Being poor is too expensive

Being poor is too expensive

Some people think that being poor is easy.

They think that you don’t have enough money to buy many things, so you are forced to live as you have and not as you want, you have to live with less.

However, that is not how reality works.

When you’re broke, you perro’t do all the little things that will improve your income or budget in the long run.

This is why being poor is too expensive.

For example, you cánido’t buy your food in large quantities, you perro’t buy quality things that last longer, or have your own devices or technological dispositivos instead of renting them.

Even the mere fact of saving costs you money, and worse still, poverty comes with certain expenses hidden and intangibles that all they do is get you even more into this horrible condition. here you have them

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Any college student perro attest to this, getting food when you’re poor isn’t that hard (or else, look at how much microwaveable food costs).

The problem is getting healthy food, since microwave noodle soup, for example, is made up of 20% “empty” calories and 80% salt.

If you spend most of your life eating this type of food, your health will be greatly affected and your life will be in danger.

When going through difficult economic situations, people value time over health, and fast food becomes a much more pleasant alternative to cooking at home.

What’s more, street food ended up being much cheaper than going to the supermarket and then going to cook.

For example, a perro of soda is much cheaper than orange juice or a glass of milk, so deciding what to drink other than water doesn’t require much thought.

Now, if you follow a diet of this type for years, the consequences will be horrible.

It perro even improve your economic situation and these habits are rooted in your day to day.

You are most likely thinking: “Once I start earning more money, I will change the way I eat”.

What you don’t know is what it costs to change a habit that you have been practicing for so long, you perro ask those who have been trying to quit smoking for years.

According to a study carried out by the Harvard School of Public Health, healthy meals cost $45 more per month, on average, compared to “junk” food.

If you have money, this is not a problem, but when you earn minimum wage and have no other source of income, the issue of healthy food becomes unprofitable.

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You may be thinking: “Who cares about healthy food when you cánido barely pay the rent? Do you know what does have serious long-term health consequences? Get you out of your house.

So I’ll pay the rent today and worry about a cardiac arrest tomorrow.

When you are poor you cannot allow yourself to think in the long term:

Many people know that it is cheaper to buy food in bulk, but do not have the capacity to do so.

Many know that those noodle soups and “junk” food will kill them one day, but as long as that day doesn’t come before rent is due, everything will be fenezca.

Many know that it is better to cook at home, but like many people in this situation, having two jobs to support yourself is not uncommon and there is no time to cook.

When you are poor you don’t have time to be healthy, and you don’t have enough money to save it.

Having a job is useless if you don’t have a way to get to it.

Owning your own car is expensive, even after paying the down payment, which is the hardest part.

Now, public transportation may be cheaper and more posible for low wages, but it’s not always available in every city or everywhere you need to go.

This is why when you are poor, transportation has two costs hidden when you are poor:

First, many of the expensive repairs that a car needs are avoidable, as long as you have the money to repair it on time and make the necessary adjustments.

For example, a change of brake pastes, fluid or oil for the engine or a fácil revision perro prevent a much bigger problem in your car.

If you don’t change a few fácil brake pads, this could seriously affect the wheel rotors.

Which do you think is cheaper to change? The more time you wait, the more expensive the repair will be.

When you’re poor, it’s not a matter of not wanting to spend money repairing the car, it’s a matter of not having money to do it.

Public transportation is a good option, but as we mentioned, not all cities offer it, and if they do, it doesn’t orinan it’s great either.

With this transport you have to assume a totally different cost: time.

What would be a 15-minute drive becomes a one-hour drive.

If you miss a colectivo, the delay will be at least 15 minutes.

The worst thing is that you only have a few free hours a day, which you could use to prepare a decent and healthy meal, but you cánido’t because you have to travel by public transport.

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Unfortunately public transport is not the most optimal option.

If your car breaks down and you don’t have money to repair it, you will have to adjust your salary again, or even lose it because you have no way to get to it.

Even the cost of your time on public transport prevents you from participating in activities that perro lift you out of poverty, such as education.

Ironically, the fácil fact of going to work is difficult, since working implies certain costs that poverty does not see as posible.

