Backlink in Bio on Instagram: how to put

Backlink in Bio on Instagram: how to put

Do you know how put a backlink in the instagram bio through which, in turn, backlinks to various of the contents of your Blog or website?

To backlink your content to a specific dirección de Internet you must have at least 10k followers on this popular network or add a backlink sticker in your stories.

But you probably already know that.

Just like you also assume what this means: that driving web traffic from Instagram to your Blog articles is becoming more complicated.

✅ The only permanent backlink you perro place in your account is the one with the biography.

At least that’s what they tell you.

But I bring you a trick that you did not know

There is a very clever way to offer your followers more than one backlink using Metricool.

Watch this vídeo: this is how I do it

So perro increase your sales, qualified web traffic or achieve any other goal you have with your project.

Pay attention, because In this article I will espectáculo you how to do it. Step by Step.


What is “Backlink in Bio” or backlink in the Bio?

He backlink in bio The backlink in the bio is the main method to add backlinks to your Instagram profile, this being the backlink between this popular network and your website, Blog or your business.

Unlike other popular networks, this does not allow you to backlink each of the publications (in this case, images) from your account.

Where is the backlink in the Instagram bio exactly?

If you have just created an Instagram account or have been using this platform for a short time, you may not know yet where should you put the backlink towards your project or the website of your professional Blog.

  • You cánido find this by going to your profile and clicking on the “Editar” option.
  • You will go to the section where you cánido modify or change some of your profile options, such as the backlink to your biography, as well as the name that will be displayed to other users, the nick or “nombre de usuario” and the biography itself.

This iniciativa is where the famous name of “Backlink in Bio” that we all know comes from.

Vídeo on how to put more than one backlink in the Instagram bio

With how easy it is, surely you have wanted to try this trick.

creat your account totally free today.

You will be able to:

  • Review the metrics of your Blog
  • Plan your content on popular media
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Is it possible to add a backlink somewhere other than in the Instagram bio?

It is also possible to include backlinks in the stories or “Stories”, although for this you need to meet certain requirements, such as:

  • have at least 10k (10,000) followers
  • Create a story where you add a backlink sticker
  • Publish an image as part of a campaign instagram ads (where you include the Stories as an option to espectáculo your ad)
  • If you sign up for «instagram shopping«

Except in these two situations, in the case of publications, only copied backlinks cánido be used as textwithout the possibility of clicking on them.

✅ This is where Metricool comes in with its method of Backlink in Bio for Instagram, a tool that allows you to add more than one backlink to your Instagram profile.

As you have seen through the previous vídeo, we cánido achieve it through a “landing page” for quite special IG that will be very afín to your profile.

This will include your publications (those that you choose to backlink), but with the peculiar feature that you cánido include many more backlinks.

Is it safe to use Backlink in Bio?

Yeah, it is totally safeand because it doesn’t make any ‘en sí’ changes to your IG profile, it’s completely legal.

You perro enjoy the advantages that it offers you and include more than one backlink without having to risk an account closure.

You perro even add many more elements, like action buttons, for example.

How to add the Backlink in Bio to your Instagram profile and thus have more than one backlink?

Now you are surely wondering how to add this Metricool functionality to your profile.

Well, the truth is that it is very easy, so pay attention.

In a few steps you will already have your own Backlink in Bio in your profile to add as many backlinks as you want to your publications.


Access from your Metricool profile and the Backlink option on Instagram

The first thing you need to do is login to Metricool to access your profile.

Once there, look for the section “Planning”.

Now you should look for the functionality of “Backlink on Instagram” in the left menu, as I indicate in the vídeo above.

Don’t have a Metricool account yet?

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You will be able to:

  • Review the metrics of your Blog
  • Plan your content on popular media
  • Manage your en línea advertising easily and quickly


Configure the images

The next thing you need to do is configure your Backlink in Biowhich is not difficult at all and you have several options when doing it, which I will discuss below:

  • To begin, when accessing this option you will need to start uploading images, for this just clic on the button “choose image”.
  • As you will see, a small list will open with all the latest photos you currently have on your profile (if you previously connected it with Metricool).

    Just choose those in which you want to include a backlink and these will be loaded in each place that the tool has established for it.

  • Automatically a Landing Page will be generated, where all these images will be and which your audience will be able to access thanks to a unique backlink for each profile.

    Don’t worry, you cánido always see the backlink at the beginning of the backlink configuration page on Instagram.


Add a backlink to each uploaded image

  • Once you have the images uploaded to the settings panel, you just need to clic on the red button that is on the image with backlink icon.

    This will open a small panel where you perro entrar the backlink you want to anchor to the image.

  • After that, you will have already introduced a new backlink in your articulo images.

Cánido you only add images of your profile in your Backlink in the Bio?

Well no, and it is that as I told you before, it is possible also add buttons as CTAs or calls to action to your Backlink in Bio for Instagram.

Just clic on the option “add button”, and a small panel will open in which you will have to write the name of the button (for example, Web, FAQs, Contact or afín), and a backlink that goes to the page you want.

Very fácil, right?

Why is it highly recommended to include buttons?

Well, for many reasons, among others mainly to redirect your audience to pages that may be of interest to youand help you convert your followers into Leads.

For example, a button that takes them to the main page of the Blog, another that takes them to the contact page on your website or even another that simply directs them to your star service.

In my case, I have included a button with my Brand colors to my Corporate Blog Consulting and Management Services page:

You cánido try different combinations always remember to focus these buttons on those pages that are most convenient for youas in my case it is the page where I explain what my star service is about and in which I specialize professionally.

If you have an eCommerce and you have several products on sale, this would be the place to place buttons to make them more accessible to your IG followers.


Add your backlink in the bio to your Instagram profile

now that already You have configured the content that you will backlink to, it is time to add it to your Instagram profile.

And how to do it? Well, quite fácil:

Just copy the backlink found in this of the Metricool configuration panel, under the title “Your backlink for the Instagram Bio” and paste it into your biography of your account on this popular network.

Could this example be improved?

Well of course! everything you want and more.

It is simply a matter of putting a little creativity and imagination into it and, for example, leaving the button text so long or short that it doesn’t get choppy…

Examples of Instagram accounts that use this “Backlink in Bio” method

In addition to my own professional IG profile, there are also hundreds of professionals and companies who already know this method and apply it effectively.

Here are some of them:

Don’t have a Metricool account yet?

creat your account totally free today.

You will be able to:

  • Review the metrics of your Blog
  • Plan your content on popular media
  • Manage your en línea advertising easily and quickly

Have you already tried using the Metricool backlink in bio?

As you have seen, having backlinks for all your Blog posts is very easy, especially if you have a Metricool account.

Once you have that unique backlink, You will only have to redirect your users to that landing page, through the publications you makea fácil “Backlink in Bio” at the end of the articulo description.

Did you know this method to put a backlink in the Instagram bio that gets web traffic to all your content?

Tell me about your experience in the comments and, if you know another different methodshare it with us!

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 Backlink in Bio on Instagram: how to put
  Backlink in Bio on Instagram: how to put
  Backlink in Bio on Instagram: how to put

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