Belacam Paga – Popular Network To Earn Money

Belacam Paga – Popular Network To Earn Money

did you know you cánido make money uploading photos in a popular network called Belacam, this popular network pays with a currency called Bela which you cánido transfer to bitcoins without problem.

Belacam Features

  • Valuation: Average
  • Payment Methods: Virtual wallet (Mercatox)
  • Minimum payout: 10 Bela (Cryptocurrency)
  • Referral system: Yes
  • Accepted countries: All

What is Belacam and how does it work?

belacam As we already mentioned, it is a popular network Afín to Instagram where the theme is to upload photos, make comments and like the photos, unlike other popular networks like Instagram, Belacam will pay us to use the platform.

Registration in Belacam

Registration is very easy, you just go to the Belacam official page and you recordsyou put an dirección de correo electrónico, a nombre de usuario and a password, once registered what you have to do is confirm your dirección de correo electrónico and that’s it.

How to make money with Belacam

In order to earn money with this platform you have to do the following, when you give like a Bela is discounted to a articulo from another person, if they give you a Like they will give you a Bela.

When you register they give you a plus, but you must save that plus that they give you and not spend it immediately.

Strategy to generate income with Belacam

  • Upload photos daily up to 3 photos will pay you
  • For each like you earn 1 Bela
  • For referrals you will earn 10 Bela
  • You cánido sell them in MERCATOX

How to withdraw my money from Belacam?

Once your account is created and you have the minimum to withdraw, you will proceed to clic on «Withdraw», there it will ask you for an address of your virtual wallet To make the withdrawal, entrar the address of your wallet and that’s it.

Important note: The company belacam charges a percentage for the amount you want to withdraw, so it is recommended to withdraw a minimum amount of 51 Bela so that they charge us the lowest commission.

  • 1-20 Bela: 50% commission
  • 21-50 Bela: 30% commission
  • 51+ Bela: 15% commission

belacam pays

Currently the company Belacam continues paying to its users, so you perro work without problem with this platform sharing your photos. On the internet, especially on YouTube, there are many users who have uploaded their belacam payment voucher.

Opinions and Suggestions of Belacam

To earn money en línea, it is necessary to do a minimum amount of work since no one is going to give us money, so if you want to take advantage of this platform you will have to publish daily images so that you have a better oportunidad of users giving you money. like your photos. Sign up here.

Alternatives to Belacam

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 Belacam Paga – Popular Network To Earn Money
  Belacam Paga – Popular Network To Earn Money
  Belacam Paga – Popular Network To Earn Money

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