Best pages to buy in China

Best pages to buy in China

If you are searching pages to buy in china reliably, you have come to the right place.

Look for the product you are looking for, it is sure to be found in a Chinese marketplace, and often at unbeatable prices.

In this articulo I am going to introduce you to various Chinese website to buy in Spanish completely reliable and with which we are going to save a lot of money.

As you well know, it is said that China is the factory of the world.

That is where a large part of the factories of all kinds are located.

They are manufactured from electronics to clothing.

The main advantages What I find to buy in China is the price, the wide variety (we will find everything we want) and on many occasions, the free shipping.

If you look at the stickers on the products, wherever you buy them, they come from stores in china.

The only difference is that we perro reach up to 20 times more its price initial manufacturing cost.

This is due to intermediaries and to renowned companies that make the product more expensive.

Contrary to what happens in Europe and the United States, where they have opted for the outsourcing of production, China has opted for a production development policy and distribution as efficiently as possible, that is, at the lowest possible cost.

This is going to translate into two things: First, the products we buy in China will have the highest possible quality and secondthat the delivery times will be medium or high.

Although there is an image that there is poor quality in Chinese stores.

That is not so, the estándares of quality of its factories equal or exceed to any country in the world.

Included if you want to buy Chinese replicas.

Consejos before buying on Chinese pages

Before buy in china en línea I’m going to give you a series of consejos so that your purchase is as fruitful and positive as possible.

If you have never used any page to buy in chinaalways it is good that they advise you the way the Chinese work, so there are no misunderstandings.

Keep reading, these are just a few small consejos that you will be grateful for in the long run.

Check the opinions and reviews of each product

Vea the opinions from other buyers we always go help us escoge for one product or another.

If it has many reviews and most of them are positive, it will surely be a quality device and that people like a lot.

But beware, there are already many companies specialized in buying reviews in exchange for free products.

Therefore, it would be convenient take a good look at the comments, and that absolutely not all of them appear as positive comments.

It is habitual that someone has bought the product and does not like it, or simply a product has been defective.

In the article that I have commented on above, it seems to be an article with true opinions, and that it really is a quality dispositivo, since although the majority are positive reviews, there are also those that are not.

There are even negative reviews (one star), which means that someone has not been convinced or has not exceeded their expectations.

In the event that there are no reviews, it is possible that the article is so new that no one has reviewed it yet, in this case you expose yourself to the fact that the article is good or bad, it is a risk that everyone has to know if Do you want to accept it or not?

The pages to buy in China usually take time to send

This statement may be relative, but a minimum of 15 days of waiting will not be taken away from you by anyone.

The Chinese website to buy in SpanishThey usually send their products by boat, and the boat usually takes about two weeks to reach Spain, and the same to Latin America.

Add to that the time to get to your house (if you don’t live on the coast), this happens because not all products are sent when the purchase request is made, but when the ship leaves, all to save costs.

On some occasions we will be “lucky” and we will have it at home in 15 days and on other occasions, we will have to wait up to three months.

Some pages to buy in chinaas aliexpress have implemented the so-called “aliexpress square“, where the products leave our country, with which the delivery times are greatly shortened.

Some pages have the policy that if it does not arrive within the specified periodyou cánido request a refund of the money for your product, so if it arrives later, it would be completely free.

Sizing in China is not the same as in Europe

Although chinese manufacturers they try to adapt to european tastethe measurement of the sizes is not the same in Europe, Asia or America, therefore, you must pay attention to the equivalences.

Normally the pages to buy cheap en línea usually have equivalent to European sizing and American, so that the customer is happy with his garment and I left a good reviewwith which your sales will increase.

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In the case of clothing stores, reviews are very important, since if many users indicate that the clothes suit them, it means that the given size will be yours.

On many occasions, the websites allow us to ask questions about sizes and users will answer us anonymously, which helps us in the purchase decision.

Avoid buying from outside companies

Sometimes they are faster than the companies associated with the store, however, in the event that the product is retained at customs, you will have to pay the customs fees, sometimes they cánido be more expensive than the product itself.

We must take into account this aspect that is often forgotten.

What is the best page to buy in china

After explaining the most important thing when it comes to buy in China from Spain I am going to give you the most reliable and proven pages that exist worldwide.

In addition, most of them I have already tried personally, either for myself or for members of my family and I have not had any problems.

I’m going to explain them one by one:


It is the best known page for buy in china en líneais a page that is always taking promotions for its users and new records who have not yet purchased on your website.

It is undoubtedly the best page to buy in China.

In aliexpress It cánido be purchased comfortably through its website and its application.

It is undoubtedly the best page to buy replicas in china.

Although it has many promotions, I have to tell you that I have found many more promotions in its application than in its page.

At the moment has its own payment system known as AliPay, an electronic wallet in which you top up and pay.

