Ayuwage | A veteran PTC to MAKE MONEY

Ayuwage | A veteran PTC to MAKE MONEY

Ayuwage is a veteran PTC page that allows us to earn money for performing tasks and pay through Paypal.

We could say that its operation is somewhat peculiar, since it is not exactly the same as that of a PTC to use.

The main difference lies in the diversity of the ads that we find on this page.

As we will see later in this tutorial, in Ayuwage there are announcements and tasks with different characteristics and you have to view them in a especial way.

Highlight that Ayuwage FIt was launched in 2009 and since then it has always paid on time.

Last update ” Due to the few ads you send and almost two months behind in payments, I stop recommending Ayuwage, Expresswage and Innocurrent and remove all recommendation backlinks from the blog.

Registration in Ayuwage

To register in Ayuwage we will only have to fill in the typical form.

You, if you want, perro create your account by accessing from this backlink, which will take you directly to the front page.

It will be enough to provide a nick, an correo electrónico and a password.

Once inside we will access the tab start earningwhere the sections to earn money are shown.

view ⏩ The most basic Ayuwage ads with values ​​between $0.001 and $0.003.

Browse ⏩ Ads with remuneration of $0.006 in which we will have to visit a website and browse for a few seconds.

Regular ⏩ Here we will find ads afín to those in the View section, but with better rewards.

They range from $0.005 to $0.015 for each ad.

explore ⏩ These types of ads are paid with $0.03.

They are very afín to those in the Browse section but with one additional visit.

Correo electrónico ⏩ Announcements vía correo electrónico.

We will simply have to clic, receive a backlink and follow the steps.

Comunicar ⏩ Carry out actions on popular networks such as sharing content or giving a like.

Search ⏩ We cánido also earn money by doing a search on Google plus, Bing or Yahoo.

This section is afín to the search engine Beruby with Yahoo.

Special ⏩ In this section they pay a small amount to register us on a platform or carry out a specific task.

Survey ⏩ Here we perro make money with paid surveys and with the download of applications.

I do not use it since most of the time they do not credit the earnings.

livePopup window with ads.

We perro activate this window and accumulate profits without doing anything.

It is paid at 50 points every hour that the window is showing ads.

rewards ⏩ Here we cánido redeem our entries in the daily draw from Ayuwage.

How Ayuwage works

All Ayuwage ads are displayed in a afín way, although with some differences between each other.

Each advertisement carries a description in English of how to view the advertisements correctly and thus count them as good and pay us.

View and Regular

Next we will see what the ads look like after accessing the first tab, the view.

They are the fastest ads to make, and in turn, They are also the ones that offer the lowest salaries..

The positive part is that the ads in this section are displayed exactly the same as those in the tab Regular.

And the latter are paid between $0.005 and $0.015.

At the top of these ads You will find a description in English of the steps to follow.

The first thing will be to clic on the gray rectangle and wait for the new window to open.

Once there, we will only have to follow the backlink that appears with the name of “Continue to Website” and spend about 10 seconds on the landing page.

Then we cánido close and go to the Ayuwage page to see the next announcement.

Browse and Explore

The next Ayuwage ads that we will see are those of tab 2 and 4, that is, Browse and Explore.

They have the particularity that they are displayed in a very afín way to the previous ones, although since they are better paid, they are requires us to perform any additional clic, task or visit on the landing page.

In this case, we’re going to focus on Explore Ads, which are often more difficult to run, but are also the ones that make all the difference in terms of earning and how quickly you earn them.

In the following screenshot we cánido see how the ad is before and after accessing the landing page.

In the empty boxes we will have to write down the following:

In the first we will paste the backlink of the destination page after clicking on “Continue to Website”.

After spending 10 seconds on the landing page, we will have to clic on an internal backlink.

That is, we will have to go to a articulo or an article that belong to the same domain.

We will paste the backlink of the new page in the second box.

Finally, we will clic on any advertising banner that makes us leave the page.

