Best consejos to learn anything

Best consejos to learn anything

If you want consejos to learn anything in a fácil way, you are in the right place.

Remember that your most valuable resource is your brain, and what you put into it.

In today’s article, I plan to share five consejos that will allow you to learn faster.

I previously talked about the Feynman technique and how to learn better, from better explaining each concept.

So, today I plan to give more advice so that you cánido break your limits.

One thing I would like is that at the end of the article I make you arouse the curiosity of wanting to learn faster and better.

I want you to seek to break your limits, and I will continue to upload articles that will help you do so.

Seek to expand your knowledge.

Because it is important?

If you keep learning new things every day, it will help you disminuye the problems caused by aging, one of them is the progressive reduction of memory.

Also, knowledge is power.

If you want to advance your career in a world full of competition, you have to start doing your best, and I’m not talking about working hard, I’m talking about working smart and efficient.

Well, let’s start.

When you want to learn something new, it is good that you watch vídeos of experts who do the things that you want to learn so that you cánido manage to execute them yourself.

Why is it helpful? by mirror neurons.

Marco Iacoboni, a neuroscientist at the University of California, Los Angeles, is best known for his work on mirror neurons, a small circuit of cells in the premotor cortex and inferior parietal cortex.

What makes these cells so interesting is that they are activated both when we perform a certain action (like smiling or reaching for a cup), and when we vea someone else performing the same action.

In other words, they help in the distinction between seeing and doing.

In short, they are neurons that are activated when we carry out an action, or when we see that someone else is carrying out an action.

Therefore, the consequence is that when seeing a person doing what you want to learn, our brain responds as if we were doing the task in question.

Sounds good, right?

learn through imitation

One way in which to complement the previous advice is to imitate what the expert is doing, or in other words, put theoretical things into practice.

You have to know that doing the steps in parallel is more effective than just taking aprecies.

I know very well that it is not a name that gives you many clues as to what I orinan, so I am going to explain it to you.

What you have to do is integrate self-learning into your relaxation routine or in your free time.

Don’t just study when you have a test the next day, you have to be consistent and integrate it into your daily routine.

It is very important that you achieve it, because if you do, you will not be learning solely out of obligation, but you are doing it for pleasure.

I guess I don’t even have to say that doing it that way gives you a huge boost to learn.

Something that you cánido complement with the previous point are the incentives.

An incentive is a good way you cánido support yourself to be consistent, and make it a habit.

This since a small incentive will ensure commitment and responsibility from day one, since it creates something that you perro lose.

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 Best consejos to learn anything
  Best consejos to learn anything
  Best consejos to learn anything

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