Best Cryptocurrency wallets more

Best Cryptocurrency wallets more

Cryptocurrencies are considered a treasure of great valueThose who own it seek its safe haven, since their future depends on them. There are many and a wide variety of wallets or wallets that fulfill specific functions and meet the needs required by the investor.

These virtual wallets or purses, apart from security, provide other advantages such as easily receiving and sending cryptocurrencies from different technological equipment. To find out more details about the best wallets, continue reading the following information and so you perro select the right one to cover your need.

Best cryptocurrency wallet for beginners

coinbasethis type of purse is known in the market as hot storage, is perfect for investors who trade minimal amounts of coins. for entusiastas coinbase stands for exchange, agregado they are free to download and use. It is completely in order for users of Apple iOS and Google plus Android.


  • Offers greater security.

  • It is fácil and easy to use.

  • Incompatibility with various currencies.

  • Perfect for long term coin storage.

  • It offers sending and receiving cryptocurrencies to any part of the world.

  • Maximum control of keys and passwords.

Best long-term cryptocurrency wallets

Due to the millions of users who use Coinomi, it is considered one of the most habitual, to protect, manage and exchange cryptocurrencies with high security. coinomiis characterized by the extensive range that it offers since 2014, it is the oldest active multi-chain wallet, has not been hackedprovides security.

Its priority is security for both mobile and desktop equipment ensuring native support and serious ownership around 125 blockchains. Enabled for multiple spellings of fiat currencies, available in 25 languages ​​facilitating immediate reciprocity from the aplicación through integrated exchanges.


  • Coincidente with Windows, Linux and MacOS.

  • Trusted node.

  • Customer service directly.

  • Exclusive copia de seguridad.

  • Easy interfaz and fácil to use.

Most secure wallet for Android

This Samourai wallet characterized by freedom and security that it offers to its users who are anywhere in the world. In a fácil and versatile way, this purse offers an excellent and extensive range of very outstanding configurations. Its interfaz is easy and fácil to handle by any usuario in this market.


  • Automatically saves an encrypted copia de seguridad to your mobile.

  • Allows PIN change.

  • Support mix the PIN on the screen.

  • Touch PIN access.

  • Guarantees control of your private keys.

Safest en línea wallet

This platform called Stormgain is quite complete, offering everything in one place safely and reliably with zero commissions. The wallet is designed for the protection and integrated exchange of virtual currencies, providing the highest reliability.

Regardless of where you are, you perro enjoy the variety of services it offers by managing your funds just by registering and depositing your crypto assets. The interfaz is easy to use, likewise you cánido quickly access your cryptocurrencies and requirements.


  • Great tools available immediately.

  • Available from any device during the 7 days in the 24 hours.

  • Security in the area and a strong encryption system.

  • Exchange of coins for gold and silver token.

Best Bitcoin wallet for iPhone

BRD, the first mobile wallet, has the main characteristic of open source, where it transmits trust and security for free, through transparency. It constantly updates relevant news and activities that are shared by the networks for the proper use of the cryptocurrency market and its scope.


  • Available for iOS and Android.

  • It makes it easy to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies.

  • Available in 14 languages.

  • Spectacular and intuitive interfaz.

  • Switchable nodes.

  • It offers more than 70 currencies.

  • It allows sending and receiving anonymously.

  • It allows you to act freely, without an account or login.

  • Offer rewards.

Most secure desktop wallet for Windows, Mac, Linux

Spectacular wallet called Electrum very safe, it’s free and decentralized its network is not controlled by any entity, it allows bitcoins to be divided into multiple wallets. Its interfaz supports the use of various devices both desktop and mobile, including the command line. The protection encompasses two factors; electrum together with trustedcoin.


  • He is free and independent, therein lies his confidence.

  • It guarantees that the operations are on the bitcoin block chain.

  • Accepts hardware wallets.

  • It covers the needs of any usuario.

The investment of cryptocurrencies is not a very fácil task, therefore it is essential have a secure wallet where to store them In this way it is possible to acquire different currencies and proceed to exchange them, generally this process works under absolute freedom and confidence.

In this virtual world of cryptocurrencies, the computer, mobile equipment or any other hard drive or removable storage works afín to the bank vault. This has allowed us to walk in a freer and more independent world where banks and governments are not intermediaries and cannot control anything.

Would you feel good to walk in this virtual world of cryptocurrencies freely, even if it is a bit risky?

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 Best Cryptocurrency wallets more
  Best Cryptocurrency wallets more
  Best Cryptocurrency wallets more

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