Battle Traders | Trading Game to WIN

Battle Traders | Trading Game to WIN

Battle Traders is an addictive free game of trading with which you cánido earn free BTC. The dynamics of the game is very fácil, since it consists of predicting if the price of BTC will go up or down in a certain period of time. And the participants who do the best in each tournament get the so-called Battle Points (BP) as a reward. The most interesting thing is that, in addition to being a lot of fun, it is one of the games to earn free bitcoin funniest there is. As we win tournaments or get well positioned, we accumulate BP on the cómputo sheet. BP that we cánido exchange for BTC. Sounds good doesn’t it?

What is Battle Traders?

Battle Traders has been created by Javier and David, two passionate about cryptocurrency trading. After several years using exchangers and brokers, they decided to create a joint project with the aim that all those who wanted to entrar the world of trading did not have to pay for courses or register with any broker. Battle Traders, has been raised with a long-term visión, since they want to grow exponentially and improve the game, which is currently in its launch phase.

From the usuario point of view, Battle Traders cánido be more than just a game. Let it be clear that no one is going to cover. No matter how expert you are. Nor is he going to become the best trader in the world. However, I do believe that the most neophytes and those with little experience perro take advantage of the game to learn and gain experience trading. Without going any further, that is what I am doing. I play to learn and, if possible, I will be making payments in BTC whenever possible.

How to sign up for Battle Traders

At Battle Traders we cánido participate in tournaments in two ways: as guests or by creating our own account. If we play with a guest account, it will only serve us to test the game, since if we win a tournament they won’t give us BP. So my recommendation is play from the beginning with our personal account.

Registration in Battle Traders is completely free. If you want, you cánido clic on the button below, which will take you directly to the cover of the game. Once there, clic on the green button that says Play Now and we will get the classic registration form. We have two options: register with our Google plus account or provide another dirección de correo electrónico. We select the modality that interests us the most, we accept the TOS and the Privacy Policy, and we clic on “Register”.

Ultimately, we will only have to verify the account. Whether we have registered with Google plus or with another correo electrónico, Battle Traders will send us a verification correo electrónico. In the content of this correo electrónico we will see a backlink. To verify the account, all you have to do is clic on that backlink and wait for it to redirect you to the game. From now on our account will be operational and we will be able to register in tournaments and start trading. In addition, the game gives us a 500 BP plus when we register. So if everything went well, those 500 BP should appear on your cómputo.

One Battle Point is equal to $0.002. The minimum to request a payment is $5, which in exchange is 25,000 BP.

Update – Battle Traders has added a series of conditions in which it forces the usuario to invest in other platforms in order to withdraw. For this reason, it is no longer a free site so I stop recommending the site and remove all backlinks from the blog.

How Battle Traders works

One of the things I like most about Battle Traders is how practical everything is. The sections that exist are just and necessary, and the highlight is the graph that espectáculos us the price of BTC in real time. To situate ourselves a little better, I am going to explain in the first place all sections of the game. And then, we will see how to open and close a position, how to earn BP in tournaments, how to request a withdrawal, etcétera.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice. In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest. Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research. For more information do clic here.

The game dashboard is always the same. It does not change. And basically three elements stand out: the left-hand drop-down menu, the top menu and the central graph (chart).

Dropdown menu

In this drop-down menu we will find those sections that are not necessary to participate or play a game. Our personal data, the cómputo in BP, means to contact Battle Traders, etcétera.

usuario profile » Dirección de correo electrónico address with which we have registered and possible password change.

Battle Points » Battle Points cómputo and history with the last gains in BP that we have obtained. In this section also we will ask for payments in BTC.

Referrals » In this tab we will find our backlink to refer other people. For every person who joins the game with our backlink and plays 15 tournaments, we will earn 1000 plus BP.

Popular » Direct backlinks to popular networks and Battle Traders support correo electrónico. As far as Telegram is concerned, a chat in Spanish and another in English.

FAQ » Extract with the most recurring questions and answers about the game.

Legal » Backlinks to TOS and Privacy Policy.

Logout » And finally, if we clic here, we will close the session.

Best menu

From this menu, unlike in the previous one, we will find all the necessary sections to continue the evolution of a tournament and our performance in the game.

Game position and cómputo » When we are participating in a tournament, here we will see the money we have won or lost (profit) and the position we occupy in the player top.

Finish in » All tournaments last 5 minutes. The timer espectáculos us how much is left until the end of the current tournament.

Users in Short and Long » The green arrow marks the number of jugadores who believe that the BTC price will go up. And in red the jugadores who believe that it will go down.

Tiques » To obtain or buy entry to a tournament, whether it is free or paid.

Winners and prizes » Top by names of all tournament participants and prizes obtained each depending on their final position.

Statistics and personal history » Information about the tournaments in which we have participated and the positions in which we have finished.

How to trade in Battle Traders

Now that we know all the features of Battle Traders, it’s time to start playing. The first thing we will need is buy a ticket that gives us access to a tournament. And later, participate in it. From there, we will have to open and close positions forecasting if the BTC price will go down or up in the next few seconds.

Before accessing a tournament, we cánido characterize the chart in the way that best suits us. If we clic on the + that is seen in the upper corner, we cánido choose that the candles are from 1 second to 15 minutes. The ideal for this type of game is to configure the graphics with 1 second or 5 second candles. No more. As for the moving average, the game gives us the option to put or remove the two trend indicators that are available.

When we have the chart configured to our liking, we will be ready to participate in the tournaments.

Buy tiques to tournaments

To participate in tournaments we will need a Ticket that allows us access. These Tiques cánido be purchased from the menu section with the drawing of a ticket. There they will espectáculo us the tournaments that are available at this moment, the participants that are in each tournament and the cost of entry.

