Bananatic: make money playing en línea

Bananatic: make money playing en línea

Bananatic: generate money by playing en línea easily, it is a page that will be paying you a very good amount of money in a quite fácil way and simply by playing.

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Bananatic: make money playing en línea easily, basically by playing you will have the opportunity to earn a very good amount of income with different different games and the best thing is that it works anywhere in the world.

Next we will see the step by step of this fácil method to earn money en línea easily and the page that we will use is:

What is bananatic?

Bananatic is a platform created in 2015, in Florida, United States; whose main objective is to provide people with the possibility of generating plus income from the comfort of their home, playing various types of games or doing other activities.

It emplees a scoring system called “bananas”.

We cánido exchange these bananas for real money once we have reached the minimum limit.

It has Paypal and Amazon checks as the main means of payment, although it offers a broader catalog of prizes.

The general concept of the page is striking and easy to understand; since the iniciativa is to obtain the greatest amount of bananas to later exchange them for different prizes available such as:

  • PayPal
  • Gift cards
  • cómputo
  • Skins

For its part, the website is completely translated into Spanish and it is possible to access it from any country, in addition, its registration is free and does not require more requirements than an dirección de correo electrónico.

The platform will pay us for completing various tasks, for example:

  • Play games
  • download aplicaciones
  • Watch vídeos and ads
  • To complete free en línea surveys.

  • It also has a referral system that pays $1 for each referral.

  • recording vídeos
  • writing articles

The platform has no geographical limitations.

Users from all over the world cánido earn money with it without any problem.

How to register in Bananatic?

Registration with Bananatic is completely free and available to users from anywhere in the world. Don’t have an account yet?, register now before reading on, this will make it easier for you to understand how Bananatic works.

It will only take you 30 seconds, the registration process is very fácil, You only have to entrar a valid dirección de correo electrónico.

After a few seconds you will receive an correo electrónico with a password and a backlink that you must clic to verify and activate your account.

For change the password that is sent to you by default All you have to do is entrar your account, clic on the gear icon in the upper right corner and access the ‘Your account settings‘.

There you will see a button called ‘CHANGE MY ACCOUNT PASSWORD‘.

Another available option is to create the account by linking your Fb either Google plus.

Download the aplicación and Earn more money with Bananatic

You cánido download the Bananatic Aplicación from the Google plus Play Store or from the Aplicación Store.

Through this application you cánido earn more money.

You will be able to do your common tasks from anywhere you are.

And through the aplicación you cánido earn bananas by downloading aplicaciones.

How does Bananatic work?

On this page you will have at your fingertips a A wide range of possibilities to win Bananas (points) that you perro exchange for fantastic prizes, money and/or gifts.

Bananatic’s operation is very fácil.

It is based on getting some virtual points called bananas that we perro later exchange for a wide variety of prizes.

How do you get these points?

There are 10 methods that we will find in the menu to earn bananas, for example:

Game tasks:

This is the main way to earn bananas within the page and also the most fun.

It’s about downloading a wide variety of free games and completing certain tasks in Bananatic: make money playing en línea easily.

There are a lot of categories (RPG, action, strategy, MMO, simulation, sports, fantasy, war, science-fiction, etcétera.), so fun is guaranteed, such as:

  • War Thunder, a war game of air combat equipo in the second world war.

    First of all, you would have to register and participate in a battle, which would earn you a medal, 220 experience, and unlock the second mission.

From there, you would have to complete the different missions (level up, reach a certain map, unlock objects, etcétera.), to get the following rewards.

In the case of this game, we could get a total of 1,080 bananas by completing all the tasks.

load bananas:

Bananas cánido be purchased directly from here through various payment processors.

As we want to win prizes completely free, we will not use this option.


Different offer walls (OfferToro, Personaly, AscendMedia, etcétera.), where you cánido get bananas by completing certain specific tasks.

Fun zone:

In this section we will find a lot of flash games that we cánido play directly from Bananatic’s own website.

As we go through the level in each of them, we will skip advertising ads to view.

The more ads viewed, the more bananas we will earn.

Buy in friendly stores:

Bananatic has a partner store called

Buying through it, we will receive 4 bananas for every euro spent.

It really is a cashback section.


Bananatic has a very interesting referral system.

We perro recommend the page to as many people as we want, there is no limit.

For every active usuario who has registered with our invite backlink, we will earn 25 bananas and 25 experience points.

Additionally, we will also earn 10% of the bananas you get during the first 300 days.

An active referral is considered to be one who has achieved at least 500 experience points and 300 bananas.

