Best mobile rate. How to choose your best

Best mobile rate.

How to choose your best

look for the best mobile rate It is hard work that sometimes is not fruitful.

The telephone companies bombard us every day with aggressive advertising, with calls offering us what for them is the best mobile rate From the market.

Whether we choose one telephone company or another will depend on our especial conditions and within each company, we perro choose the best mobile rate that they offer us, either contract or prepaid.

Choosing a good company we perro save money Without us realizing.

Knowing each one of our particularities, we must opt ​​for one rate or another, thinking about what we call and the data that we are going to use.

That is why companies offer us many possibilities, some that fit more and others less.

The savings that we perro achieve in one or the other will depend a lot on our choice.

To choose a telephone rate that best suits us, we have to take into account a series of concepts thinking about ourselves or our company, if applicable.

From how we are and what utilities we give to the phone, the rate that is most interesting for us will come out.

We must study our way of using the mobile phone and everything associated to be able to choose the cheapest mobile rates and the ones that fit best.

To get the most suitable option for our needs, we must ask ourselves a series of questions when choosing the mobile rates even without using a mobile rate comparator.

Simply looking at the specific needs of our company or at a especial level, we must consider a series of questions that I am going to explain.

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How do I use the phone?

To analyze what best mobile rate we choose we should see how we use our phone, this way we will know what type of contract (either card or prepaid) and how much data, minutes and maybe messages we will need.

One of the questions we most frequently ask ourselves is whether we use the phone more to talk or to navigate.

To talk

There is mobile rates for all tastes and that will adapt to all needs, always depending on who you talk to and at what time you talk.

There are several points that you have to look at when choosing the best rate unlimited calls or on the contrary, some calling plan with minutes.

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If you talk a lot on the phone, you will be interested in contracting a flat rate, since they have unlimited minutes.

In addition, the cost of establishing a call is included, so you won’t have to worry.

If you speak little, on the contrary, you should think about having a contract with limited minutes.

In this way, if you speak little, it is not convenient for you to have a rate with unlimited calls, since it would be wasting money, since they will surely be unused minutes.

To navigate

A few years ago, surfing the internet with a mobile was a super rare thing, typical of the rich, or “geeks”, now it is one of the most common things in our towns and cities, seeing people with their heads bowed looking at popular networks or looking for things on the internet

If you are going to check your dirección de correo electrónico a lot and the web pages that interest you anywhere and at any time, you should know that you cánido do it with both your card mobile and your contract mobile.

To adapt to this new routine, the mobile rates of the operators have been changing and every day there are more options.

If you are one of those who emplees the Internet very frequently, it is best to use a flat rate contract.

So you will save a lot of costs.

If you have a prepaid card and want to continue with it to recharge it whenever you want and not have to be tied to a contract, the best thing to do is to purchase the internet vouchers.

There cánido be daily, weekly or monthly bonuses, although I would recommend the monthly one, since it has a higher time/price return.

This type of plus allows you to navigate at a lower speed when the plus ends and you renew it again.

Another option you have is hire by megabytes.

you perro use internet on your mobile paying for the megabytes you use.

In this way, you will pay a price per mega that will be discounted from your card cómputo as you use them.

As for the contract cards, they are those mobile rates in which you pay a fixed monthly fee, regardless of what you spend.

These types of contracts cánido be very broad, from a few minutes and data to unlimited data and minutes.

These contracts have the advantage that we have a fixed to pay and we cánido already be talking all eternity that we are neither going to run out nor are we going to pay a fortune, only what we have contracted.

Are we private or self-employed?

One of the main factors that we have to weigh when hiring the mobile rates It is the use that we are going to give them.

This use will be totally different if we are private or if we are self-employed, the cost of the call, the establishment, the internet, the permanence, everything will be different…

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Although most of the offers that are offered on television at some mobile rate comparator They are focused on individuals, however, if you work on your own it is recommended that you opt for mobile rates Designed specifically for freelancers.

If you have a business, you will need to be constantly talking with clients, partners or suppliers, so possibly, if your invoice is designed for individuals, your invoices will multiply enormously.

Being self-employed, this problem is solved, since the companies put you cheapest mobile rates and many promotions. choose a better Unlimited data mobile rate It is a good option, since in most cases, transactions are done en línea over the phone.

República Móvil inteligente, the best mobile rate for unlimited calls

Mobile Republic is the one I use for my mobile phone and the truth is that I am super happy.

It has super tight plans for data and calls.

Working at home (besides the pandemic issue) I don’t get out of here much, therefore I almost always work with my home Wi-Fi.

Mobile Republic is the one that offers a best prepaid mobile rate.

Exactly for only €5 per month you perro enjoy 150 minutes of calls and 3 GB of data, the latter cumulative.

Although there are more plans, until you cánido find the best mobile rate for unlimited calls.

You cánido also access the pioneer plan.

This plan is a kind of referral plan in which we will earn as much for the friends that we bring as a percentage of the recharges that our friend makes.

Everything will vary depending on whether we are a contract or prepaid:

  • they will pay us €0.6 for each friend in contract rates with quota
  • each month we will get 5% of the top-ups of our prepaid friends

In order to access the pioneer plan, we first have to make a contract or a prepaid card with the telephone operator.

Then we will have to put the phone number (mine, in this case).

I will be able to send you my phone number (this is how you have it if you have any doubts about making money en línea) you send me a request through this form.

[wpforms id=”9751″]

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Final opinions on how to choose the best mobile rate

As you perro see, you have to weigh many pros and cons when choosing a good mobile rate.

I have given you my opinion about the rate that I use, the truth is that I am very happy and it far exceeds my expectations.

The monthly payment is minimal and they give me the number of gigas that I need.

It is also true that I work from home and most of the time I am connected to WiFi.

In any case, even if you have to be away from home for a long time, the Mobile Republic has several types of contracts adapted to any need.

I really think that this company has the best mobile rate that suits my needs.

And you? Do you think there are better ways to save on mobile telephony? Tell us about your experiences in the comments.

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How to choose your best
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 Best mobile rate. </p><p> How to choose your best
  Best mobile rate. </p><p> How to choose your best
  Best mobile rate. </p><p> How to choose your best

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