Bananatic: Earn money and prizes for playing

Bananatic: Earn money and prizes for playing

Learn how to earn money playing with Bananatic.

We teach you the various ways to earn money with this platform and everything you need to know to get the most out of it.

Bananatic is a paid task platform.

We may earn money by watching ads, surveys or vídeos.

But the most important thing is that we perro earn money playingsince these are the most common and most paid type of tasks on the platform.

Working at Bananatic is like playing a vídeo game where we will have to level up our character by gaining experience to participate in other games.

So it is an ideal platform for vídeo game lovers.

Make your payments by Paypal, Amazon and other payment methods.

There is another alternative to Bananatic, but this time we have to talk about it.

Stay until the end and learn the most important thing about Bananatic.

What is Bananatic?

Bananatic belongs to the company SEDOC LLC, a company of American origin.

The platform belongs to the category of paid tasks, since it will pay us for completing various tasks such as: playing games, downloading applications, watching vídeos, taking surveys, etcétera.

It also has a referral system that pays $1 for each referral.

Like many of these platforms, Bananatic emplees a scoring system called “bananas.” We cánido exchange these bananas for real money once we have reached the minimum limit.

It has Paypal and Amazon checks as the main means of payment, although it offers a broader catalog of prizes.

The platform has no geographical limitations.

Users from all over the world cánido earn money with it without any problem.

How perro I entrar Bananatic?

Creating an account at Bananatic is free of cost and has no difficulty.

You will only need your Fb account, a Gmail account or an correo electrónico to register from the official platform.

As in a vídeo game platform, you must give your character a name and choose their gender.

The iniciativa is that you do tasks and get experience to level up your character, to participate in other tasks.

How do we make money at Bananatic?

Thanks to the multiple tasks available, it is very easy to earn money with Bananatic.

We have put the main ways to earn bananas at the top of the list.

We won’t be talking about the “Load Bananas” option, as this is a method of purchasing points from your payment processors.

Since we do not want to spend but earn money with this platform.

playing games

The main way to earn money at Bananatic is by playing the games.

The game catalog is really wide: RPG, action, strategy, MMO, simulation, sports, family, war, among others.

In most cases, you will have to follow the following steps: search for the game, register from the backlink that is in Bananatic, download the game and complete missions to earn points.

You access them by clicking on “Game Tasks”.

Take War Thunder, the main game available, as an example.

Your first points will be earned for registering and participating in a battle.

And then you will need to finish other missions until you complete the task.

There is also another way to earn money playing games and it is in the option of “Fun Zone”.

In this case, you will not have to download any game, since everything will be done en línea from the Bananatic platform.

You earn bananas for leveling up in games and for watching the ads that are in them.

Making money playing games is one of the easiest and most fun ways to earn money on the web.

Watching Vídeos

Bananatic also allows you to earn money by watching vídeos.

In the Banana televisión option, we will be able to obtain rewards in this way.

On the top right, there is a marker that says “Collected”.

While the vídeo is playing, the counter is increasing your earnings.

If you pause the vídeo, the counter will stop running and you will not earn money.

To get bananas, you have to keep the window open.

Otherwise, if you switch to another tab, the vídeo will pause and the timer will stop ticking.

Also, every time the vídeo changes you have to clic on it yourself, as they don’t play themselves.

So watch out.

wall of offers

In the announcements section, we will find multiple offer walls.

There are different ways to earn money by making offers, such as: completing surveys, registering on web pages, viewing advertisements, etcétera.

With the Bananapedia

Bananapedia is a new section of Bananatic perfect for those who like make reviews by Youtube or through a vídeo game blog.

You cánido earn money by uploading articles or by recording vídeos of the games available on the platform.

With your referral program

Like other platforms, Bananatic will also allow us to earn money for inviting friends.

You just have to invite your friends or family to register with your referral backlink.

Once they earn their first 500 points, you will receive $1 in profit.

downloading aplicaciones

Bananatic has a mobile aplicación for both Android and iOS.

From there we cánido earn money for downloading applications and completing certain actions.

Popular networks

Bananatic offers experience for following them on their popular networks.

Depending on the platform you will have to like their page, follow a publication or share our character on the networks.

making purchases en línea

Bananatic also has a Cashback system, where we will receive 4 bananas for every euro we spend on

Level of Experience

This section will allow us to earn money for completing certain tasks such as: finishing 10 missions in a game, registering 5 referrals, leaving a comment on the forum or improving our character.

How cánido you collect your money?

To redeem our points, we will have to go to the menu option that says “Shop”.

There are two ways to view the available prizes: as a game map or through the classic view.

In the following image we espectáculo you what the game map looks like.

The following are the available payment methods: Paypal, Amazon, Digital Keys, Game Cómputo, Games and Prepaid and others.

The minimum withdrawal by Paypal is 10000 bananas either $20.

And by Amazon it’s from 2500 bananas or €5.

Currently, you cannot charge for AirTM at Bananatic.

However, if you want to change your money to local money or another virtual wallet (such as Amazon to Paypal) you perro use AirTM.

Cánido be used from mobile

If you want to earn money with aplicaciones, Bananatic has a mobile application with which you perro do it.

From the mobile application, we cánido do practically the same as on the web page.

Download the aplicación and Earn more money with Bananatic

You perro download the Bananatic Aplicación from the Google plus Play Store or from the Aplicación Store.

Through this application you perro earn more money.

You will be able to do your common tasks from anywhere you are.

And through the aplicación you perro earn bananas by downloading aplicaciones.

Who cánido join Bananatic?

Users from all over the world perro access Bananatic without any problem.

Of course, there are some games that are limited for adults.

So, to participate in them, you must indicate that you are over 18 years of age.

Does Bananatic Pay or is it Scam?

Yes, Bananatic pays.

It is a reliable platform that makes all your payments on time.

On the web you perro find multiple proofs of payment.

If you withdraw the money through Amazon, the payment could arrive up to two days after the request.

With Paypal, it cánido take up to a month.

Opinions about Bananatic

The particularity of Bananatic is that you cánido earn money while you have fun.

Most of the tasks consist of downloading and playing various types of games.

Which will make it difficult for us to get bored while earning money.

The prizes are easy to achieve, especially if you are an active usuario.

Another advantage of Bananatic is that it is available to users all over the world and is highly recommended for vídeo game lovers.

It is worth to try this platform and earn money by playing.

In addition, it offers different types of tasks.

You cánido earn money with surveys, watching vídeos or through the referral system.

At CHD, we recommend this platform.

And here we have come with our Bananatic review.

Do you have any doubt left? Leave it in the comments and we will help you answer them.

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 Bananatic: Earn money and prizes for playing
  Bananatic: Earn money and prizes for playing
  Bananatic: Earn money and prizes for playing

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