There is also a monthly contest, in which the people who get the most referrals will win additional bananas according to their position:

  • 1st → 1,500 bananas
  • 2nd → 1,000 bananas
  • 3rd → 500 bananas
  • From 4th to 10th → 100 bananas

Download aplicación:

Bananatic has an official application where you cánido get bananas with total comfort from anywhere.

The aplicación is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Popular networks:

In this section we will find the different popular networks in which Bananatic is present.

To earn additional points, all you have to do is perform the typical actions of sharing, following, liking, etcétera.

Level of Experience:

As in any MMO game, in Bananatic we have a virtual character that we cánido improve and increase in experience.

The higher it is, the more bananas we will earn by performing the different actions available.


This section has been recently added and it is quite interesting for all those who have a blog or a YouTube channel, since it allows you to earn many bananas by writing articles or recording vídeos about any of the games available on the platform.

This section is a kind of encyclopedia where the users write articles about games or record vídeo-tutorials in exchange for bananas.

  1. Basic level | 100 Bananas + 100 XP per item ⇒ To access and earn points in this way you must have unlocked at least 3 games and have completed 3 tasks.

    Once these requirements are completed, you will have access and you perro write a maximum of 10 articles.

  2. Premium Level| 200 Bananas + 200 XP per item ⇒ The best writers will have rewards.

    If you write quality articles and the administrators consider it appropriate, you will go up to this level and you cánido earn more bananas

  3. Master Level| 300 Bananas + 300 XP per item ⇒ Follow the rules when writing, provide quality content and be consistent.

    You may be one of the lucky few to reach this level.

Banana televisión:

Last section added to the web.

You get bananas by watching vídeos.

Bananabet: You bet your bananas:

Through the betting system you cánido get prizes and rewards at a much lower price through a lottery draw.

The system is easy.

All users cánido choose from the prize store buy direct O well luck it out.

If you escoge to try to get the prize through a bet, you must pay only a percentage, such as:

  • A €5 Amazon card whose direct and individual purchase price is 2,500 bananas, if a lottery opens with a capacity for 10 users, you must pay only 300 bananas to participate (if you pay attention, 300 x 10 users costs 3,000 bananas, lottery prizes have a slightly higher price as a whole)
  • If you are lucky, you will win a prize of 2,500 bananas for 300, if you are not lucky then you will have lost 300 bananas.

Therefore, this system allows us to get all the available prizes at a much lower price and the operation is very fácil when choosing a prize, it perro be bought directly for its real cost in bananas or cast by lot through a betting system .

The latter consists of paying for the prize a much lower price to later entrar a raffle with other users who have done the same.

Let’s give an example to understand it better.

Let’s imagine that we are going to exchange a prize of €5 for Amazon.

Its real cost is 2,500 bananas

If instead of acquiring it in the habitual way (by pressing the “Get” button), we do it through the “Bet” button, its cost will be only 300 bananas, although to achieve it we will have to entrar a raffle with other users.

Once the maximum number of jugadores allowed is reached, the draw will take place automatically and the prize will be assigned to the winner.

Rewards available in Bananatic:

Bananatic has a wide and varied catalog where you cánido redeem your accumulated bananas.

Also if you are a gamer I’m sure you’ll love some of the rewards.

  • money to your account PayPal from 2,500 bananas.
  • Gift cards for Amazon, Fb, iTunes, MediaMarkt, Steam, Spotify either Zalando from 2,500 bananas.
  • Cards to redeem paysafecard from 25,000 bananas.
  • random keys from games for steam from as little as 250 bananas.
  • weapon skins for the game CS:GO from 350 bananas.
  • cómputo for games like League of Legends or Wargaming from 25,000 bananas.
  • Games and prepaid: PaySafeCard, free steam codesSpy Chameleon, Pixel Piracy, CSGO, Minecraft, PlayStation Network, etcétera.
  • parts and peripherals.

payments through gift cards or credit cards you will normally receive them in about 48-72 hours.

For payments vía PayPal payments are made 15th day of the following month.

Does Bananatic Pay or is it Scam?

Yes, Bananatic pays.

It is a reliable platform that makes all your payments on time.

On the web you perro find multiple proofs of payment.

If you withdraw the money through Amazon, the payment could arrive up to two days after the request.

With Paypal, it perro take up to a month.

Positive and negative aspects of Bananatic:


  • Totally free page.
  • Available to users from all countries.
  • Several years working and paying without any problem.
  • Really good interfaz and completely in Spanish.
  • Wide variety of prizes available.
  • Ideal for jugadores and game lovers in general.
  • Good referral system.


  • Who does not like to play, will not like the web.

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 Bananatic: make money playing en línea
  Bananatic: make money playing en línea
  Bananatic: make money playing en línea

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