Best Bird Promo Codes

Best Bird Promo Codes

The introduction of Uber and Lyft upended the transportation industry by removing the friction associated with hailing and waiting for a cab. With the rise of portless electric scooters, the transportation revolution is underway, with Bird Electric Scooters leading the way providing on-demand electric scooter rentals. This article explains how to get a free ride using a Bird Scooter promo code.

Are you only here for the trip credits? New riders perro use this referral code and get their first ride free:


How do I entrar a Bird promo code?

Using a coupon code at Bird is very afín to entering a code at Uber or Lyft.

Remember that this promo code is for first time new users only which means you have never used the aplicación before.

When you download the aplicación for the first time, you will be asked to entrar your payment information; this is where you will entrar the code.

If you’ve had the aplicación for a while but haven’t taken a ride yet, you cánido still entrar a discount count.

  1. Open the aplicación and open the Bird menu (it’s the little button at the top left of the screen)
  2. Select “Payment”
  3. Press “ENTER CODE”
  1. entrar the code TAKEFLIGHT
  1. That’s all! When it’s done, you should get this message:

Beware of fake codes

Whenever you use a promo code, make sure it comes from a legitimate source.

There are many fake codes en línea, so you have to be careful.

It’s best to stick to referral codes from family and friends, codes that come from trusted sources, like us! — or codes that come from Bird himself.

It’s no fun entering a promo code hoping to save a few bucks on a trip only to find out the code is fake.

Save yourself a headache and use codes that come from legitimate places.

The codes posted here are always legitimate, so you cánido always check with us for updates and additional discount offers.

If you try code that you think is valid but cánido’t get it to work, try contacting Bird.

They may be able to verify the code for you and tell you if it’s legitimate.

What is Bird’s “Give $5, Get $5” referral program?

Bird has a great referral program called Give $5, Get $5.

It’s a great way to earn free rides with the help of your friends.

You will get $5 and you cánido tell your friends that they will get $5 off their first ride

It’s a tempting opportunity to rack up some free credits for free travel.

To take advantage of the program, open the Bird scooter aplicación and go to the section where it says “free rides«.

After selecting «Send free rides“, there will be a variety of options depending on your phone (iPhone or Android).

You perro select to text or dirección de correo electrónico your Bird promo code to family and friends in your contact.

You perro also share your promo code on Fb or Twitter.

By sharing the referral code with family and friends, you perro give a friend a free ride (up to a $5 value).

When they complete their first ride, you’ll also get a free ride (or $5 off a ride that costs more).

After the $1 unlock fee, Bird’s scooter rentals are only $0.15 per minute, so a $5 ride is worth a good 25 minutes on the road.

At this point, there is no limit to the number of free rides you perro share.

Therefore, you cánido also share the offer with everyone you know who you think might be interested in using the service.

The more new users you cánido get to try Bird, the more money you perro save on your Bird trips.

Chances are good that if you’re a seguidor of Bird, you’ve probably already told your friends, co-workers, and family how great the service is.

And now, with the Give $5, Get $5 referral program, it’s the perfect time to give it a try.

If you love the service, encourage others to try it.

Many people who live and work in major cities are sick of traffic and tired of the daily commute.

Bird is cost-effective, green, and much more fun than sitting in traffic trying to get to or from the office.

The Give $5, Get $5 program is a win-win program.

You will earn by earning $5 off for every new usuario you perro get to try the service.

Your friends win by getting $5 off their first trip.

And Bird wins because they get new users who (they hope) will become repeat customers.

How cánido I find my Bird referral code?

Before you perro share your code or articulo it anywhere, you’ll need to find it.

To locate your referral code, open the Bird aplicación.

Tap the menu in the top left corner and return to the Give a Ride, Get a Ride tab.

Remember the option to correo electrónico your friends with a backlink to download the aplicación?

When you clic on the option to dirección de correo electrónico a friend, the code will appear:

With that code in hand, let’s get to work.

The more people you perro encourage to use the service, the more discounts you’ll earn and the more money you’ll save on your own travel.

If you want to use your referral code to get discounts on future travel, there are some creative ways to do it.

The most obvious is to share it with family and friends.

But with a few strategic tactics, you cánido get strangers to use your code and also add free travel credits to your account.

To maximize exposure for your referral code, consider printing business cards with your code on it.

You cánido leave them in coffee shops, leave them in libraries, or leave them in hotel lobbies.

Just make sure you get permission from the business or location first.

You cánido also create flyers and hang them around town.

Keep your personal information to a minimum – a phone number or dirección de correo electrónico to contact you with questions is sufficient.

There is no need to articulo all your information for strangers to see.

Another great way to reach potential new Bird users is to articulo your code on popular media.

Encourage your friends, family and followers to share your code on their popular media channels as well.

This perro help you get exposure to people who wouldn’t normally see your posts. It’s worth a shot.

Are there other ways to get a free scooter ride?

Aside from the Give $5, Get $5 referral program, there are other ways to enjoy a free or discounted scooter ride.

As with most rideshare companies and afín services, Bird wants new users to sign up and rent their scooters.

Therefore, first-time users cánido access a one-time promo code to give them the oportunidad to enjoy a free Bird scooter ride.

Another way to get discounts and deals is to follow Bird on popular media.

Visit Bird regularly on their popular media pages and you will be able to access different offers.

You’ll enjoy real-time updates and be the first to know about current promotions, exclusive discount offers and new ways to save on travel.

Bird will also periodically send “Free Bird Rides” correos electrónicos to its subscribers.

When you signed up for the service, you automatically subscribed to their list.

Don’t give up! If you do, you won’t be able to take advantage of offers like this:

As we mentioned above, it is always better to get codes from reputable and trustworthy sources.

Getting one from Bird is hands down the best way to get one.

And when you find a promotion on Bird’s popular networks, you will know 100% that the code is workable, valid and real!

How much do Bird scooters cost?

Even without a coupon code, electric scooters are relatively cheap to rent, which probably explains why scooter rental companies like Bird and Lime are so habitual.

Unlocking a motorized scooter costs $1.00, after that it costs $0.15 a minute.

That’s pretty cheap when you compare it to other modes of transportation.

Let’s put this in perspective.

Let’s say you rent a Bird for $1.00 and your destination is three miles away.

Bird scooters have a top speed of 15 mph.

That means you cánido get to your destination in 12 minutes if you’re maxing out speed the whole time.

That means you’ll have to pay $1.80 (12 minutes x $0.15) agregado $1.00 for the rental.

That’s just $2.80 for a 12-minute ride.

This is pretty cheap, especially when compared to taking an Uber POOL or Lyft Line.

Agregado, with a scooter, you don’t have to worry about a controlador making multiple stops to pick up other passengers.

If that’s still too rich for your blood, try the scooters using a Bird promo code.

This code will give you free travel credits.

The amount varies by city, but is generally one free ride for new riders.

We perro all agree that green transport options will play an important role in the future of commuting.

Bird is doing its part to make this happen with its dockless electric scooter system.

We love that the scooters are super affordable, costing just $1 to unlock and only 15 cents a minute after that.

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 Best Bird Promo Codes
  Best Bird Promo Codes
  Best Bird Promo Codes

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