Betsuites: Earn money by placing bets

Betsuites: Earn money by placing bets

If you are good at sports bets and you want earn money I recommend you try Betsuites.

If, on the contrary, you are bad at betting… I also recommend Betsuites.

Because? easy, because it’s completely free.

In short, it is one of the pages to earn money and if you lose a bet, nothing happens, since you will NOT lose money.

with this page You perro win a lot of gifts such as teléfonos inteligentes, tabletas, consoles, Amazon card, etcétera.

All totally free for betting.

In addition, you cánido exchange your points for money for PayPal, Paysafecar, Neteller and other platforms.

Data sheet

Created in: Year 2015.

Languages: Spanish.

Accepted countries: For all countries.

minimum payment: From 20 euros.

Payment method: PayPal, PaysafeCard, Neteller, Amazon Cards, GooglePlay card, G2A, Steam and more sites.

Referrals: 1 level of referrals.

Payment per referral: 2,000 Betcoins per referral + 20% (see referral section).

What is Betsuites?

Betsuites is a sports betting page with which you cánido win free money and prizes.

As in any sports betting page, you perro play your credits in bets and cheers.

Also, this page offers other ways to earn credits/money.

We perro get points by doing different tasks that we will discuss later.

In this case, Betsuites works with Betcoinswhich is the currency of the page.

These points or coins you perro redeem for gifts and money in the “Gifts” section when you win your bets and get points.

How does Betsuites work?

In the menu on the left are all the options available to you to earn credits.

In the “Events” section are all sports bets available what cánido you do

You will be able to play in all sporting events listed in the menu.

sports cheers

They also offer the bets in the form of sports cheers.

In this case, you will have to guess the result and depending on the number of participants who have guessed the result, you will earn more or less Betcoins.

This is a good option if you know the sport or event you are going to play very well.

If you are not sure, I recommend the habitual bets that are much easier to win.

since by statistics we have a 50% oportunidad of winning.

Even if you are not very good at betting, you always have the aspecto of luck.

Earn Credits-Betcoins with offers

In addition to the betting options that we have talked about above.

Do you have other ways that you cánido earn free points on Betsuites.

In the “Win Betcoins” section, all the offers you have available to earn more points.

Perro you do paid offers and tasks, paid survey panels, watching vídeos, etcétera

In this section they offer a fairly large number of points.

How to make money with betsuites

In the “Gifts” section you will find all the prizes and gift cards that you perro redeem for your earned points.

To earn money with Betsuites you will have to reach a minimum of payment of €20.

What are they currently? 1,000,000 Betcoins.

Prizes may change depending on the country you are in.

Betsuites Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes are surprise boxes with random prizes.

These prizes are always Betcoins, what changes is the amount that you perro get.

There are two types of mystery boxes;

Box mystery of 1,000 points.

You cánido get different amounts of Betcoins, up to a maximum of 25,0000 points.

AND the mystery box of 10,000 points.

The prizes perro vary from 1,000 to 250,000 points.

From my own experience I perro tell you that these boxes they cánido give you a lot of points in a very short time… But (there is always a but), Luck matters a lot.

In other words, you cánido lose your points very quickly if you are not careful.

Many people think that these boxes are not worth it, I think that you cánido grow your points quickly. especially at the beginning, if you’re lucky.

Normally in this type of prizes you earn a lot of points at the beginning and then as you open more and more boxes you lose them…

My recommendation is that if you buy boxes and win a jackpot… don’t buy more boxes for the moment! Keep those points Will you buy again another day?

Betsuites Aplicación for teléfonos inteligentes

You cánido use this platform in the format of Application for mobile devices (Aplicación).

You cánido download the Betsuites Aplicación for Android from GooglePlay.

It is a good option if we want to place bets and we are not on our personal computer.

Betsuites referral system

For every person you invite to Betsuites you will receive 2,000 points.

Besides, you will receive 20% of the Betcoins that they receive when your referrals make an offer.

And you will receive the 5% that your affiliates earn in the bookmakers.

You cánido find your affiliate backlink in the bottom left of the home page of the site.

Every person who signs up under our affiliate backlink will receive 5,000 Betcoins!

Review of Betsuites

It is a very innovative and very attractive betting page format.

Especially for those people who have bad luck in gambling (like me?).

With this type of pages we cánido “practice” and play without any risksince it is free.

Although you perro earn money by redeeming the points, it is quite difficult to reach the minimum payment of 1,000,000 Betcoins (20 Euros) by PayPal, Neteller or PaySafe Card.

In addition, the money redemption options directly through a payment processor are limited to VIP membership.

That is, if you are not VIP you will not be able to collect your money by PayPal. This is a rather unfavorable point to take into account.

Still, I think it has some very interesting options to redeem your points for prizes or gift cards, consoles, teléfonos inteligentes, computers, etcétera.

For example, if you are a usuario who usually emplees platforms such as: Amazon, G2A, Steam, League of Legends, Google plus Play or any of those listed on your “Gifts” section I think it’s very worth it.

Taking into account that it is a totally free platform, I think that you perro get a lot of use out of it.

It is not a page where you perro earn a lot of money, but if you are good at these types of pages and you have a little luck you perro easily make profits, either in prizes or money.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave it below in the comments and I will answer you as quickly as possible!

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 Betsuites: Earn money by placing bets
  Betsuites: Earn money by placing bets
  Betsuites: Earn money by placing bets

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