Big Time: Earn money with this game

Big Time: Earn money with this game

Earning money en línea is the dream of many, but earning money playing games seems impossible to dream of.

The truth is that there are alternatives with which you perro earn plus money while you play, such is the case of big time, an aplicación with more than 10 million downloads.

If you already get bored doing mini-tasks in other aplicaciones all day, then earn money from your mobile phone with Big Time.

Before you start, keep in mind that this aplicación is not linked to the Binance platform, since there is a little confusion with an RPG with the same name, we will clarify this for you later.

What is BigTime?

Big Time is an aplicación that rewards you with rewards for playing mini-games; the games are mostly entertaining, so much so that you will be having fun and earning money at the same time, –easy! Of course, not as easy as using Honeygain–.

So, to make money you have to espectáculo all your skills.”gamer» and thus get the most out of this application in which you generate tiques and cánido exchange them for real money (for every 10,000 tiques you get $0.10).

How does Big Time work?

Works like any application that gives you rewards for doing mini-tasks, but instead, with Big Time you must play; So that you understand better how it works, we detalla them as follows:

  1. You download and install the Android aplicación from the Play Store.
  2. You register, you cánido use your Fb account or an correo electrónico.
  • If you choose e-e correo electrónico, you must entrar the following information: name, last name, correo electrónico and the password.

    If you choose Fb, you must accept the connection between the aplicación and your profile on this popular network.

  • Then you must entrar your date of birth.
  • Now you cánido play, the games appear in the center of the screen.

    On the right side you have the wallet options, giveaways, table of biggest winners, offers to win tiques and invite friends.

Big Time Blockchain

There is a small confusion that we want to clarify before continuing with the description of this application.

Many people believe that the Big Time that is being talked about in the cryptocurrency communities and that is related to Binance is the Big Time aplicación, in reality this is not the case.

There is a game of multiplayer role called Big Time which will soon be integrated into a BlockChain in which jugadores will be able to have NFTs, but it has nothing to do with the aplicación to generate money with muini-games, so be very careful with confusion.

How do you make money in Big Time?

We told you from the beginning that you earned money by playing, but it is not the only way to generate tiques, since this application has different ways to earn money.

Actually, it is very afín to AppKarma in this aspect, the ways to earn money with Big Time are:

  • raffles: you cánido use the tiques to entrar raffles that are made from time to time and thus multiply them to reach the minimum withdrawal in less time.
  • inviting relatives and friends.
  • Taking advantage of paid offers: these offers are usually other games that you must download and play on your mobile, by doing so you get tiques; You also get them for following Big Time accounts on popular networks.
  • Claiming a daily plus: for using the application you get a daily plus, so don’t miss it.
  • playing mini-games: Of course, the best way to earn money is to play and play.

    You shouldn’t worry about boring games, since many are entertaining, so much so that some users use the aplicación just for fun and not to make money.

Is the Big Time game reliable?

Here we like to be honest with our readers, so we are not going to lie to you.

We have been able to know that Big Time does pay, since some users have been paid, but there are other users who indicate that they have wasted their time and that they have not been paid.

Then maybe it’s luck, so you should try your luck and play enough to reach the minimum withdrawal (10 Canadian dollars).

Remember to invite friends to get many tiques so that you reach the minimum withdrawal faster.

Be that as it may, it seems like a reliable aplicación at the level of the People aplicación, of which we have already given you a description here.

Big Time: Our opinion

It is an aplicación that you cánido use to earn 10 Canadian dollars a month, yes, you must work hard.

However, that effort will be focused on playing vídeo games, do you like vídeo games? If so, you will love this aplicación.

Is better use Big Time for fun and make money, than simply playing a game that will not earn you a single dollar.

Before we say goodbye, we wanted to tell you that the aplicación perro take up to two weeks to make the payment, so if a few days have passed since your first payment and the money hasn’t arrived, don’t worry, it’s probably on the way.

So far our article about Big Time, tell us what you think of this aplicación after using it and also tell us what other applications you want to appear on our blog; Don’t forget to share our content to help others generate new income.

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 Big Time: Earn money with this game
  Big Time: Earn money with this game
  Big Time: Earn money with this game

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