It perro be an Adsense banner, as it happens in most cases.

To finish, we copy the backlink of the advertising page and paste it in the third box.

after a few seconds we cánido now confirm the three steps clicking on Submit for System Review.

Correo electrónico

The ads in this fifth section are not usually very common.

Some of them come out sporadically, so it is worth taking advantage of when that circumstance occurs.

To proceed we will have to clic on the title and immediately afterwards we will receive an correo electrónico with a backlink in its content.

The validation process consists of following that backlink and spending a few seconds on the destination page.


In Ayuwage there is also the possibility of make money searching of a certain term in search engines.

In the same ad you cánido ask us to search for words in Google plus, Bing or Yahoo, and to find the web that they ask for among the first five pages of results.

Once the search is complete, we will have to clic on the corresponding page and navigate through it for a few seconds.


Autosurfing is the last option that remains to be described to continue adding to Ayuwage.

The process is very easy since we will only have to open a pop-up window and let the ads run.

The win rate is over 50 points per hour.

The only drawback to this section is that on many occasions there are no ads and it is impossible to make a profit.

Ayuwage Rewards

The rewards section is the one I like the most about Ayuwage.

It consists of completing a series of daily tasks and thus obtaining entries for the daily draw.

Depending on the ads we have seen during the day, a series of boxes will be unlocked..

For example, in the first paragraph, 20 Sites in View Tab, it is unlocked when we have seen 20 ads of the tab view, regardless of whether they have been $0.001 or $0.003.

The reward to be redeemed would be a raffle ticket.

In this case, I have the ones from the Regular and Explore sections unlocked for tomorrow’s draw.

The prize is +2 shares.

The winners of the raffle carry 1,000 points for the first, 500 for the second and 250 for the third.

Opinions on Ayuwage

Ayuwage is a PTC very practical and fácil.

There are some factors that we should take into account when starting to work with the PTC, since depending on the case, we perro lose our account by the mere fact of clicking on a cheat ad, or by performing the tasks incorrectly.

These are some recommendations that I think may help you:

✅ The key in Ayuwage is to do as many tasks as we perro in order to get more money.

With this in mind, it is very important that we access the Explore section every day, since sometimes there are usually several $0.03 ads, which allows us to add more quickly.

✅ Another option that does not usually attract attention is that of section 11: The rewards.

Depending on our activity, Ayuwage will reward us with entries for the daily draw.

participating, we will choose to win 250, 500 or 1,000 points.

✅ Ayuwage does not have memberships It does not require investment of any kind..

It is 100% free.

There is the possibility of renting referrals, but I do not advise it (they are not profitable).

To prevent misuse of the site, Ayuwage has implemented trap ads.

If you come across one, it will be enough not to clic on it and continue with the others.

At some point it will disappear.

Ayuwage pay by Paypal

The minimum payment is 10,000 credits (5$ through Paypal).

It is worth mentioning that the PTCs of this group, including Ayuwage, only make payments once a month.

And he always usually pays at the beginning of that month.

From experience, I do not recommend rushing until the end of the month to request payment.

It is much better to request it as soon as possible, so we cánido make sure that at the beginning of the following month we will receive the money in Paypal.


As we have verified, Ayuwage is a especial and different PTC to the others.

The good part of this page is that it has been paying for many years and is one of the oldest in the campo.

Unlike PTCs like AdBTC either BTCClicks, Ayuwage makes payments through Paypal, which is the most used processor in the world.

This makes it easier for us to always receive our money without problems of any kind.

And so far we have come with today’s tutorial on Ayuwage.

If you have any questions, you perro contact me through the comments or through popular networks.

If you liked the articulo, do not forget to share it with your friends and if you want start earning money with this PTCI would appreciate it if you would register as my referrals by clicking on the following banner.

Until next time!!

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 Ayuwage |  A veteran PTC to MAKE MONEY
  Ayuwage |  A veteran PTC to MAKE MONEY
  Ayuwage |  A veteran PTC to MAKE MONEY

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