Best pages to earn money in

Best pages to earn money in

In this articulo we are going to espectáculo which are the best pages to earn money -free- on the Internet, which we have been collecting throughout all these years in cgd.

Currently, there are many ways to earn money en línea.

If you know about the subject, you will already know that you perro earn profits in various ways, from taking surveys, to watching ads, or using your mobile.

However, the number of platforms cánido be so overwhelming that you may not know which one to choose, or which is the most convenient method of working for you.

Not all have the payment processors you needsome have better payouts, and others may simply not be available in the country you are in.

Keep reading this articulo, and learn about the different methods and the best websites to earn money.

In addition, at the end we present a comparative table of the best platforms.

ways to earn money

There are different methods to generate money by Internet.

All the platforms to earn money could be grouped into the following categories:

Earn money by watching ads

Also known as PTC (Paid to Clic or Payment per Clic), you earn a profit by clicking on advertisements, after waiting a certain time they give you the commission for clicking.

Earn money with Paid Tasks

It is about completing tasks of different types, they are generally fácil and you perro earn a lot of money.

In this category, you get paid for every task done.

Earn money with Aplicaciones from your Móvil inteligente

These aplicaciones offer you a profit in exchange for you completing certain tasks like watching vídeos, answering some surveys, watching ads or downloading other aplicaciones.

Earn money with Cashback

This method consists of receiving a percentage of reimbursement when making a purchase.

To do this, you must make the purchase through the Cashback platform.

earn money reading correos electrónicos

This category is also called PTR (Paid to Read).

It consists of getting money for seeing ads that come to our e-e correo electrónico.

make money playing

As their name indicates, they are games with which we cánido earn money through our computer, tablet or móvil.

Best pages to earn money

In this top, we have listed the pages that have worked best for us, those sites that have been most in demand and that the community emplees the most.


Overall Rating

Ysense (or by its old name, ClixSense) is a GPT that offers various ways to generate income.

We cánido earn money by taking paid surveys, completing tasks, making offers, or through your referral system.

Registration is free and very easy to do.

Make your payments through Paypal, Payoneer, Skrillor Amazon gift cards.

The minimum withdrawal amount depends on the payment method to be used.

The smallest amount is $5 vía Amazon gift cards.

In addition, it is available for almost all countries and languages ​​in the world, including Latin America and Spain.


Overall Rating

Swagbucks is undoubtedly one of the oldest portals to earn money that currently exists.

Swagbucks is a Prodege LLC project where you cánido earn money by performing different tasks such as paid surveys, through Aplicaciones and by referring your friends and acquaintances.

You perro collect your earnings through PayPal quickly once you have it in your cómputo.


Overall Rating

Lifepoints is another survey site.

But unlike the sites above, surveys are their only method of making money.

The platform works through points.

After you have reached the minimum score, you will be able to make your withdrawal.

The minimum payment is €5.

Make your payments through Paypal, and gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, El Corte Inglés, Ikea, and Media Market.

In addition, it is available for more than 70 countries, including Spain and Portugal.


Overall Rating

Toluna is a site to generate income mainly conducting surveys.

But it also allows you to earn money by completing offers that consist of viewing ads, or registering on a web page.

Other ways to earn points on Toluna is by voting on sponsored content, inviting your friends or winning the monthly contest.

Your payments are processed through Paypal, or with Amazon, Spotify or iTunes gift cards.

The amount minimum withdrawal is €10.

It is available for Spain, Portugal and the United States, as well as for Argentina, Brazil, México and Colombia.


Overall Rating

This is undoubtedly one of the largest opinion panels in the world.

At YouGov we cánido earn a good sum for filling out the surveys that are sent to us.

Perro earn more than $2 per survey easilywhich makes it a good option to work from home.

The estimated time of each survey is 10 to 25 minutes.

It has been since the year 2000 and has several ways to collect our benefits.

With your permission

Overall Rating

Consupermiso is a PTR, that is, a site to earn money by reading correos electrónicos.

Through correos electrónicos, you will receive tasks that you must complete to obtain points.

Some of these tasks are: downloading aplicaciones, completing surveys, and participating in different campaigns.

In addition, Consupermiso has a Cashback system, with which you cánido earn money for making your purchases.

And it has a 4-level referral system.

This platform works with Paypal and bank transfer.

We will be able to withdraw our earnings once we have reached 30 points, which is equivalent to €30.

It works mainly for Spain.

But it is also available for México, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Portugal.

Ipsos I Say

Overall Rating

Isay is a survey platform that has been active for many years.

Registering here is fácil and free.

Ipsos allows us to generate money in various ways, but the main one is through surveys.

It has a loyalty program and several raffles that are held every 4 months.

This platform also has a referral system.

Points cánido be redeemed for rewards through Paypal, and gift cards from Amazon, Ikea, Decathlon and iTunes.

To obtain our earnings, we must have reached 218 points, which is equivalent to €2.

The accepted countries are: Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Spain and Australia.


Overall Rating

Myiyo is also another survey platform.

