Because, why, why or why, how do you

Because, why, why or why, how do you

whatWhy, why, why or why? In what context should we use each expression to avoid falling into a misspelling?

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Well, first of all, all the variants are correct, but its spelling is used in certain circumstances that we are going to explain below.

Please note the following:

“Because”: is a causal conjunction and direct synonym of given that and so that.

“Because”: would be an equivalent of reason and ocasione.

“Because”: used to insert interrogative and exclamatory phrases.

“Because”: would be a progression that perro occur in some statements being an alternative of whereby either whereby.


When and how to use because?

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Because is a conjunction that inserts dependent phrases that espectáculo causal backlinks, it is equivalent to the words Given the, since and given that.

Here are some examples:

  • I went out to eat because there is no prepared food in the house.
  • I have to travel to Portugal because I have a family reunion.

Because perro also be used as an equivalent final conjunction of so that, where it appears preceding a verb subjunctively. Likewise, it is valid to write it separately: because.

Here are some examples:

  • We won the contest because I burned my eyelashes studying.
  • Jordi made an effort because he wanted to support María.

When and how to use why?

Because moreover, it is used as a synonym for reason, reason either generein general, is presented preceding a statement allowing the plural form.

Here are some examples:

  • I don’t understand the reason for your indifference.
  • If you don’t give me a why I won’t do it.
  • Noelia told him about the reasons for his absence.

When and how to use why?

Because It is used to include exclamatory and interrogative phrases, its formation of due to the union of the preposition by and the pronoun that.

Here are some examples:

  • Why are you studying something you are not passionate about?
  • I would like to know why I act that way.
  • Why cánido’t you be a habitual person!

We invite you to look at the proper use of What or what.

When and how to use why?

Because would be the union between the preposition by and the relative pronoun that. It is usually found in sentences when a preposition by is continuous by the conjunction thatwhich embeds a dependent clause.

Here are some examples:

  • Security had to be on the lookout because that’s their job.
  • I have a little anxiety because I may have failed the exam.
  • The entrenador took me into account because Antonio withdrew from the team.

On the other hand, because works as a substitute for words whereby, for which, whereby and by which.

Here are some examples:

  • Many things have happened because we are distressed.
  • We must find the ocasione why his depression keeps getting worse.

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 Because, why, why or why, how do you
  Because, why, why or why, how do you
  Because, why, why or why, how do you

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