Banks that do not charge commissions to communities

Banks that do not charge commissions to communities

In a building or urbanization it is usual to create a specific bank account to manage community expenses. There, the residents deposit the community tax to be able to pay taxes, fixed expenses and others that may arise.

Although these accounts are usually managed by an agency, all neighbors share ownership and responsibility for the account.

In this sense, the community will be in charge of choosing the bank with which they will operate and, as we already know, no one is exempt from paying commissions, not even the community of neighbors.

However, there is banks willing to offer this service without charging commissions and here we are going to tell you what they are.

Obtain a zero commission account for a community of neighbors

Like the rest of the bank accounts, it is very likely that an account for a neighborhood association has commissions. Although it depends on each entity:

  • some go from just 30 euros
  • Others perro exceed 300 euros

Within this type of accounts, the commissions for issuing receipts to each neighbor so that they pay the community fee each month are common. That is why, find a bank account that provides guarantees and long-term security and does not hide surprise commissions It is a key step when managing a community of neighbors with efficiency.

Below you cánido find some of the best options for those who need to share a bank account of a community of neighbors. But, it should be clarified that these types of accounts cannot be opened 100% en línea.

The reason is that, to manage a bank account for a community of owners, as it is a personalized product adapted to each situation, the signature of the owner of the community will be required as well as other members of the group or commission.

Liberbank, offers en línea accounts for neighborhood communities

Liberbank’s SIN en línea account is ideal for a community of neighbors since it You do not need to direct payroll to be able to open it. Besides:

  • It does not have commissions or maintenance, or administration, or for making ordinary transfers.

Perro open up en línea without the need to go to the entity and all operations perro be done through the mobile aplicación, payments, transfers, etcétera.

BBVA en línea account, allows you everything through a TDD without commission

The BBVA Fee-Free En línea Account is the flagship product of this bank. thought solely and exclusively for new bank customersit has practically no connection requirements and all the operations cánido be carried out through the Internet.

  • Without administration or maintenance commissions or for making national transfers.

Likewise, it offers 4,500 ATMs throughout the national territory and the mobile banking service, with multiple functionalities that make it one of the best positioned financial aplicaciones of the current banking landscape.

Sabadell, manage the funds of your neighborhood community without concern

The Expansión del Sabadell Account is a company account, so its contractual model is adapted to the accounting of legal entities. AND It is aimed exclusively at communities of owners.

Although it must be made clear that, in principle It is a commission-free account that perro be managed completely en línea. The final contract will be the one that outlines the specific conditions for your community account and may have commissions

However, this is one of the few specific products in Spain for those looking to manage the accounting of their community of owners. Well offers concrete conditions and even community protection insurance.

Other options to have a bank account for a neighborhood community

Rural savings banks are usually a more than interesting alternativesince they are used to adapting their accounts to this type of service. And in some cases, they tend to have lower commissions than banks. Caja Rural, Ibercaja, Cajamar and Unicaja are some alternatives.

However, It is best to make several inquiries and compare. Getting the best account for neighborhood communities will depend to a large extent on what each entity is willing to offer you and what linking requirements it demands.

Many times you cánido take advantage of the benefits of a personal account without commissions. From which it is possible to enjoy all its benefits depending on the especial needs that our community demands.

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 Banks that do not charge commissions to communities
  Banks that do not charge commissions to communities
  Banks that do not charge commissions to communities

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