Best Aplicaciones to Earn Money

Best Aplicaciones to Earn Money

There is a specific type of people who, for some reason, like to walk, it is not a matter of losing weight or acquiring a good figure, they simply like to move from one place to another, seeing the horizon or simply interacting with the environment. Surely you know someone like that, or you yourself are a person like that, the truth is that walking is fascinating highly healthy and it is even possible to get a little money from this activity, in such a way that now you have one more reason to definitely go for a walk.

There are applications that pay to walk, here we will espectáculo you the best of them and we will reveal the reasons why companies are willing to pay you to walk a few minutes a day. Let’s see what it’s about!

Why are there aplicaciones that pay you to walk in 2023?

As you will know from many applications and web pages, the advertising is a very important aspecto in this whole affair. It is something valuable for them to receive constant information aimed at people who belong to the segmentation of these companies and are clearly willing to pay.

In this sense, those who download these applications tend to be those people who already walk a good number of steps daily, that is, they are the ideal client of fitness and health product companies.

Another aspecto for which these applications pay is for the geolocation (GPS), this clearly gives them an amount of data important to then make certain decisions, define certain usuario patterns and take advantage of it.

There are already applications that use geolocation and have this data (like Google plus, for example), but they do not give you anything in return, these applications, on the contrary, reward the usuario for this data.

Taking this into account, we will espectáculo you 4 of the best applications so that you perro get a little more out of your daily walks.


This is one of the highest rated pay-to-walk applications in the Play Store, it is an application that pays you to walk and choose different types of modes of use.

The aspect that may not be very attractive in StepBet is that you must pay an amount of $40 to take advantage of it, this allows you to make the payment and request a refund a week if you consider that your money was badly invested or the platform is not to your liking.

This also arises because StepBet also works as a trading platform. bets in which users cánido participate in different types of raffles.

Based on this, there are some negative comments in the Play Store, StepBet’s response is that this application is not for this type of usuario.

You perro download the application for Android through this backlink:

You could also do it for iOS in this other one:


Yodo is an application that emplees the reward in the form of oportunidad to encourage users to affirm their sports habits.

Likewise, it raises the possibility of earning plus benefits by inviting friends to the application or socializing by sharing your results and data.

Although it may cost a bit to generate plus money, Iodine It’s a good aplicación for workouts. having on its platform good exercise plans, training content and weight loss.

Get the Android aplicación here:

And if you use Apple you perro buy it by clicking here:


This is perhaps the most innovative application in its field. It is an application that is founded on a cryptocurrency with the same name.

Walking you perro acquire sweat coins and, through it, buy different types of sports products with the companies that collaborate with the sweat coin project. you perro equally transfer cómputo to friends or donate it to charitable causes.

Download for Android:

Download for iOS:


RunTopia is an application that is responsible for transforming sports activity into coins. These currencies perro later be exchanged for dollars vía PayPal or other products such as teléfonos inteligentes.

In addition to that, it is presented as an ideal application for those who train or do sports, providing histories, audio guides, training plans, and different types of tasks, both to help you grow fully as an athlete, and also to be able to generate more coins. inside the platform.

You cánido purchase the Android application at this backlink:

And download it for iOS here:

Now, all you have to do is download the application and go for a walk, have a good walk!

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 Best Aplicaciones to Earn Money
  Best Aplicaciones to Earn Money
  Best Aplicaciones to Earn Money

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