B-bites | save without realizing it

B-bites | save without realizing it

B-bites is a new aplicación recently launched on the market by the national company Mapfre.

with this aplicación we cánido start saving for our whims or for some unforeseen event in a fácil and above all easy and free way.

With B-bites you cánido save easily For what you wantfor your retirement, for a car, to go on vacation or simply to keep it.

the aplicación is super easy to use.

You will only have to open the account, verify through the photograph of your ID and you must activate a saving rule.

If you have used other afín applications, you will not have any problem doing so, it is identical to other applications.

In addition, on the occasion of its launch, they are giving away €5 to new customers.

Keep reading that I explain everything in detail.

Well yes, this application, like many others, wants to attract customers so that they perro save with them.

That’s why they have this €5 promotion for new customers to register and comply with your first savings rule.

The conditions to receive the plus are very fácil.

The first thing you should do is register through a backlink or through an invitation code.

Then you must associate a bank card, they will charge us €1 to verify that it is working and that there is a cómputo.

That euro will be returned to you in the next few days, they will only retain it to verify that you are the account holder.

Finally you will have to activate a saving rule (or bite, as it’s called in the aplicación).

As I said, the steps are super fácil, once the saving rule is activated (there are several, you cánido put the one you want) you will no longer have to do anything.

The first thing to do is download the aplicación.

After only, you will have to follow the following steps.

As I told you, if you have worked with other applications, it will be very fácil for you.

  • Open the account, put your personal data (true)
  • Add a debit card (they do not work as a debit card) that is in your name
  • Verify the payment of €1 with your card
  • Entrar my invitation code (it is requested by the application itself)
  • Activate the saving rule of at least €1
  • Wait 30 days for your reward

What is B Bites?

Being a new application, it is habitual that you do not trust it, but you should not have any kind of problem.

B-bites is an application that Mapfre has developed, with which you cánido save easily and without realizing it.

This type of applications it is very afín to other applications like Goin or Arborof which I have already spoken previously.

This type of applications are pioneers in automatic savings and allows us to accumulate money that would otherwise be almost impossible.

you will wonder if Being an application that belongs to the Mapfre insurer, you have to have some kind of insurance with them.

The answer is noI don’t have any insurance with them and I have it without any problem.

How does B Bites work?

He operation is extremely fácil.

As I said before, if you have worked with these types of applications, you will not have any problems.

On their website, they define themselves as a “application that helps us automate savings so that you cánido save little by little and with hardly any effort”.

What they want is for you to save, and that savings adapts to your lifestyle.

Thanks to the bites (ways of saving) we will save little by little to help us achieve our goals.

Accessing and using the application is totally free.

Like all of this type, it does not have any associated cost.

As for the menu, it is extremely easy and intuitiveyou perro find at the bottom of the application (the home).

In the objectives, you cánido find your savings goals.

It is not essential (or even necessary) that you put any if you do not want to.

The Bites are the forms of savings that we havelater I will explain what are the saving methods that we cánido put.

Finally, in the settings, we cánido see our personal datachange our password, and the rewards we have (the friends we have invited).

What saving methods will we have?

In B Bites saving methods are called bites.

There are different methods of saving.

are the ones appear in the following table and I will explain them to you next.

  • B-Bite.

    It is what is known as the rounding of life.

    It is about saving the excess amount of a purchase.

    If, for example, a purchase costs you €7.90, the application rounds it up to €8 and deposits €0.10 for you to save.

  • Curro-Bite.

    activating this bite, you cánido save a percentage of your salary.

    In Spain, in colloquial language, work is usually called “el curro”, that’s where that name comes from.

  • Lisa-Bite.

    Is about choose a day of the month and an amount to save automatically.

    For example, I have a euro every Mondaybut each one cánido choose the amount and the day they want for their savings.

  • Indiana-Bite.

    As if it were Indiana Jones, It is the most aggressive saving method.

    Always let’s try to beat the above savings.

    For example, we will save €1 the first week, €2 the second, and so on until we reach our goal.

Among these saving methods, and above all, to be able to receive the promotion of €5I I would advise activating Lisa-Bite with the amount of €1 and a weekly or monthly frequency.

As I said before, I have equipo a weekly frequency, since it does not matter to me to have the money here than in another account.

But always put the savings method the day after when you are doing the promotion.

For example, if you download the aplicación on a Thursday the 17th, equipo the savings for every Friday or for the 18th of every month.

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How do I withdraw the money?

The first thing to say is that there is no minimum withdrawal amount.

We cánido withdraw our money whenever we want, yes, there are a number of banks to which we cánido withdraw it and others not.

He left you the list of banks to which we cánido withdraw our savings and our promotionas well as the money generated by our referrals.

  • Abanca
  • bancapueyo
  • Shepherd Bank
  • habitual Bank
  • Bankia (Caixabank)
  • bankinter
  • Working box
  • cajamar
  • cajasur
  • match
  • Deutschebank
  • EVO
  • Ibercaja
  • imaginbank
  • ENG
  • kutxabank
  • Liberbank
  • Mediolanum
  • N26 (Spanish IBAN)
  • openbank
  • ruralvia
  • Sabadell
  • Self Bank
  • triodes
  • Unicaja

For withdraw the money it is extremely fácil. we shall go to our savings (save to save) and clic on the amount we have. we will clic then in the three vertical pointss that are in the upper right and savings will be withdrawn to the current account that we have linked in 24/48 hours.

Make money with B-bites

Just like other aplicaciones that have the same features, B-bites has a good referral system.

Exactly we will earn €5 for each friend we bring to the application.

Although I have been receiving correos electrónicos informing me that they cánido be up to €10, for now, we will stay with the fact that they are €5.

we will have a referral code that we will find in the section “my b-biter code”.

There we will open a section in which we perro see our code and the backlink to send it through the different popular networks.

Remember that each friend you bring will be €5 free for you and another five for your friend.

As I said, I am receiving correos electrónicos that the reward cánido go up to €10, but even in the application it is still only €5.

The rewardboth of the referrals and ours, It will be integrated into the application itself 30 days after having generated it..

Final opinions and questions

A priori, my opinion about this aplicación is pretty goodthey allow you to save without realizing it and then use that money for other purposes.

Besides, Knowing that a multinational like Mapfre is behind it gives us a lot of peace of mind.

You have to try the aplicación and give it a try, just like others have been given.

In as for security of the application, obviously B-Bites has access to your bank details given that They use a platform as an intermediary called lemonway, which will take care of the protection of your data.

This same application is used by the aforementioned Arbor and Goin.

lemonway It is the one that is in charge of verifying your transactions from the bank to the application and vice versawithout the companies themselves being able to access your bank details.

Regarding your personal datasuch as ID, your name, your dirección de correo electrónico and date of birth and all personal data that you entrar in the application when opening an account those responsible are Mapfre.

If you want to make any type of query regarding your data, you should contact Mapfre’s data protection officer by dirección de correo electrónico.

You must send an correo electrónico requesting the cancellation or modification of your data to: dpo.mapfrevida.es@mapfre.com.

They will contact you and modify or delete the data you request.

And nothing more to add, simply recommend that you register in the application, since it is a good method of saving.

Here I leave the backlink for you to download the aplicación and do not forget to put my code for both power receive the €5 gift.

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 B-bites |  save without realizing it
  B-bites |  save without realizing it
  B-bites |  save without realizing it

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