Banks without commissions | The best

Banks without commissions | The best

If you have reached this humble article it is because you are looking for information about en línea banksprobably out of curiosity or because you are seriously thinking about hiring the services of one of them.

What you will find here is information about some banking entities that work en línea, a compilation of the ones that offer the best conditions to their clients, and I must tell you that I myself am a client of one of them, therefore here you will find information about first hand.

More and more of us trust en línea banking to the detriment of conventional banking, and there are many factors that force us to do so.

To begin with, comfort, since thanks to current technology, we perro access our money from anywhere and at any time, without having to go to any branch.

It is true that most, if not all, banks already have the possibility of operating en línea, but not all of them offer the same advantages, which is why I am only going to offer you information on the most beneficial and comfortable banks for daily use. , most of them will not charge you any type of commission, either for opening, closing, or withdraw money from any ATMnot to mention that they will not ask you for a salary to have an active account with them.

The best en línea banks

There is a wide variety of en línea banks today, the list that I leave you below deals with banks that I use personally.

They are currently the leading platforms in terms of en línea banking, since tedious paperwork is not necessary to open an account, they do not charge commissions, they perro be managed directly from the mobile or PC and what is even better, some of They have promotions where we are going to earn money for the fácil fact of becoming a customer.

Name: N26 Bank
German bank with a European license, works with a Spanish or German IBAN (to choose), allows you to make changes between a multitude of currencies at a much lower price than conventional banks.

Probably the best en línea bank at the moment, since it offers a multitude of advantages to its clients, always free of commissions.

Name: Bankia account_ON
Traditional bank but with a forceful and determined commitment to en línea banking.

Thanks to your ON account we cánido access great advantages.

Forget commissions of any kind, free debit card, no payroll (If you domicile it, you get €80 free), free ATM withdrawals, free transfers and much more.

Name: BNeXT
We are before the bank not bank.

You only need a mobile to manage your money with total freedom and free of commissions.

No hidden costs, free VISA debit card, free ATM withdrawals worldwide, €10 free for activating the cardfull control over it and much more.

Name: EVO Smart Account
One of the pioneers in this en línea banking.

It has several interesting features, such as its automatic saving system.

Zero fees, free VISA debit and credit card, free transfers, free withdrawals at more than 16,000 ATMs, automatic savings system for more than €3,000.

Name: revolt
Mobile account with a European license that today has more than 7 million users thanks to its interesting features.

I manage 100% from the Aplicación, 0 commissions, both physical and virtual prepaid card, real-time notifications and cryptocurrency exchange among many other things.

Name: BBVA En línea Account
One of the most important traditional banks with the greatest presence in the world.

Now also available in its en línea version.

Using the card 3 times a month we will have an account without commissions, free transfers (European Union), add other banks to your application.

No need for payroll or receipts.

How do these banks survive?

It is clear that like any company, banks have to make money, otherwise there would be no business.

These en línea banks that do not charge any commission are maintained above all thanks to the money that we have deposited in our respective accounts.

All banks, even the conventional ones, manage our money to generate profitability with it, they do not leave it stored raising cobwebs.

In this way they earn a good return for each usuario who deposits money into their account.

Banks invest your money

Each bank has a group of financial experts who move users’ money on different platforms, not counting the money generated by mortgages, various loans, insurance products, broker services, and much more.

As you cánido see, the banks do not have the problems that we have to reach the end of the month.

What is fintech technology

I am sure that more than once you have heard or seen the word fintech, it is possible that by now you already know very well what the subject is about, if not, calm down, I will tell you in a moment what this is about.

A fintech is a company or application that emplees the latest developments in financial technology, a technology that allows anyone to access certain services such as loans, transfers, investments, access to cryptocurrencies, etcétera., without the need to be a customer of any bank and completely free.

Goin, a successful fintech

We have the best example of the success of fintech technology in a Spanish savings application that has become a boom.

If you want to know more about Goin, I invite you to visit the article What we wrote about her.

Final opinion about en línea banks

With the hectic life that we lead today, we no longer have time for anything, so going to the bank to update the passbook or do any other procedure has become little less than an impossible mission, to this we must add that the office hours do not help in the least.

It is for this and for many other things that en línea banking is eating the toast of conventional banking.

Being able to carry out any procedure, be it a transfer, withdraw money or simply check the cómputo from our own mobile phone, is an advance and a comfort that is difficult to resist.

To all this we must add that this type of bank does not charge commissions of any kind, so in the end everything is an advantage.

That is why I personally decided a long time ago to abandon conventional banking and not equipo foot in an office.

what do i need a loan? I have many en línea entities that are dedicated to this, in fact they are much faster than a bank.

What do I need to look at my cómputos? I go into the application of my bank or in fintonic to see all my accounts at a glance.

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 Banks without commissions |  The best
  Banks without commissions |  The best
  Banks without commissions |  The best

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