AWeber – Dirección de correo electrónico Marketing Tool

AWeber – Dirección de correo electrónico Marketing Tool

In today’s article I am going to talk about AWeber, one of the best correo electrónico marketing tools.

What is AWeber?

AWeber is an dirección de correo electrónico marketing service provider, whose service mainly consists of the automatic dirección de correo electrónico creation (e-e correo electrónico) and landing pages (landing pages) without having to write a single line of code.

Therefore, with AWeber you will be able to create, modify, measure, analyze, and optimize all your correo electrónico marketing campaigns easily, quickly, and efficiently.


Why choose AWeber (dirección de correo electrónico marketing?

Regardless of the type of organization, or the type of business you have, dirección de correo electrónico marketing cánido help you connect with your audience and make it grow.

Also, it will help you turn potential customers into loyal customers.

Perhaps most striking, however, is the fact that it cánido be achieved at only a fraction of the cost of most other marketing channels.

In fact, dirección de correo electrónico marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels out there. Did you know that for every dollar you spend on dirección de correo electrónico marketing you get $44 in return?

However, it must be emphasized that it has to be done properly, that is, it has to be done intelligently so as not to turn dirección de correo electrónico marketing into a waste of money and customers.

So it’s a good iniciativa to invest in AWeber (to help you do it almost automatically and efficiently).

Advantages of using AWeber

Drop and Drag

Do you want to add headlines, text, buttons, images or vídeos to your correos electrónicos? With the builder provided by AWeber, you just have to drag them into your message and drop them where you want.

It’s that easy!

correo templates

With 700+ correo electrónico templates Customizable and with drag and drop capabilities, your messages will always look great, no matter what device your subscribers use to open them.

Automated correos electrónicos (autoresponder)

Automated correos electrónicos, as the name already says, works in the following way.

First you have to create the dirección de correo electrónico you want (you perro use a template) and after you already have the iniciativa dirección de correo electrónico, you program it to be sent automatically at specific intervals (the ones you escoge).

This powerful tool saves you time and cánido be remarkably effective in driving sales.

Unlimited image storage

Add as many photos as you want to your image gallery, and keep them handy and ready to correo electrónico when you need them.

Subscriber Import

If you already have a subscriber list hosted with another correo electrónico marketing provider, don’t worry, you perro easily move your list to AWeber.

Something very important to highlight is the fact that your subscribers do not need to reconfirm their subscription.

It’s as fácil as hitting a button.

Registration forms (registration)

With AWeber you perro choose from hundreds of signup form templates.

Of course, you cánido customize the text and all the fields of the form.

Once you have it, you just have to add it to your website and that way you perro start getting subscribers in no time.

Tools with which you perro backlink AWeber

You will be able to integrate AWeber with services that in fact you may already be using, in such a way that you will be able to automatically synchronize your data (subscribers).

Some platforms or tools with which you perro synchronize your data are:

  • Fb
  • WordPress
  • PayPal
  • LeadPages

How much does AWeber cost?

I personally like the pricing strategy that AWeber emplees, because you cánido start with the free subscription and as you (your business) grow, you cánido move to the paid subscription.

It should be noted that the limit you have in the free subscription is 500 subscribers, however, if you already have 500 subscribers, it is possible that you are already generating income, and therefore, you will already be able to pay for the paid version (Pro) to increase your income even more.

Number of subscribers Monthly price
0 to 500 $19 dollars
From 501 to 2,500 $29 dollars
From 2,501 to 5,000 $49 dollars
From 5,001 to 10,000 $69 dollars
From 10,001 to 25,000 $149 dollars

As you cánido see, you perro really pay depending on the range of subscribers you are getting.

So, it is a very good option for grow your business of course, for increase your sales (income).

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 AWeber – Dirección de correo electrónico Marketing Tool
  AWeber – Dirección de correo electrónico Marketing Tool
  AWeber – Dirección de correo electrónico Marketing Tool

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