Best platforms to buy

Best platforms to buy

The world of cryptocurrencies has had exponential growth in recent years, best of all, not even a quarter of humanity has acquired cryptocurrencies.

This tells us that there is still much more exponential growth to come, which is why it is important that we start acquiring our crypto assets from now on and that is why you may be wondering what They are the best platforms to buy Cryptocurrencies?

Well, here we make a list of these digital platforms that make our lives easier when it comes to acquiring the Blockchain tokens that most attract our attention. let’s get started!

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How to invest in cryptocurrencies?

Investing in cryptocurrencies these days is much easier than long ago, basically we must register on a platform for buying and selling crypto assets, then we deposit money with our local currency and finally we buy the coins we want.

In our registration account we will have a wallet or wallet that will allow us to access our funds.

Depending on the chosen platform we cánido sell, buy, send or receive crypto assets.

Where to buy cryptocurrencies?

There are many platforms to buy crypto assets, however, we must know that they are generally divided into two types.

There are centralized platforms (Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Etoro, etcétera.) and decentralized ones (PancakeSwap, PooCoin or ApeSwap).

For now, in this article we will only focus on the centralized ones, which are the safest when making our purchases, since it is almost impossible to get a currency SCAM in these exchanges.

Before continuing, it is important to note that these platforms perro be victims of hacks, which would ocasione a big problem with our funds.

We don’t want to scare anyone, but we want to make everything clear.

However, the platforms that we indicate below are the safest to invest.

Best platforms to buy cryptocurrencies

We have compiled a list of the best places to buy and sell all kinds of coins and tokens.

Binance token

Binance launched in July 2017, which is also when it launched an ICO to fund the development of the exchange.

Since then it has continued to gain what is described as “massive momentum” due to its impressive coin offerings and incredibly low (0.05%) trading fees.

Sign up for Binance

Currently, Binance has 111 different coins, of which 111 are the most important.

Minimum Deposit Pros Cons Security
It depends on the local currency and the type of deposit, example: to deposit using euros through a bank card, the minimum is 15 euros.

Is he exchange It is the largest cryptocurrency exchange that exists.

Its fees for crypto asset purchase, sale and exchange transactions are among the lowest.

Referral rewards program.

It has all kinds of products, such as launch pool to get gift tokens that will be included in the platform.

It has a large number of tokens for purchase and sale.

It has a system P2Pthat is, buying and selling from person to person without the intervention of third parties.

Deposits are made through P2P, credit cards, bank deposit, among others.

They have recently updated their usage policies and verification is required KYC (customer identity verification) to use platform options.

Technical support may be slow to resolve a problem.

Its Blockchain is the Binance Smart Chain, which lately has presented network saturation, this has caused the minimum withdrawals in BNB, which is its native token, to be much higher.

Now it has one of the highest securities.

But it must be mentioned that a few years ago it suffered a massive theft of Bitcoins by Piratas informáticos, the problem was solved, but the security of the platform was compromised.

Coinbase Token

Coinbase is divided into two platforms, coinbase and Coinbase ProThey obviously have differences.

Minimum Deposit Pros Cons Security
10 dollars for Coinbase Pro and 0.15 euro for Coinbase.

It is a fácil exchange to use, it is the most recommended for those who start in this world.

Regulated by the FCA (United Kingdom Financial Authority).

Direct money withdrawals to PayPal.

This option is enabled for Coinbase.

It has no commissions for transfers between accounts.

It is one of the safest websites when it comes to buying and selling crypto assets.

The commissions are higher than other websites that provide the same service.

0.50% Coinbase Pro and 1.49% – 2% for Coinbase.

Being regulated, it cannot offer a large number of crypto assets like other platforms.

It does not have Futures (a well-known type of trading).

Coinbase Pro does not have staking (a passive way of generating crypto assets), Coinbase does.

Unlike other platforms, Coinbase emplees wallets cold (without internet connection) to protect the private keys of cryptocurrencies.

We cánido say that it is highly secure.

Kraken Token

Kraken is one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in operation.

Founded in 2011, Kraken was recently named the best Bitcoin exchange by Farlex.

They operate out of San Francisco and offer trading in several different cryptocurrencies.

Minimum Deposit Pros Cons Security
10 euros. It is one of the oldest, its services began in 2011.

It has no commissions for making deposits.

It has Futures.

It offers Staking.It has more than 50 crypto assets available.

It does not have a P2P service.

Commissions up to 0.16% for buying or selling crypto assets.

It does not have a good customer service.

Kraken’s security is very high.

The safekeeping of cryptocurrencies (95%) is done in wallets coldas Coinbase does.

Etoro tab

EToro is a private company based in Israel and was founded in 2007 by brothers Yoni and Ronen Assia and David Ring.

It was created as a popular network of traders focused mainly on the foreign exchange market, but has now expanded its work to other markets such as CFDs on stocks, indices, commodities, currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Its main objective is to provide the necessary tools so that users cánido easily learn to invest without having to be professional investors or brokers.

Minimum Deposit Pros Cons Security
$50 for most countries, for others it ranges from $200 to $10,000 (Israel).

If the deposits are through bank accounts, the minimum is $500.

It’s a Broker Very recognized, one of the few that offer the purchase of cryptocurrencies.

It is a fácil platform to use.

It has a withdrawal on account PayPal.No commissions are paid for bank transfers.

You don’t actually buy cryptocurrencies.

In Etoro they are sold CDFsthis means that we cannot withdraw our crypto assets directly to another wallet.Commissions for the exchange of assets of up to 0.75%.They must be paid up to $5 for making withdrawals.

It does not have stakingIt does not offer futures.

It does not have a P2P service either.

The security of Etoro is high and it is that basically by not acquiring cryptocurrencies, it does not have as many risks as other platforms.

Why invest in cryptocurrencies?

There are many reasons that we cánido indicate in this article why invest in cryptocurrencies.

However, in order not to make this text long, here are the main ones:

  • Beware of devaluation: for no one is a secret that currency devaluation is a aspecto that is increasingly affecting our economy.

    Cryptocurrencies (not all of them, serious projects like BTC, ETH, etcétera.) protect us from this devaluation because over time they tend to grow in price.

    Above all, Bitcoin, which is a deflationary currency, there cánido only be 21,000,000 BTC and there are no more.

    In addition, it is an amount that will never be fully available because many are “burned” by accident, that is, their owners have lost access to their private keys.

  • Technology: every good investor who reads and studies projects properly knows that technology is synonymous with money.

    Cryptocurrencies are a new technology that is revolutionizing the world and there are many interesting projects that perro give all kinds of solutions to human beings in the future.

  • Freedom and confidentiality: cryptocurrencies are synonymous with freedom, by using cryptographic technology we cánido make payments at any time without the need for third parties and save a lot of money in commissions.

    In addition, we cánido make payments confidentially.

Opinion on cryptocurrency platforms

These platforms are necessary as they help make cryptocurrency “adoption” possible as more and more people become part of this new world.

We want to say goodbye recommending Binance, which is not the easiest to use, but it is the most complete of all.

In addition, it has all kinds of crypto asset purchase options, our advice is to purchase the coins on Binance and send them to a wallet own.

We hope you liked our article Best platforms to buy
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 Best platforms to buy
  Best platforms to buy
  Best platforms to buy

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