Best games to earn money with Paypal

Best games to earn money with Paypal

If you spend your free time playing on your mobile and have wondered how to earn additional money doing what you like the mostsurely you have come across hundreds of promotional pages of applications that promise to make you easily earn while having fun.

Unless you are a game tester in a vídeo game company or you are a competitive gamer in high-level international tournaments, it is not so easy to have a stable income playing, for this reason we have explored for you some options so that your time en línea perro be rewarded.

Are you afraid of falling for an en línea scam? Don’t want to waste your time with impossible goals? We have reviewed some of the most habitual applications and we tell you which are the games in which you perro really win and recover your prizes through PayPal with real money without scams or deception.

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It is important that you keep in mind that most of the applications and games that offer you prize payments seek you to carry out two basic activities: First, have a high en línea timewhich will be directly reflected in the progress of the levels of your favorite game.

The second and most important, you will have to see advertising from various advertisers while you play.

Yes, although it may be a bit annoying at first, thanks to advertisers you will be able to receive this plus money in your PayPal account.

So a lot of patience to reach these prizes.

Then let’s get started!

big time

Our first recommendation is Big Time, an aplicación available for iOS and Android users. The process is very fácil to start enjoying and winning! After registering you simply have to choose between the 15 games available in the application and start racking up tiques.

You cánido use these tiques in two ways.

The first allows you to use them every 48 hours to entrar the draw for great cash prizes in the Mega Booster Rouletteif you win the jackpot you cánido have your winnings in the bank to redeem them later in real money.

The second option is to save the tiques in the application’s bank or safe and then redeem them directly for real money.

Remember that for every 10,000 you will get $0.10.

cheer up! When you reach 1,000,000 tiques in your safe you perro make your first withdrawal.

Although it may seem that the amount is very high, you will see that you will quickly achieve this goal.

Brain Battle

It is a free application, available on iOS and Android with a Excellent collection of very fun games. Playing and winning you will receive as a prize tiques that allow you to participate in the frequent draws for cash prizes.

If it sounds a lot like Big Time to you, you’re right! The two applications have been developed by WINR Games Incbut don’t worry, its minigames are totally different.

This is precisely its great advantage, which is why we will leave you with a golden consejo: If you register in both games, since you are playing on the same platform, you cánido accumulate your tiques and bonuses in the same bank, therefore you will be able to withdraw your winnings more quickly.

Remember that in both games, you will have the possibility to perform additional tasks that will help you accumulate more tiques, among them the most common are testing third-party applications or watching vídeos.


It is also part of the applications with multiple utilities that will allow you to earn money while you enjoy your free time.

With CashKarma one of the interactions to accumulate money in your PayPal account are the mini-games, with them it is possible to accumulate points that perro be redeemed as real money.

Only with 4,000 points you will be able to make your first withdrawal through PayPal, among the applications that we have reviewed, this is the one that will allow you to use your earnings the fastest.

One of the key options to accumulate points are referrals. If you invite your friends to play with your code, you will receive points that will grow your account in the blink of an eye.

What are you waiting for to start?

Coin Pop

It is one of the most recent applications, it is very well evaluated by its users who assure that it is not another scam on the network.

When reviewing it in detail we find an application that reminds us of the game testing.

To accumulate points, you will find a list of games and the number of coins you perro earn.

You choose the one that interests you the most and install it, from then on You are monetizing your game time, that is, the more time you spend, the more coins you perro earn.

One of the key in Coin Pop is that you should always be attentive to the highlights, so you will be aware of the new games on the platform, but above all those that offer more coins for you.

You must be attentive so that your wallet grows!

oh! Don’t forget about referrals.

It will not only give you 250 coins for each friend that signs up, you will earn 25% on the earnings that each of your referrals accumulates in the application.

They for their part will also receive the same percentage of your base.

It’s worth trying.

Remember that for PayPal users as a payment method, they will be able to make their withdrawals from 1,999 coins.


We continue advancing in the applications and we bring you Gamee.

This is an ad-supported application, that means you will see a lot of ads while you play, remember that this guideline is what will ultimately help you grow your PayPal account.

Its mechanics are afín to those we have already observed, you will earn tiques for playing in the selection of mini-games offered and you will have the opportunity to participate three days of the week in the drawings.

Gamee has three fácil options to play and make your experience different and entertaining, here we tell you:

The missions They are a series of very easy challenges to meet that will help you accumulate more tiques.

Remember, five minutes after completing a mission, you will find new options.

the tournaments With a duration of nine minutes they allow you to play against competitors en línea to win the final jackpot.

And games for you where you perro play as long as you want without limiting yourself to the missions and or the tournaments, here you are 100% depending on your time and how much you like the minigames.


Our selection ends with AppKarma, available for Android and iOS.

This is a classic rewards aplicación that rewards you for playing.

Its operation is afín to the previous application; you must download and install the games from the list offered and play until you reach the requirements to obtain points.

For your progress and achievements you will receive Badges that will help you level up and earn more points to redeem later through your payment methods, including Paypal.

As we have already mentioned in other applications, referrals are very important, if you have a wide network of friends en línea, feel free to share your code, you perro receive up to 30% based on your friends’ earnings.

They have created a VIP program for those with a strong popular media presence and they have the ability to mobilize many people, it is a sponsorship program that pays you much better for your referrals, especially if they are from English-speaking or European countries.

Besides, allows you to have an unlimited number of referrals keeping the benefits of the percentage on your earnings, taking into account that for a regular usuario your limit is 100 people.

But not only you would win with this program if you meet the minimum conditions, your referrals will also receive plus points when using your personalized backlink on registration.

If you have an impact, the linking process is fácil and you cánido increase your PayPal account.

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 Best games to earn money with Paypal
  Best games to earn money with Paypal
  Best games to earn money with Paypal

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