Automatic trading robots

Automatic trading robots

Automatic trading robots They are programs that some trading platforms have incorporated and that will allow us perform operations without any need to be in front of the computer.

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This type of automated trading robots is used mostly in the forex market.

To put them into operation, the investor must establish a previous configuration to determine the currency on which he wants to operate and its duration.

In this way, the chances of earn money they will be much older

The biggest advantage of this type of programa is that they cánido operate without limits during the 24 hours of the day.

Also, some robots cánido act in different markets completely simultaneously.

In this way they cánido locate the best opportunity of each environment and provide greater gain to the operator.

Create a trading robot

Evidently, it’s not easy and create such a kind of programa You must bring with you a previous preparation.

Not everyone who doesn’t know programming perro do it.

The most logical thing, and for the common of the mortals, the It would be logical to contract with your platform o Before entering any trading investment platform, you should ask the platform’s owners if they have this benefit.

A trading robot it is a very interesting tool, but it will not ensure success.

This kind of programa They are not yet able to adapt to the way of operating of all investors or to react to unforeseen events in the depósito market.

The use of trading robots brings important advantagesbut It’s not going to be the best tool for beginners.nor for the advanced ones, since the latter will know how to adapt on the fly to the fluctuations of the market.

Do trading robots really work?

Before embarking on using this tool, you would need to look for information.

You perro consult in forums of trading experts.

Also You perro ask the platform for a trial period to check the results or consult the performance policy of the tool to determine if it is really going to be useful or not.

This “research” period before buying or renting a trading robot will save you a lot of headaches later.

This type of automatic robots are used by traders because they hope to get easy money from the forex market without spending a lot of time or having to trade manually.

Traders using the robots have to find a good currency pair and the perfect time frame to maximize your profits.

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This, for those who do not understand much, means that they must find the right markets to invest in and the right time to make that investment.

How a trading robot works

The robot works like any other computer program.

It is based on lines of code written in the form of a specific programming language.

Although many people think that using an automatic trading robot they will make money easily and fast in the foreign exchange market, It is not like this.

The trading robots are developed with especial parameters necessary for make quick decisions of trading.

By using accurate trading signalsdetermine when it is appropriate to trade or not trade.

This will orinan that if conditions change, the person in charge of interpreting the market for a given brand will probably have a harder time being profitable.

It is important to note that all trading robots operate with a certain market configuration and may have difficulties to adapt to trend changes.

Criteria for choosing the best automatic trading robot

There are many trading robots, in all walks of life the competition is fierce.

In this case, and taking into account what I have told you previously, I am going to present the five criteria to be met to choose an automatic trading robot:

  1. You must Possess advanced trading knowledge
  2. Be aware of danger of over-optimization (you have to avoid that the parameters of the trading robot are too optimized for a very specific period of time)
  3. Know the exact details of the operation and strategy of the automatic robot
  4. Be able to do backtesting (process of testing the trading strategy before using it)
  5. Perro test the bot in real conditions on a demo account

After these steps, it cánido be useful to put avios EAs next to each other to make better robot comparisons.

For themit will be necessary to know how to assess the value of an automatic robot.

How to create an automatic trader robot?

For create an automatic trader robotthe first thing to knowing is programming.

In this sense, the market finance industry recruits a lot of programmers, because the operations are done with trading machines, which are much faster than human traders.

To create the automatic trader robot there would be two ways:

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  • create and schedule your own AE
  • use an encoder professional

If you opt for the first option, You must bear in mind that you will need to learn the computer language of the trading platform what do you use

In this sense, it must be said that some trading interfaces have simpler programming code and easy to learn than other platforms.

He language in MT4 is one of those relatively easier to learn with a lot of documentation on the net so that you perro be successful in programming.

Only verifying that the operation of the EA is identical on the historical data and in the data in real time, it is cánido you make sure it is working in correct way.

If, on the other hand, you don’t know how to program, you perro use companies or programmers specialized in programming of high-performance robots.

You perro find information in:

  • trading forums with robots where you perro ask your questions
  • comparative between trading robots
  • robot programa free forex to try

Must have beware of programmersgiven that not all of them are familiar with financeso it would be interesting to look for an automatic trading robot made by people who know trading and finance.

The best trading robots are hard to find, and if we think about it carefully, a reliable automated trading robot may not be available for sale.

After all, if it’s good, why am I going to sell it?

Disadvantages of trading robots

Like all systems, the trading robots cánido have some disadvantages.

In finance, past performance, does not guarantee us in the least future returns.

You should know that if you test a trading robot for a period of time and he does his job well in a market of a certain trend, you will be very satisfied with the results.

But if, on the contrary, the market becomes more indecisiveyour expert could start to lose.

Today, automatic trading robots they do not have artificial intelligence to adapt to market conditionsespecially the programa that you buy on the internet at a moderate price.

With this I want to tell you that what works for you right nowthen it may not work.

While is true that calculations are easier with automated trading programabut no program is going to be able to replace human intuition that perro be very positive in market changes.

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The robots cannot replace the reasoning of a human being. It is true that calculations are easier with automated trading programa, but no program cánido replace human intuition.

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 Automatic trading robots
  Automatic trading robots
  Automatic trading robots

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