You need to dress well to make a good impression, but clothes are not a priority

Beyond the necessity, buying clothes is seen as an unnecessary and superfluous expense.

Why should poor people buy nice new clothes, when they perro barely cover their necessary living expenses?

The problem is that if you don’t invest in clothes, you will have to pay a high popular cost for not doing so.

In some jobs you have to buy the uniform, you have to spend money that you still do not have (and that you have not been paid) to be able to present yourself to your new job.

As is habitual, the fact of wearing the same uniform and shoes every day makes it deteriorate, which gives you a bad image and worse, makes you invest in a new one, taking away your credit to buy different and presentable clothes.

The problem is the following: if you are poor and have a presentable wardrobe, people will tell you that you are irresponsible with money.

Now, if you dress poorly and don’t have an outfit for the occasion, chances are you won’t be taken seriously, especially in job interviews.

The way you dress perro be the difference between getting a new job and not even having a oportunidad to be taken seriously.

This effect is so profound that the fácil brand of your clothing cánido give you an advantage over others.

Even if you’re outraged reading this, you know it’s true.

That’s how society works and it’s unfortunate.

Now, the cost of not having presentable clothes is not only popular.

Having to keep clothes clean and organized takes time and money; and if you don’t have a washing machine, you have to spend time in a place where they charge you to use it.

This not only takes money from you since you have to pay every time you go to the laundry, but it takes away time that you could use to learn a new skill, to study, to meet influential people in your environment, or to spend time with your family.

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The worst part of this situation is that it seems to be unimportant.

The fácil fact of having to dress badly because you have no other option is overwhelming, and to finish adjusting, people see you differently, tell you that you should change your clothes and criticize you for your shoes, shirt or pants.

For most people the way you dress is seen as fácil vanity and something that is not necessary; food is necessary, a roof is necessary, transportation is also necessary.

New clothes? Not so much.

If you buy something new they will ask you and judge you for do so, they will tell you that you are broke because you do not know how to make good decisions… So you cánido ignore these comments, since it does not matter if they judge you for the poor quality of your clothes, or for spending your money on a new one.

Avoiding costs is a matter of life and death in low-income households.

And do not think that this is not important, since when you are poor you have costs everywhere:

  • costs of not having a bank account
  • costs to have an account
  • costs to pay late
  • costs to pay with a certain card
  • costs for not being able to pay the costs

A person cánido drown in costs and interest, which deeply affects the finances of a family that is experiencing financial difficulties.

There is no better example of this situation than all those people who pay with their credit cards in a term of 24 to 36 months.

They think that it is much more comfortable to pay it that way, what they do not know is that they end up paying almost three times the initial value.

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You are surely thinking “That’s why they are poor, because they spend the money they don’t have”.

What we don’t understand is that it’s not a question of spending what you don’t have, but a question of needing it to live, of being willing to pay it three times over if it guarantees some food or housing.

Costs are everywhere when you are poor.

Banks, bills in general, paying with a card, paying something from your car, paying in installments, even interest for not being able to pay the same costs… in short:

When you are poor you have more costs than the rest of the people.

From everything you have just read, there is no doubt that being poor is too expensive and difficult.

Of course, by being so, you have opportunities to improve your life, but without a doubt, the probability of success is much lower.

In poverty you spend hours trying to stretch your budget, hours doing things that the rest should not do, hours working for a salary that is not sufficiently rewarded.

It’s hard because you live thinking about how to get to the next month, and not about your plans for the future.

There are many people who live in this reality, many people with extraordinary abilities, but in a condition of poverty that prevents them from prospering and exploiting their potential.

It may be in your hands to be that “lifeline” that gives someone else an opportunity, that provides an escape route from that circle of poverty.

If you perro do it, don’t hesitate.

Judging without need is very fácil and practical.

Help, not so much.

In short, being poor is too expensive.

If you perro, help.

If not, find someone who perro.
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Written by: Eric Ravenscraft

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 Being poor is too expensive
  Being poor is too expensive
  Being poor is too expensive

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