsand these are:

  1. The customer makes the purchase of the product requested through the virtual store, ecommerce or marketplace.
  2. Then, the distributor receives the money, takes his profits and proceeds to make the request for the merchandise to BigBuy.
  3. Once the request is made BigBuy takes care of all logistics managementmessaging and transport of the product.
  4. And finally, the order is delivered to the customer that you have made the purchase through ecommerce; the package will represent this store, and BigBuy will remain anonymous at all times.

Who is in charge of shipping the product at BigBuy?

A dropshipping provider is not only in charge of offering depósito for customers, but also organizes all the management related to logistics. Therefore, it cánido be summarized that BigBuy will be in charge of shipping the product; from the preparation of the order or picking in the warehouses, to the packaging, customer support through messaging, among others.

BigBuy even offers a service of such high prestige that they will take care of offer after sales support in case there is any problem with the product.

Cánido the end customer know that the shipment is from BigBuy?

Under no circumstances will BigBuy disclose your identity. Given that the company’s service guarantees anonymity in this regard, and the products delivered will be under the name of the virtual store or ecommerce that you own. You have the guarantee that they do not include any type of logotipo or representative image of BigBuy.

BigBuy opinions: is it a good dropshipping provider?

BigBuy is undoubtedly one of the leaders in dropshippingHowever, given its limited variety of products, today there are already many companies which compete with the company. However, it remains one of the most profitable and easy-to-use options thanks to its variety of services.

On this last point BigBuy maintains the lead over other competitors. Since, it greatly facilitates the work of distributors who are entering the world of dropshipping, especially since they will only have to take care of managing ecommerce, while BigBuy manages logistics, shipments, messaging and much more.

However, the company also has small print in the agreements, so we suggest being very attentive.

For example, the inconvenience that occurs when selling on Amazon, which on many occasions it will orinan that the distributor will have to pay the merchandise to the client with his money and then he will recover his investment when the buyer has received the package; a period that takes approximately 20 days.

To conclude, it should be noted that your support system is excellent. Therefore, in the event of any inconvenience, they will respond as soon as possible to offer a solution.

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 BigBuy opinions: advantages, disadvantages and
  BigBuy opinions: advantages, disadvantages and
  BigBuy opinions: advantages, disadvantages and

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