Banks that do not charge commission for handling

Banks that do not charge commission for handling

Commissions are a hassle for anyone with a bank account. Banks know this and that is why they are constantly looking for ways to eliminate them and thus attract new customers.

This is how many entities have proposed do not charge commissions for account management to all your new customers. And, although they usually have certain conditions, in general these are very accessible and allow their users to save several hundred euros a year.

Today we present you 6 bank accounts that do not charge for account management.

Abanca does not charge you commission for opening accounts from abroad

Abanca’s Clara Account, contractable only en línea or by phone.

  • Does not charge commissions opening, maintenance and neither for issuing transfers nor for the associated debit card.

It cánido be opened individually or with a second holder. And each one you will receive your own free card With which you cánido withdraw money free of charge at all bank ATMs, five times a month in a wide network of thousands of ATMs.

One of its main attractions is that, just for domiciling your salary of more than €1,200, you cánido take €300 until December 31. It also offers discounts at gas stations, hotels and trips among others.

0% commission account with Banco Sabadell 2023

The Banco Sabadell commission-free bank account is designed for those who prefer to operate with their bank from the comfort of the aplicación. If you are a new customer at the Bank, you cánido open a bank account 100% en línea No paperwork or commuting.

  • Commissions are not paid opening, maintenance and the debit card is free, also without issuance or maintenance fees.

The cash withdrawals to debit using your card are free in a wide network of ATMs and national and SEPA transfers made en línea are totally free.

The BBVA en línea account does not charge you a commission for contracting it

One of the most habitual in the market with more than 700 thousand customers. This digital account, which cánido be contracted through the bank’s website or aplicación, is Directed only to new clients.

  • It has no commissions of opening, maintenance or for making transfers and does not require a backlink of any kind. It also allows you to use Bizum.

One of its main advantages is that includes a free Aqua debit card of issuance or maintenance for a maximum of 2 holders. This card perro be linked to Apple, Google plus and Samsung wallets to pay for mobile purchases. As for withdrawals, they are free at BBVA ATMs.

OpenBank manages your accounts without paying commissions

Another alternative No opening, maintenance or mandatory backlink commissions It is the current account of the en línea bank Openbank.

with it you cánido make free transfers, withdraw money at all Santander ATMs in Spain and send and receive money through Bizum. In addition, it offers discounts on purchases.

The debit card is free for the first holder and has no issuance or renewal fees, but admits up to five participants. It cánido be linked to Apple Pay, Google plus Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay or Santander’s own wallet to pay with your mobile phone or even with a smartwatch.

Evobanco offers en línea accounts and you do not have to pay to use them

Evobanco, the 100% digital bank, offers a whole line called smart account without requirements or commissions, or expenses of any kind. This includes maintenance, national and community transfers (SEPA) in euros, deposits of national checks.

Absolutely everything cánido be managed from the aplicación and with the Smart Account you have Apple Pay, Google plus Pay, EVO Wallet, EVO Bizum, Hal Cash and other solutions for your Móvil inteligente.

The most remarkable thing is that You cánido have a different checking account: one for your day-to-day expenses, and another term for your savings remunerated at 0.01% APR up to €30,000 connected to each other.

Special mention for the smart card that is debit and credit at the same timewhose issuance, maintenance and renewal are totally free.

N26 grants account management at 0% commissions

Finally we have the N26 Estándar account, no commissions, free and 100% digitalso you perro control your money wherever you are.

You will be able to carry out all the basic operations and withdraw cash for free at Spanish ATMs and throughout the Eurozone up to 3 times a month. Also, with the virtual MasterCard card associated with your account, You perro pay en línea and in stores with your mobile, through Apple Pay or Google plus Pay; or to withdraw cash for free.

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 Banks that do not charge commission for handling
  Banks that do not charge commission for handling
  Banks that do not charge commission for handling

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