Bananatic: Win prizes by playing for free

Bananatic: Win prizes by playing for free

Bananatic is a page that ensures us hours and hours of en línea fun thanks to its hundreds of free games.

Not only that, this page has a rewards system with which we will have the option of getting a series of gifts for the fácil fact of using the web and perform fácil tasks.

And it is that we are facing a reliable and secure platform, however it has been en línea since 2015and since then it has been paying users without any problem.

Undoubtedly one of the highlights is that it is a page valid for all countries, and available in several languages, including Spanish.

Although the page in question has many different sections, the truth is that it is very easy to navigate through it, in a few minutes we will know how to handle it without problems, in any case, if you still have any difficulties, don’t worry because we are going to give it an exhaustive review .

How to complete the registration in Bananatic

Getting started with Banantic is fácil, fast and completely free.

We are only going to have to access the web from hereand then clic on the button REGISTER NOW.

The registration option will open, we cánido complete it using Fb, Google plus Agregado or an correo electrónico.

If you have chosen the latter, we will go to our dirección de correo electrónico where we will have to clic on the validation backlink that will be sent to you.

“You may have to look in the contenido publicitario folder to find the correo electrónico, at least that’s what I had to do in my case”.

name your hero

The next step will be to name our hero.

You have to name the doll with which we will evolve in our journey through the web, then we mark our gender and finally we confirm.

How to start making money on Bananatic

To get prizes in Bananatic we are going to have to accumulate bananas, which are nothing more than a kind of virtual points that we cánido later exchange for gifts.

We are going to review one by one the available methods to get bananas, each of them perro be found in the main menu of the web.

game tasks

It is the option where we cánido get the most bananas for the minimum effort, as well as one of the most fun.

When entering Game Tasks we will find a wide range of games separated by categories, we just have to find the one we want and start the fun.

Example of registration in a game

When we mark one, we will be able to vea the number of bananas that we are going to get in total as we move forward in it.

For example, in the game AION the number of bananas that we cánido get in total amounts to 800, as long as we successfully complete all the tasks separately.

load bananas

This is a section that I am not going to make much use of… we are going to be able to charge our bananas by buying a quantity of them through one of the allowed payment processors.


They are the typical walls of offers that we perro find in many other pages to earn money on the Internet. walls like AdGate Redwards either wannadswhere we are going to get bananas by watching vídeos, filling out surveys, etcétera.

offer walls

To access the walls of available offers, you just have to choose a Box among the many available and press the button go to offerthe wall will open with all the available options.

fun zone

It will surely become one of your favorite options when it comes to getting bananas.

It is an area of ​​free flash games, where we will be able to play on the web without a time limit.

Examples of flash games

You may wonder how it is possible to earn money playing for free, simply thanks to advertising.

And it is that when we are playing and having fun with these games, from time to time an advertisement will skip us, the more advertisements we see, the more bananas we are going to get.

Buy in friendly stores

Bananatic has its own store (, where we cánido benefit from its cash back.

And it is that for every euro spent they will reward us with 4 bananas.


We perro increase our bananas using the Bananatic referral system.

A system with which we are going to receive the 10% of what each of them earns during 300 days.

We will also receive 25 bananas and 25 experience for each active usuario as a gift.

Anyone who has at least 500 experience points and 300 bananas is considered an active usuario.

A series of prizes are also distributed monthly through a contest among the users who get the most referrals.

2nd prize: 1,000 bananas1st prize: 1,500 bananas

from 4th to 10th prize: 100 bananas3rd prize: 500 bananas

download aplicación

With Bananatic we will have the option of getting prizes wherever we are thanks to its mobile application.

The aplicación is freely available for Android and IOS devices.

Download the Bananatic aplicación

Popular networks

Here we will find the popular networks where Bananatic is present, we will be given free bananas for following or liking posts.

Level of Experience

As I have mentioned before, in Bananatic we are going to manage a character or hero with whom we are going to get experience as we progress on the web.

The more experience we accumulate, the easier it will be for our character to get bananas.


This section is especially good if you have a blog or a Youtube channelsince we will be rewarded for each article or vídeo created talking about one of the Bananatic games.

Bananatic Prize Catalog

In section Store we have the extensive catalog of prizes available at Bananatic.

To see them we have to do it through the following map:

prize map

On the map we have access to the following prizes:

Games and prepaid: Steam, Minecraft, PaySafeCard, Spy Chameleon, Pixel Piracy, PlayStation Network, CSGO, etcétera.

game cómputo: Cómputo for games like League of Legends among others.

parts and peripherals.

Gif Cards: Fb, Amazon, Spotify, Zalando, etcétera.

Amazon Gift Cards: 5, 10, 15 and 20 euros.

How to get cheaper prizes in Bananatic

Bananatic has a betting system called Bananabet.

This system allows us to get prizes at a much lower price than those in the store.

To do this, all you have to do is go to the map of the catalog and clic on the prizes you want to win.

Amazon Awards

Then instead of clicking on Get we do it on Bet.

To give an example, if we want to get 10 euros on Amazon, its cost in bananas would be 5,000, while in the bet option we would only have to pay 300.

Of course, we will have to entrar a raffle among several web users.


Few pages except for a few counted as cánido be the case of botemania, offer just as much fun as Bananatic.

The difference is that the latter does it for free, since we are not going to spend a single penny on it.

In addition, another big difference is that it has absolutely no country restrictions, so you won’t have to worry about receiving a future prize.

In short, we are facing a highly recommended page in all aspects.

I hope it helps you to earn some money or just to have a good time.

Of course, if there is something that is not clear to you, you cánido let me know through a comment.

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 Bananatic: Win prizes by playing for free
  Bananatic: Win prizes by playing for free
  Bananatic: Win prizes by playing for free

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