BestChange | Exchange with thousands of options

BestChange | Exchange with thousands of options

Hello fundraisers, today we are going to talk a little about BestChange.

Normally I receive many comments about how to transfer the money that we have in a certain electronic wallet to another.

We recently included a very interesting exchanger on our blog, but it is true that it does not have such important wallets as Paypal, which, after all, is the one we use the most for our en línea businesses.

At BestChange we are going to find a wide catalog of exchangers where it will be impossible not to find one that adapts to the transactions that we usually want to carry out between wallets, and yes, there are several that use Paypal.

The only drawback is that with Paypal we may have difficulties finding an exchanger that does operations between it and some other certain processor, but don’t worry because BestChange has a solution for it.

What exactly is BestChange?

Surely you have visited a price comparison website from time to time, either to compare prices for insurance, travel or anything else.

If not, at least I’m sure you’ve seen an ad.

Who doesn’t know Rastreator? Well, BestChange is a website that works in a very afín way.

Within the page we have a huge list of exchangers to choose the one that suits us best.

For example, if we want to make an exchange between two specific wallets, we perro compare between all the available exchangers and choose the one that charges us the least commission.

Don’t bother searching because the platform does it for you.

An example, if you want to transfer your Bitcoins to Paypal, you will not have to look for the appropriate exchanger since the system does it for us, offering us a list where the best exchangers appear to carry out that specific operation.

Only in give we must clic on Bitcoin and then on Get in Paypal.

The list of available exchangers will then appear.

To know exactly what is the commission that each of these exchangers would charge us, we just have to clic where it says Calculatorwe entrar the amount that we want to exchange and we will see what would be the amount that we would receive in each of those exchangers.

BestChange is a comparator that works in real time, all the commissions and exchange rates of all the exchangers that it monitors that are more than 130 are done automatically.

The truth is that the web is a real past.

Switch money between processors

Good, the truth is that in the previous step I already gave you an advance on how to change money between processors but now we are going to see it in more detail.

In the left area of ​​the web we cánido see a green table with all the processors there have been and to have.

In give We mark the processor from where we want to send money and in Get the processor where we want to receive it.

Immediately afterwards, the list with the exchangers available at that moment will be opened.

To see which one suits us best in Calculator We introduce the amount that we want to exchange, we mark where it says Include commission and then in calculatewe will see the results to compare.

We cánido vea the amount that we would receive in the exchangers and we cánido choose the one that best suits us simply by clicking on it.

We will go to the official page of said exchanger to carry out the operation, it is that fácil.

If there is no exchanger available for the operation, we perro use the method of Double Exchange.

In many cases, especially with Paypal, we will find some obstacles when doing this type of operation.

BestChange provides a solution to this by using intermediaries.

As you cánido see, the solution is quite ingenious since it emplees one more step to solve the problem.

Instead of one exchanger, we will have to use two different ones to finally receive our money where we want it.

It is somewhat cumbersome but effective after all.

If we do not have another way to do it, it is an option that will solve the ballot and therefore it seems to me a characteristic to take into account.

You cánido directly access the platform by entering the processors you want to use to exchange cómputo in the following banner and clic on Find the best rate and you will automatically get the list of available exchangers.

How to earn money on BestChange

Although it seems strange in BestChange we are going to have more than one option to earn some money.

First we have the option to earn money as an affiliate available in our account.

In the section Affiliate program From our menu, we will find all the promotional material that the web gives us.

The profits in question are obtained for each person who visits your backlink and for each action that is registered on the web after registration.

All rates cánido be found in the terms and conditions.

earn bitcoin

We perro also get fractions of Bitcoin for free using BestChange’s own faucet, entering here and by registering your account with your Bitcoin wallet, you access a tap where we cánido request a claim every 60 minutes.

The minimum payment is only 3,000 Satoshis.

Final conclusion and farewell

Unless we know someone we trust who cánido exchange our money, exchangers have become an essential tool when it comes to conducting our businesses en línea.

Not only to invest in certain pages, but also to diversify our electronic savings.

I have always said that this is more important than it seems.

We all like one processor more than another but it is a tremendous mistake to put all our profits in the same one.

Scams are the order of the day and diversifying will make you live calmer.

We hope you liked our article BestChange | Exchange with thousands of options
and everything related to earning money, getting a job, and the economy of our house.

 BestChange |  Exchange with thousands of options
  BestChange |  Exchange with thousands of options
  BestChange |  Exchange with thousands of options

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