Atexto Transcription works | atext

Atexto Transcription works | atext

atext It is a platform for en línea jobs, especially for audio-to-text transcription work.

At this company you work on your own schedule and best of all, it doesn’t require a lot of experience.

Currently make money from home It has become more than a hábito, as many people consider it a real job where they cánido earn income by doing practically nothing.

In one of my articles I taught you how to make money transcribing and I showed you about 10 companies that pay you to do this job.

But specifically in this article I will espectáculo you how it works atext and how to earn money on this platform.

General features

  • Availability: Almost all countries, including Spain, México, Venezuela and many Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Referrals: No
  • Language: Spanish
  • Minimum payment: 10 dollars

What is and how does atexto work?

atext Before called I want to transcribe is a platform where countless people earn money transcribing audios en línea.

It has more than 240,000 users who live especially in Argentina, Colombia, Spain, México, Venezuela and 20 more Spanish-speaking countries.

You will ask yourself What is the objective of Atexto? This platform deals with popular and cultural issues, and its objective is based on the interest is to work for the improvement of the family economy and learn the trade of transcribing while doing it.

the work ofand transcribe audio to text It is very participative, since in it people not only earn money, they perro also learn several languages ​​while doing it.

The functionality of atext It is really very fácil, you just have to take into account these three stages:

  1. Record: This one is free, it only requires you to create a profile or register with your dirección de correo electrónico.
  2. Tasks: These are published in the account of the collaborators in which you are already a part.
  3. Reception of projects: The projects on this platform come from third parties, which in this case are different companies that need their audios to be transcribed.
  4. The payments: To pay you, they first review your task, then send the earnings to the collaborator account, which you perro withdraw vía PayPal when you reach the minimum.

atext jobs | Non-text transcript review

Working in atext is quite fácil, I have already been testing it and it is giving me great results.

This work consists of making small fragments of audios following a guide that the same company gives you.

It is important that you know that this is not about translations, it really is something very different.

Transcriptions are like the same texts, but transcribed into other languages.

In atexto all the work you will be doing is en línea, therefore, you will not be able to help yourself from any other platform.

Actually the jobs are very easy, since many times you only have to fix what is wrong, cut what is left over, add some words, etcétera.

For this you will always have 30 minutes.

How much money cánido I earn transcribing audios on

In reality, we all know that this job requires effort, since generally you have to be good and fast at transcribing and obviously master other languages ​​such as English and Catalan, which are the ones that have the most en línea transcriptions.

It turns out that in the earnings you will receive will vary, that is, this will depend on the duration of the audio, the contribution and precision you have with these tasks.

That being said, it is estimated that if you do your job well you will be earning 100 percent of the pay, obviously depending on how much they are paying for said transcription.

It is important that you keep in mind that you cannot make mistakes, because if you do, your earnings will be zero and I mention this to you, since It has a system that is in charge of reviewing your tasks, obviously after you send it and these errors take money from you.

On the other hand, in You will not do the transcriptions from scratch, that is, your job will be to review and improve the transcripts of others.

To transcribe correctly, you should take into account the following consejos:

  • You must transcribe the exact words of the person in the recording
  • Respect their language and dialect
  • If the person speaks in English you must transcribe in English
  • Translations from one language to another are not accepted
  • If you transcribe from scratch and correctly you will earn more

in the end, in atext You earn up to 3 dollars for each task you do and the minimum withdrawal is approximately 10 dollars, but remember that these earnings may vary depending on your performance and agility when transcribing.

Is atext trustworthy? | reviews

Yeah atext is a totally legit company and you are paying.

The minimum withdrawal is 10 dollars that you perro get from 3 to 5 business days.

You withdraw your money vía PayPal.

What I liked the most about atext. com It is not necessary that you have a PayPal account that is in your name, that is, you cánido use that of anyone within your reach.

In the same way, another advantage is that you do not need to withdraw that 10 dollars at once, you perro also choose to save it and accumulate it.

Does Atext pay? | Proof of payment from

Yeah atext pays and fast.

I have already withdrawn my first payment.

Here I leave my proof of payment so you perro see my earnings.

If you are not happy with this, you cánido look for various opinions and other proofs that you will find on the internet or on the official page of

How do I withdraw my funds at

To withdraw your funds in you just have to go to My money and clic withdraw.

Remember that for this you must have your own account, which does not need to be your own, it perro belong to a friend or family member.

This money reaches you within 15 business days, but sometimes it takes up to 3 days, I admit that it is usually very fast depending on the country in which you live.

Atexto Community in Spanish

The Spanish text community It is a kind of assistance and access to information group that is in charge of guiding the people who work in this company.

Generally you will find opinions, vouchers, tasks and suggestions.

Spanish atext opinion

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 Atexto Transcription works |  atext
  Atexto Transcription works |  atext
  Atexto Transcription works |  atext

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