Best website to request a quick loan without

Best website to request a quick loan without

If it’s an emergency, you’re not in a position to wait that long.. Fortunately, there are some credit institutions specialized in quick loans en línea; and of all these Vivus stands out, and she perro become your lifeline when you need to cover financial contingencies. We want you to know why Vivus is the best website to apply for instant loans.

Many people at any given time face economic needs and deserve a immediate loan. It must be recognized that achieving this by going to banks is a difficult task. In general, they ask you for a huge amount of papers, they take forever to respond and many times your efforts end in complete failure.

What does the Vivus quick loan portal offer you?

The Vivus platform emerged in Spain in 2013, it is part of a leading company in the field of microcredit: 4finance. This company provides its services in 16 countries and has subscribed more than nine million microcredits.

Currently, Vivus offers the fastest and most efficient microloan on the market. The maximum amount of a credit for existing customers is 1,000 euros and 300 euros for new customers, with a repayment period of up to 30 days, which cánido be extended through payment deferrals.

Applying for a Vivus loan is very fácil: it is only necessary to fill out the En línea form and they will analyze your application without delay, which is subject to certain conditions.

How does the En línea credit work?

Obtaining your credit En línea in vivus It is done through three fácil steps, which are the following:

  1. Record. What you must do is choose the amount, the return period, with a maximum of 30 days and fill in the form with your personal data. The maximum amount that you perro request in your first microloan is 300 euros, but if you are between 21 and 24 years old, the maximum is 200 euros.
  2. ID. There are two options to do it. The first, en línea, select your bank and connect securely so that they cánido verify your information through the most modern and secure platform, Instantor. Immediately, you will find out about the approval of your credit En línea. The second alternative is by attaching the necessary documents to the page or by correo electrónico to [email protected].
  3. receipt of money. After your instant credit is approved, your money will be transferred to you in less than 15 minutes, receiving a confirmation correo electrónico and mensaje de texto. It’s all wonderful, almost like an ATM.

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What do you need to access credits?

If, when filling out the en línea application form, you choose to carry out manual identification, then you will have to provide a front and back photo of your DNI/NIE, proof of your bank account, which could be a copy of the certificate of ownership of the account, the account opening contract or a direct debit receipt showing the full account number and your name, as well as a copy of your last pay slip or your pension certificate.

To be a beneficiary of Vivus quick credits, You just have to meet these four requirementswhich are easy to execute:

  • Live in Spain.
  • Be over 20 years old.
  • Have a valid DNI or NIE.
  • Have a bank account number in Spain.

What are the advantages that offers you?

If you urgently need to get money without waiting too long, Vivus is the effective solution.

We say it for sure, because it guarantees you all these advantages:

  • Your first credit totally free, without interest, or commissions.
  • You perro access microcredits from anywhere in Spain, as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Services are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Registration is easy and fast. In a matter of 5 minutes they will give you an answer to your request.
  • Your personal data will be kept totally confidential.
  • The transfer of money to your account is done in less than 15 minutes.

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Why is the best alternative to request quick loans?

vivus is the best option to apply for loans En línea, because It is a guarantee of effective, fast and reliable financing to cover emergencies. When others fail in difficult times, they are like good friends, who always lend a helping hand.

The service policies by which they are governed are:

  • Customer satisfaction. They strive to solve your urgent liquidity need with diligence, efficiency and giving you the treatment you deserve.
  • Transparency. They speak clearly to their users without fenezca print or traps, offering you the first loan of up to 300 euros, without interest or commissions. They are only expected to return it in 30 days.
  • Responsibility. They only recommend acquiring a quick loan if it represents the best financing option.
  • Payment date extension. It is not very complicated to extend the payment date of your credit En línea, if due to setbacks you cannot pay the loan within the agreed time. You have the possibility of extending the payment date by 7, 14 or 30 days.
  • permanent information. At you will access your profile with all your credit information and other information of interest.
  • waiting period. What bank gives you an answer in just 15 minutes? And they are not only fast, but effective, given that, just by filling in the en línea form, without sending papers, if you wish, the automatic systems will evaluate the granting of the loan in record time and if it is approved you have immediate availability of the resources.
  • ease of access. Anywhere in Spain and 15 other countries, the day or time does not matter, you perro entrar their platform to carry out your transactions, there is no bank that cánido offer you that.

All these benefits that brings you are reason enough for you to escoge to knock on their door when you urgently need money, with the certainty that you will receive privileged attention and perhaps you cánido get out of your financial difficulties in a few minutes.

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 Best website to request a quick loan without
  Best website to request a quick loan without
  Best website to request a quick loan without

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