UPDATE 02/12/2018

The prizes have dropped, you also have to have active referrals for at least three days to be able to collect. The latest updates sound to me like the tail of a page that is going to end soon. I stop recommending it

Hot Sunday, my friends! Today I have left the house a little, the pools have not been inaugurated and there is no beach in my town. Therefore, I take advantage of the time and I come to talk about Baymack. Baymack is a page that will not give entries for a daily rafflewith various prizes, which perro range from 100 to 25 dollars, always depending on the participants.

Baymack is a first cousin of Snuckls (they are from the same company), you perro read the last articulo I published about Snuckls herewith all its changes and news.

If you know Snuckls and you know how it works, then you know in a high percentage how Baymack works. Us they will give participations for a raffleAs I have told you, the draw will depend on the number of participants. Today Sunday, there are not too many. Therefore, the main prize is 25 dollars. Here you see a screenshot of my backoffice.

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As you cánido see in the image, there are various prizes. The minimum withdrawal is $0.20, you pay for PayPal or Amazon cards (depending on the country, it is one amount or another for the card).

The theme is fácil for every five vídeos watched you will get a participation in the raffle. These vídeos will vary in their theme, they are music vídeos and we will have to guess if they are Rap, HipHop, Pop, Rock or another theme.

If we get it right, every five hits we will get a participation in the raffle. This at first seems complicated, but as you get the hang of it, it’s extremely fácil.

From the sixth participation, from five hits we will drop to two hits for each participation in the raffle, with which we will advance faster.

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To see the vídeos, you must press “Entrar Draw”, a green button with which you will go to the vídeo section. While you watch the vídeos you perro be doing other things, such as making PTC ads, studying, watching televisión, or whatever you want.

Registration is by invitation and through our Fb account. You perro register totally free here.

As you cánido imagine, there are also referrals. It has seven levels and is unlimited. We will win:

  • 50% of what our first level referrals earn
  • 10% of what our referrals earn from level 2 to 5
  • of the last two levels we will earn 5% of your benefits


Baymack It is a very interesting platform that pays to win money every day, we just have to have a little luck, if you are one of those who hit the lottery, this is your game. Agregado it’s totally free!!

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And nothing more to add, encourage you to participate in these raffles, since, the more we are, the greater the prizes. Greetings friends!!

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