To buy a Ticket is as easy as clicking on Buy. if we buy a Ticket for the free tournament will not charge us BP. And if we buy a ticket for a paid tournament, we will pay the price of the entry with the BP that we have in the cómputo.

Open and close positions in BattleTraders

Already inside the tournament, we have five minutes to make all trades that we want The objective is to open as many positions as possible and close them profitably. To open a position we cánido choose that the BTC price will go up or that the BTC price will go down.

If we believe that the price will go up, we will clic on “long”. And if we think that she is going to go down, in “Shorts”. Thus, the position will remain open and we cánido close it when we see fit. The ideal is close all trades with profit, but it is practically impossible due to the volatility of the BTC market. For this reason, the key is to be as precise as possible when opening a position… and especially when closing it.

End of the tournament and distribution of prizes

As soon as time runs out and the tournament ends, a window will pop up with our final position. Also, we espectáculo profit or loss that we have generated during the tournament. And in the case of having been in a good position, the prize in BP that corresponds to us.

For a few seconds, just after the end of the tournament, we cánido check the top to find out the result of the other jugadores. In the screenshot above I have crossed out the real usernames and left the “Bots” without crossing out I have done it to explain that when there is not a sufficient number of participants in a tournament, the vacant places are filled by those bots. As shown in the top, these bots They are not perfect, nor are they programmed to win tournaments.. His behavior is errant, like that of a person.

Another option to get BP is to complete one of the campaigns that the game cánido promote in the future.

Battle Traders pays and is reliable

And the million dollar question… Does Battle Traders pay or not pay? Well I cánido confirm that if you pay. And it does so to any wallet that emplees the Lighting Network. From the game itself, they recommend the Wallet of Satoshi aplicación to receive payments. That they use this payment method is not on a whim. In fact, Lighting Network offers a higher degree of security. And as far as the aplicación is concerned, It is free, allows instant transactions between users and applies exaggeratedly low fees. So Battle Traders saves a pretty penny by sending us the payment. and us we receive the full amount a Wallet of Satoshi.

From Wallet of Satoshi we cánido carry out a transaction and send this money to our BTC wallet major.

The minimum amount to request a payment is 25,000 BP. Which is equivalent to $5 in BTC. we already know that the value of BTC fluctuatesso those $5 will orinan more or less satoshi depending on the price at which BTC trades.

How to request a payment

To request a payment in Battle Traders we need to have two things: 25,000 BP and have an LN wallet. In my case, I have followed the game’s recommendations and downloaded Wallet of Satoshi. As soon as we have this in order, we will proceed as follows:

1. The first thing we will do is go to the section “Battle Points” and clic on “Request Withdrawal”.

2. Next we will be asked to send an correo electrónico to the contact dirección de correo electrónico with our nickname in the game, the amount of BP we want to collect and the address of our LN wallet. If we use the Wallet of Satoshis aplicación, we will first have to verify our account. Once done, we will find the address of the BTC wallet by clicking on +Receive and going to the tab with the lightning symbol.

3. To finish, we wait for the payment confirmation dirección de correo electrónico to arrive and within a maximum period of 24 hours we will receive the satoshis in our wallet. In my case, I have exchanged 45,160 BP for $9 in BTC.

Main Features of Battle Traders

We already know how the game works, so let’s discuss the main features of Battle Traders. In my opinion, the most important are these:

✅ Battle Traders is a game that allows us to learn, earn bitcoin and have fun. There are dozens of real money exchangers and brokers that offer the possibility to trade with play money and test the service at no cost. However, despite the fact that we are talking about a game here, it also offers us the possibility of trading with play money… but also has the incentive that we cánido earn free bitcoin.

✅ We must bear in mind that we are talking about a free game. And consequently, get a payment requires perseverance, playing many games and, why not say it, having some luck. It should also be mentioned that in free tournaments you win much less BP than in paid tournaments. Although the payment tournaments imply risking the BP that we have saved. There everyone will have to escoge where they shoot.

✅ Battle Traders support it’s excellent. I myself have written several times asking about gaming issues and they have always treated me with luxury. So if you have any questions, they will give you a cable with everything you need.

✅ It is possible to play Battle Traders from mobile and from PC. In fact, the game is adapted for mobile like a charm. Both for Android (vía Google chrome) and iOS (vía Safari). you perro even “Add to Home Screen” a shortcut to the game.

The Battle Traders referral system perro give us a good boost when it comes to earning plus BP. In my case, it has helped me get my first payout in the game.

Battle Trader Reviews

What else perro I add about Battle Traders? In my view, we are facing a game that really gives us the oportunidad to earn free bitcoin for trading. And without having to assume any financial risk. Also, as I said at the beginning, the fact of competing against other people helps us to learn. Knowing how to decipher what the candlesticks and trend indicators indicate, which is not easy at all and requires many hours of learning.

Thanks to Battle Traders we will be able to improve our trading skills without investing anything and we will have the option of winning satoshis in each tournament.

After verifying that Battle Traders pays and is reliableI have added it to the list free games to win real money. Until now, she had blogged about games of many different themes. Free sports betting, mining, mini-games, scratch cards, strategy games, etcétera. But it had been a long time since I had seen a game about trading that allowed us to earn BTC, and the truth is that this one has pleasantly surprised me. If you like trading with BTC, I’m sure you’ll like this game… And be very careful that it engages. See you at the tournaments!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea. All freecompletely reliable and for everyone. Do you want to know me better? Here you cánido see more about me.

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 Battle Traders |  Trading Game to WIN
  Battle Traders |  Trading Game to WIN
  Battle Traders |  Trading Game to WIN

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