AttaPoll Aplicación: Earn money with surveys

AttaPoll Aplicación: Earn money with surveys

attapolla basic survey application, easy to use and most important of all: It does pay.

It is another of those alternatives that will not make you earn thousands of euros a day, but with which you perro generate income to pay for a subscription to a service uso contínuo or to complete a small purchase.

Is this enough to include it in the list of best paid surveys? Let’s see it.

What is AttaPoll?

Attapoll aplicación It is another of those aplicaciones to do paid surveys, like its afín ones, it seeks to know the opinions of people about certain products or services.

Therefore, it is contacted by companies that want to know what users think about their products.

Its main advantage is its ease of use and speed of payment, something that is greatly appreciated.

Get started on AttaPoll now

Entrar AttaPoll

To entrar Attapoll you must be in one of the countries where the aplicación is available (just like ysense is in Spain and you must not use a VPN to install it, as we explained with the iPoll aplicación).

The first step is install the aplicación from Play Store or Aplicación Store.

After installing and starting it, it will espectáculo you a welcome screen, in which you must indicate that you agree with its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Select the “I agree” box and then clic on “Continue”.

Then you must clic on “Log in” even if you do not have an account, since from this point you perro create a new account.

The aplicación will ask you to use your Google plus or Apple account, something that its afín ones do to speed up the registration, such is the case of Poll Pay.

Choose the most convenient registration option for you.

Entrar the correo electrónico and the password and you will have created an account.

To finish creating your account, you only need to indicate your phone number and wait for a message with a verification code, entrar it in the aplicación and that’s it.

How does the AttaPoll aplicación work?

He operation of the aplicación is very fácil, as we mentioned above, is an application that offers you surveys.

Therefore, you answer them, it rewards you, you reach the minimum withdrawal and you get paid, that’s it, there is no greater complexity.

Basically, it only has four options on its main menu.

  • Start: is the section where you perro see the surveys available to you.
  • Cómputo: the section in which you check the cómputo and your payment history.
  • Invite friends: here you find your referral backlink.
  • settings: aplicación settings, mainly from your profile.

How perro you earn money with this aplicación?

you make money with surveys or inviting friends.

That’s all that Attapoll offers, which, unlike other aplicaciones, has few options to generate money.

We explain both ways so that you do not have problems when trying to earn money with them.

Taking paid surveys

It is the first option, you earn money with your own effort, to start, you just have to go to the menu “Start” once you have logged into the application and you will see the surveys available to you.

You perro see that each survey is made up of three things: reward, stars (ratings from other users) and the estimated time to solve it.

Select one and then clic on “start survey”, answer the questions and get your reward.

important fact: One of the negatives of the aplicación is that in some surveys almost at the end of answering, it will tell you that you are not “qualified” to answer it, wasting your time.

It is a “strategy” used by the companies that provide the surveys to not pay for them, but you perro rate them negatively in the history, that’s why the star system exists, so you recognize the good surveys and those that don’t pay.

So when you see a survey with few stars, maybe it’s because it doesn’t pay.

This makes us doubt if this aplicación should be among the best aplicaciones that pay to use them.

Referral program

The referral program is another way to earn money through the application.

It is much better if you do not want to invest your time solving surveys.

Well you will generate a percentage (10%) of what your referrals do without doing practically anything, just getting them to register with your code.

In addition, you earn a small plus, the amount depends on the country your referral is from.

In the option “invite friends” you get the backlink to share with your potential referrals.

You perro also give them your code that appears above the invite option and they should go to “settings” and select “Entrar referral code”.

AttaPoll Tricks

Supposedly, in AttaPoll there are “tricks” to make you get more surveys.

Really, the content creators who sell this iniciativa only give instructions of how to make a good profile or to configure your account so that you receive more surveys.

How perro I get more surveys in AttaPoll?

First, go to settingsselect in Frequency of appearance of surveys: “as many as possible” and in Maximum length: “any duration”, so you will be available for surveys more frequently and regardless of their duration.

Remember that, as we mentioned in the Opinion World articulo, the number of surveys available to you It often depends on your profile..

You must have a very complete profile.

The problem is that you will find on the web that the trick is to “lie” with respect to your profile, indicating the following in the application:

  • Full-time job.
  • Married or married with 2 children.
  • Age from 23 to 35 years.
  • Complete university studies.
  • Two cars.
  • Own house.
  • All kinds of interests in technology, electronics, sports and common topics.

It is a type of profile that these pollsters usually look for, the problem is that if you lie, at some point they cánido “catch” you, how? The aplicación will make you a survey that you had already answered before and if you do not answer it in the same way, Attapoll will assume that you lied and that you do not meet the profile.

So, our advice is to be careful about lying about your profile.

How much does AttaPoll pay?

It doesn’t usually pay a lot, but it is an aplicación that goes straight to the point, which is to send you surveys and pay you.

He minimum withdrawal is $3 and you cánido withdraw through donations, Gift Card or your PayPal account.

Is the AttaPoll Aplicación safe?

Yes, it’s safe so far it has been paying faithfully, we estimate that several years have passed since you make payments on time and until now you have had no problem with payments to users.

It is an option that pays little, but it does pay if you put in a certain amount of time.

Probably, in a month you are collecting your first payment.

This is the greatest advantage of Attapoll, which does pay and we know it, while there are other aplicaciones, like Opnio, for which it is still not possible to know if they pay or not.

Our opinion of AttaPoll

It is another survey application of the many that we have described here, but it is much simpler, does not have many options, which makes it easy to use.

The problem with this aplicación is that it disqualifies you in some surveys (which we explained above) causing you to waste time.

So, answering the question at the beginning, we do not believe that it is among the best paying applications, but it should be among your daily use applications to earn income.

What do you think of this aplicación? Would you dare to use it? Remember that we have many descriptions of paid aplicaciones for you.

In addition, we have already described those that do not pay so that you know which are the ones that will make you waste your time, such is the case of Panda Research, of which we already gave you a description.

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 AttaPoll Aplicación: Earn money with surveys
  AttaPoll Aplicación: Earn money with surveys
  AttaPoll Aplicación: Earn money with surveys

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