To earn money on this site you must do the surveys and take advantage of the referral system.

You will receive some plus points for completing your profile and confirming your correo electrónico.

Myiyo makes your payments through Paypal, once you have reached 20,000 points, which is equivalent to €20.

Payment time is up to 30 days.

It is available for Spain, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Poland, South Africa, Poland, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Brazil, México, Colombia and Peru.


Overall Rating

Aklamio is a platform that belongs to the Cashback category.

Aklamio offers three ways to earn income.

The first is by making our purchases through its platform.

The second is by recommending stores and products through dirección de correo electrónico or popular networks.

And the third is through its referral system.

Make your payments through Paypal and bank transfer.

The minimum payment is only €1.

It is available for Spain, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Austria.

But the platform is only available in Spanish, German, English and French.

Nielsen Dashboard

Overall Rating

Very afín to paid survey platforms, this platform will offer you a payment in exchange for data that will be used for market research.

Its only difference with the surveys paid, is that you do not have to answer any survey.

You just have to download the application on your devices.

And you will earn money for using your devices as you normally do.

With Nielsen you cánido earn up to $50 a year.

It is not available for Spain, but only for the United States, the United Kingdom and other afín ones.


Overall Rating

Cashpirate is an aplicación that belongs to the category to earn income through our teléfonos inteligentes.

Using your mobile application, we will be able to generate income by watching vídeos, downloading and trying applications, and using your referral system.

The payment processors used will depend on the country in which we are located.

For Spain, for example, Paypal and Amazon gift cards are available.

To make a withdrawal, we must reach 2500 coins, which is equivalent to $2.50.

The aplicación is only available in English.

But it is not necessary that you know the language to be able to work with it, since it is very easy to use.


Overall Rating

Clickxti is another platform to earn money by reading correos electrónicos, which has been in operation since 2012.

You will receive a profit for clicking on the ads that arrive in your dirección de correo electrónico.

To get the profit, you have to wait 30 seconds after opening the advertisement.

However, the highest income will be obtained through its referral system, which has two levels.

At the first level, you get 50% of the earnings of your referrals, and at the second level, 25%.

The payment processors used are Skrill and bank transfer for Spain.

To make a withdrawal, €10 must be obtained.

It is available for many countries.

And the languages ​​used are: Spanish, French, Italian, English, German, and Portuguese.

But the page is more active for Spanish users.

How much perro you earn with these pages?

If you only dedicate 2 or 3 hours a day to work on these platforms, you cánido generate at least month about €150 or €250.

With 8 hours a daythey could be up to €600.

However, you should keep in mind that the profits you perro obtain will depend on several factors.

Some important factors to keep in mind are:

  • The workflow of each platform.

    It is not always the same, sometimes it may be greater, or sometimes it may be less.

    Which, in turn, alters the monthly earnings.

  • The country you are in.

    This also determines the amount of work you have per month, there are countries that have preference over others, and receive more work.

  • The constancy you have.

    Obviously, everything will also depend on how much time you spend on each platform, and how well you do your job.

  • Work with multiple pages at once.

    In order to achieve high profits, the ideal is to mezcle all these platforms.

    Since working on one site, it will not take you much time, and you will not receive much money.

    Working with all these platforms at once is the best strategy.

All of these factors perro make the monthly amount of €600 may be greater or less.

Where does the money you get paid come from?

Don’t worry, none of these methods are illegalnor the money you receive is obtained fraudulently.

On the contrary, in each category of work, there are very large companies and they function entirely within the framework of the law.

Usually these platforms function as intermediaries between other companies and users.

For example, PTRs are a way of doing dirección de correo electrónico marketing, that is, advertising through correo electrónico.

The platforms receive a profit for advertising services and products, and of that profit, you receive a percentage.

One of the ideas of the PTR is that you yourself, or some of your acquaintances, may be interested in some of these products.

Something afín happens with survey platforms.

Companies are interested in knowing the interests, tastes, and willingness to pay of people, when they sell or make a product.

Through surveys, these companies know what they want, what they like, and how much people are willing to pay for different products.

For this reason, some sites allow their users to try different products, and rate them.

Such companies hire these survey platforms to do this marketing job.

And we receive a percentage of the profits.

All other platforms work the same way, through advertisements, publicity, or marketing.

Other methods to earn money en línea



As you cánido see, there are several ways to earn money en línea.

In this articulo, we have not mentioned all the platforms that exist to earn money.

We only name the ones we consider most important.

But in cgd you perro find many more platforms available from all these categories.

In addition, it is also evident that you cánido live from working on the Internet, using these platforms; as indeed many do.

You should only consider the consejos that we gave you in this regard, to know how much you perro earn, and if it really suits you.

Using these sites is not really difficult. only requires familiarize yourself with each category and platformand have dedication.

We hope this article has been helpful to you.

Now you are ready to start on the path of earning money en línea.

What are you waiting for? Starts now!

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 Best pages to earn money in
  Best pages to earn money in
  Best pages to earn money in

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