Attorney Certificate without hiring

Attorney Certificate without hiring

In Colombia there are different requirements that citizens must meet to carry out procedures, among them, the Attorney Certificateantecedents that are mandatory before Colombian organizations, especially for the person who aspires to a public office.

Given the importance of these documents, we will explain in a comprehensive way the steps you must follow to get for yourself the Certification of Disciplinary Background without the need to spend money on managers.

What is the Attorney Certificate?

To begin we will explain what it is The Attorney Certificate, These are the different certificates issued by the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, such as criminal, fiscal, disciplinary, contractual and loss of investiture records, with which the conduct that a citizen has had is demonstrated.

If you aspire to any public office, this is the most important document, since the applicant must be without sanctions or disqualification from the attorney general’s office.

How to get the background?

It is very fácil and the best thing is that you perro consult and obtain these documents for free throughout the country by following the steps below.

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  1. Entering the virtual office and clicking on the option “Entrar consultation or issuance of records”.
  2. Going to the website and selecting the option “Entrar the portal of the attorney general’s office” and then accessing the “Citizen service system” menu and finally choosing “Background certificate”.

Once in the selected portal, they must carry out the steps that will be detailed below:

Steps to follow to generate the certificate

1-First they must indicate the type of certificate to consult, there are only two options such as the special certificate and ordinary certificate.

2-Second select the type of identity document, this means that you must select if you are natural or foreign.

Then they must entrar the citizen identification number in the corresponding space.

3-Third, the option to “activate the SIRI information system” must be enabled.

Here you will be able to vea judicial historical records, criminal, fiscal and disciplinary orders, professional sanctions and investiture losses of the entered identification number.

4-As a fourth step, people must select the option “Generate certificate” to obtain it digitally.

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5-Fifth, the system will generate a dialog box where the usuario must choose to end the process among the three available options (Open, Save and Cancel).

6-Once the previous steps have been completed, sixth and last, if you choose the open option, the system will generate the disciplinary record certificate for printing, which you must print on Bond-type letter paper.

Check the certificate

It is necessary that before printing the attorney certificate review to verify if it contains the complete information corresponding to the person holding the certificate, the data it must contain are the following:

  • Full name and surname and identification document number.
  • You must have each of the annotations that have been made and the enforceable orders made during the 5 years prior to the request for the certificate.
  • If it contains sanctions, it must have an explanation of the reasons and causes that gave rise to the sanctions.
  • Date the certificate is being issued and validity period.
  • The signature of the official who authorized the writing and issuance of the document.

Query Attorney Certificate

Once you have finished the previously explained procedure, you cánido download the certificate or just check your disciplinary record in Colombia.

To view or download the Attorney Certificate it is necessary that the computer has Acrobat Reader.

Public or private companies

Said certificate perro also be consulted by public or private companies when they are going to sign their contracts or who they are going to hire.

In this document you will find all the sanctions and disqualifications notified by any public entity.

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Types of Attorney Certificate

The Attorney General issues two types of certificates: ordinary and special:

ordinary certificate

It only espectáculos the sanctions that have been incurred in the last 5 years.

It is used to access the public campo.

They contain only the sanctions carried out by the Colombian national authorities such as disciplinary, criminal, disqualifications that come from contractual relations with the state.

special certificate

This reflects the sanctions of the ordinary certificate and the disqualifications that do not allow the exercise of some public positions, among them,

Comptroller General of the Nation, Attorney General, Attorney General of the Nation, employees of the judicial branch and control bodies.

Reports by CUIT from the Central Bank of Central Bank debtors.

How to obtain them?: find out step by step!

It is usually requested as a requirement when applying for positions that require the person to have no criminal record.

If you do not appear registered in SIRI

You must bear in mind that if the data of the people consulted does not appear in the system records or appears with errors, you must do the following:

If you do not appear registered in SIRI, you must request by letter and go in person to the customer service division, so that they carry out the corresponding procedures to correct the data.

The offices of this body are located in the different cities of the country where they serve the public.

If you are a natural person, you should only bring your identity document or copy, and if you are a legal person, the certificate of existence or legal representation.

What is the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation?

It is an autonomous body or entity that belongs to the Colombian state, is in charge of intervening, investigating, sanctioning and preventing the different irregularities that are carried out by rulers, public officials, by individuals who perform public functions.

Its main function is to prevent irregularities by rulers and public officials, and to represent citizens before the State.

The highest body of the Public Ministry and is made up of the personería and the ombudsman, its highest authority is the Attorney General of the Nation, who is elected by the Senate.

In accordance with the provisions of the Organic Statute of the National Budget, it has financial and administrative budgetary autonomy and has the obligation to monitor the correct execution of the functions assigned in the Constitution and the Law to public servants.

Primordial functions

The main functions of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation are the following:

  • preventive
  • intervention function
  • disciplinary

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 Attorney Certificate without hiring
  Attorney Certificate without hiring
  Attorney Certificate without hiring

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