Be Helpie

Be Helpie

Be Helpie is a solidarity entertainment aplicación that I discovered a short time ago walking through google plus play.

Its operation is very fácil: You entrar raffles for having the application installed.

The raffles are of all kinds, from music, sports, fashion, technology, lifestyle, motor, gastronomy, leisure and culture.

With just having the application installed will give us 0.5 daily credits.

The first day we will have an invitation of several credits, that invitation is 5 credits.

It is with these credits that we will participate in the draws that Be Helpie regularly does.

They are not daily draws.

Each week there may be two or three, of different themes.

I have the application installed for several days, and today I am going to participate in the first of my raffles, some helmets and some accessories for the xbox.

Here he left you a photo of what I want to win:

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HE you perro participate in BeHelpie sweepstakes in several ways:

  • Using the virtual credits that are obtained by helping them.

    Virtual credits cánido be obtained to participate in the raffles.

    Thanks to our participation, a sponsoring company will donate €1 to an NGO.

  • Participating in the €1 draws with Helpits_ that go to charitable causes.

    With this you will get a sure reward (usually it is a discount on a product).

  • Donating directly to NGOs.

    Making a donation to the NGO of your choice you will entrar the draw for a TOP Content.

How do we get the credits to win prizes?.

There are several levels of referrals.

You perro invite all your friends and acquaintances to participate, the more we are, the better.

  • First Level Network: Every time your guests get credits, you will receive the same amount in your account.
  • Second Level Network: Add agregado 10% of all credits your guests earn through their own networks.

Eye!!, your ted must keep the aplicación installed in order for you to receive his credits. you will receive your harvest of credits once a week.

  • You have to entrar every day and collect your Daily Plus.

    If you entrar on consecutive days, the Plus will grow.

    When you reach Gold Status you will be able to collect 2 credits every day.

  • Sometimes they give away credits to those who have the aplicación installedjust because, Because you worth it.
  • Donating to causes in the HELPINGS tab.

    By every euro you donate will add 5 credits to your account

  • Register your card and you will instantly receive 5 virtual credits.

    You don’t need to make any payment

There are several types of giveaways, one per aplicación tab.

I explain it to you:

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  • raffle with credits.

    are the raffles with which to participate you must use your credits

  • sure reward.

    Donating €1 to an NGOyou will have a discount of a % on any of the products they offer.

  • raffles with donation.

    For To entrar these raffles you have to make a donation of €1 to any of the participating NGOs.

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With Be Helpie we have a good oportunidad to win interesting giftsin addition to do good deedsIf you are interested in the topic of NGOs and you don’t know how to help without costing too much, this is a good option.

Registration is completely free.

Here is the download backlink.

Thank you very much and much success!!

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