You will receive plus points every time you use Alipay so that you perro later redeem them for discounts or free products, not bad, right?

In the aliexpress aplicación You will have a section of games and coupons, you will be able to control the discounts at all times to take advantage at that very moment and be able to find bargains with up to 90% discount.


Shein is a Chinese website very habitual with young people that little by little is entering the Latin American market and that will allow us to access a wide variety of products.

Is a fashion page, especially that it is so well designed that it makes us think that they are not products that come from China.

You cánido find almost anything related to clothes and footwear.

It has some very good suppliers and their Clothes in general are of great quality.

Regarding delivery times, They usually take between three weeks and a month.with which you have to calculate the times well if the garment you want to buy is for an event.


NewChic is a new en línea store mix between Aliexpress, Shein and Amazon.

It stands out both for the prices, the coupons and the quality of its garments.

In this store, fashion and accessories stand out.

The main advantage that NewChic has is the live chat in case doubts or questions arise at the time of purchase.

This is a highly demanded look by the users of stores in chinasince sometimes it is difficult to contact them.

This, from my point of view, is a very conveniente point for the store, since many other en línea stores do not have this type of service.


DHgate is a leading company in the wholesale market.

It sells products made in China to all over the world and connects international buyers with Chinese wholesalers.

DHgate Presents more than 30 million products, of different ranges and categories.

DHgate sells everything from clothing to accessories.

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This store has a secure refund policy, express delivery and a good shipment tracking service.

You also agree to provide a fast shopping experienceeasy, safe and for consumers around the world.


DealExtreme is one of the best websites to buy in china.

It is an en línea store specializing in technology at low-cost.

On top of that they sell all kinds of fashion elementosbeauty, home, etcétera…

It was founded in 2005 as a store to buy Chinese replicas, specialized in dispositivos, flashlights and lasers.

Since then, DealExtreme has had a impressive growthcurrently offers more than 110,000 articles.

As of today, DealExtreme has more than 1 million customers and 400 suppliers.

As for the guarantee it offers, it is the best warranty in the industry.

All your elementos are covered with a 5-day free 90-day product replacement guarantee and a 150-day repair guarantee.

The good thing about DX is that the customer support is available 24/7 through customer service.

It also has local access phone numbers.

After buying in China from Spain

If your product has already arrived from any of the stores in china that we have put, I am going to give you one series of consejos to make your purchase more beneficial.

They are small consejos to keep in mind and what do you they are going to be good when buying on Chinese websites to buy in Spanish.

Write reviews always

This way you will help a lot of people who wants to buy the same product.

The best thing is to be meticulous and spare no detail.

Write everything you think perro help other people.

Things like the size, the waiting time in the delivery or if the product that appears in the photo, what would you highlight, etcétera…

In this way, if your reviews are more complete than the rest, your buyer profile will stand out from the others, being able to get plus advantages when buying.

Claim whenever you are not satisfied

Even if you think the price of the product is very low and it is not worth the claim and having to contact support to claim a purchase.

If you think about the time you must spend to make the claim, sometimes it will be more expensive than the euro that the product has cost us.

But it is necessary that you do it because if a supplier has poor quality products or is directly a scammer.

In these cases, the web must know it and, in addition, it cánido reward you for it.

Also, thinking of your neighbor, you will not be able to swindle anyone else.

You come out winning twice.

Other ways to save

Are the pages worth buying in China?

From my personal experience, the pages to buy in china yes they are worth it, although everything will depend on several factors:

  • the product you want
  • When do you need that product?

For example, everything related to dispositivos and products I usually look at these stores a lot to see which ones cánido be cheaper and when they will arrive.

Also I look a lot at possible coupons and cashback get paid by some pages like beruby either widilo.

The latter is an important point when it comes to save moneysince we cánido always scratch a few euros.

One thing I have to say, in order to save us headaches is that always you buy in contrasting pages and that the opinions are positive.

Never buy excessively expensive products on the adventure, that is, on an unknown page, much less where they only accept card payment.

If you buy something very expensive, always do it through PayPal, because if there is a problem you perro archivo a dispute and they will end up giving you your money back.

I’m sure this also interests youSave money with this discount aplicación

An example of this could be a large investment like a computer.

I would not buy a product with these characteristics in a en línea chinese storeSince they are expensive products, they take time to arrive, and then there is the issue of the guarantee.

If our computer (or the product in general) breaks, it would have to be sent to China and very possibly you would have to pay the round trip shipping costs, which would increase the price of the equipment.

Putting this aside, and having always looking for the best priceIt is evident that there are many stores in china that are totally reliable and with an excellent pre and articulo sale service.

If you want to know other articles afín to Best pages to buy in China you perro visit the category save.

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 Best pages to buy in China
  Best pages to buy in China
  Best pages to buy in China

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