BestChange » How does it work? Earn money

BestChange » How does it work? Earn money

BestChange is a service of electronic currency exchange which monitors the rates of dozens of habitual conversion pairs in near real time and offers access to a list of trusted electronic currency exchangers that allow you to complete your transaction quickly and efficiently. as soon as earn free money on BestChangethis platform allows you to exchange any cómputo.

BestChange It has an affiliate program that allows you to earn free money for each real visit that your referral backlink receives and for each person you affiliate.

The platform pays you up to $0.65 for each person who signs up with your referral backlink, and up to $0.04 for each unique visit your referral backlink receives.

BestChange is coming operating since 2007 No problems with users.

BestChange Basics

Platform management: BestChange has been operating since 2007 No problems with users.

Withdrawals: They cánido be requested from $1and the means of payment are: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, Okpay, AdvCash, QIWI.

Referrals: It has a referral system 3 levels deep.

Languages: English, but it cánido be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.

Accepted countries: Users from all over the world cánido earn money.

Activity: Electronic currency exchange.

Pay? Yes, BestChange make the payments No problem.

Registration and first steps in BestChange

Registration in BestChange is free and easy to do, and you cánido do it by clicking here.

When entering you must go to the “Affiliate Program” section, then entrar the “Register” backlink found in the first paragraph.

You must scroll down, where you will have to complete the datacheck the boxes (you should not check the box “I confirm that I did NOT read the rules before the registration”), complete the captcha and send the information.

In case they send you a confirmation correo electrónico to your dirección de correo electrónico, then make the confirmation.

Registration Form

You perro register in BestChange from the following backlink: Go to BestChange.

You cánido log in to your account from the “Affiliate Program” section.

You must complete your profile data, and for this you must entrar the “Profile” section and complete the necessary dataincluding the payment processors you will use to receive your earnings.

How does BestChange work?

BestChange constantly consults reliable i serviceselectronic money exchange to obtain the most recent changes in exchange rates, determine trends in the electronic currency exchange market and reflect them in graphs and tables.

He monitor updates exchange rates at intervals of 5-8 seconds to inform users of the smallest fluctuations in the electronic currency market.

BestChange supports many virtual currencies, including PayPal, Perfect Money, Payza, Skrill, Bitcoin, Ukash and WebMoney.

The system also features a convenient rate history module that allows you to analyze trends in the market during the period from 1 hour to 1 year – shares of specific currencies, shares of specific exchangers, as well as reserves of national and virtual currencies.

BestChange Currency Exchange Service

The service constantly adds the exchange rates of the electronic currency exchangers most reliable and presents them in the form of a table and dynamically updated.

Clicking on a currency pair brings up a list of exchangers with the best rates, while clicking on the name of a specific exchanger opens the corresponding website.

BestChange guarantees loss of minimal conversion and saves you money and time by presenting all the relevant information in front of your eyes.

BestChange was created with security in mind, which means the utmost attention is paid to reputation and security.

reliability of currency exchangers with whom we work.

To be able to consult specific exchanges go to the main page of BestChange.

How to earn free money on BestChange?

You cánido earn free money on BestChange for visits/registrations and with the referral system provided by the platform.

These ways to earn free money at BestChange will be presented below:


You perro earn free money on BestChange for every unique visit and for each member that you bring through your referral backlink.

These earnings go from the first visit your referral backlink receives to the services your referral emplees.

BestChange counts a visit as unique if:

  • There has not been a visit to your referral backlink from a certain IP address in the last 90 days;
  • The browser from where you are entering the visit supports the parameter “referer” (the address of the page where the affiliate backlink was clicked);
  • The visitor is interested in using the service (the visitor visited at least one page after entering the site).

earnings per visit

For each unique visit you receive to your referral backlink you will get 0.04$.

The visitor does not need to register on the platform for you to obtain that profit.

If a usuario registers on the platform with your referral backlink, then you will start receiving earnings for it.

if the usuario referred for you:

  • Use the exchanger monitoring service, you also get $0.01 x 9;
  • Come back to the site in 3 days, you also get $0.02;
  • Return to the site in 7 days, agregado you get $0.03;
  • Come back to the site in 14 days, you also get $0.04;
  • Return to the site in 30 days, you also get $0.06;
  • Come back to the site in 60 days, agregado you get $0.09;
  • Return to the site in 90 days, you also get $0.13;
  • Come back to the site in 120 days, you also get $0.15;


The BestChange platform allows you to earn money with your referral system.

The part of the referrals will be presented later.

Referral system in BestChange

BestChange has a referral system three levels deep.

You will get the following earnings:

  • 30% of the income obtained by your direct referrals.
  • 10% of the income obtained by your referrals from the second and third levels of depth.

Your referrals You perro find them in the “Acquired referrals” section, and you perro find your referral backlink in the “affiliate account” section, where you perro see the different statistics of your account, such as the visits you receive and the Profits that you have both your direct referrals and your referrals from the second and third level of depth.

Payments on BestChange

You cánido withdraw your earnings from $1, and the means of payment to withdraw your earnings are: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, Okpay, AdvCash, QIWI.

For withdraw your winnings You must entrar the “Affiliate money withdrawal” section, choose the payment processor you want to use to withdraw your earnings and request the withdrawal.


BestChange is a platform reliable to earn real moneyl, since it is paying without problems since 2007.

So this is a great opportunity to generate very good income With this platform, this is provided that you spend time promoting it.

It is important to note that BestChange is not an electronic currency exchange, but is responsible for gathering the statistics of the different currency exchanges so that the usuario cánido make the decision that suits him best when making the exchange.

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 BestChange » How does it work?  Earn money
  BestChange » How does it work?  Earn money
  BestChange » How does it work?  Earn money

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