Atext | Money transcribing audios

Atext | Money transcribing audios

The platform atext It allows us to earn money for transcribing and tagging audio in more than 24 different languages.

With almost 250,000 registered users, it has become one of the favorite sites for working from home or anywhere else.

It accepts users from almost any part of the world, including Spanish-speaking ones like Venezuela, México or Colombia for example.

All this together with the very affordable minimum payment (10 dollars) since we cánido use Paypal to withdraw our earnings, makes it a very attractive site for all of us.


Atexto is a crowdsourcing platform where we will be able to earn money completely free of charge for transcribing and labeling texts.

It is valid for Spanish-speaking countries and is charged by Paypal.

What is Atexto and how does it work?

Atexto is a platform with a long history, in fact before it was known as QuieroTranscribe.

The site is managed by the company Atexto LLC, based in the United States and is legally registered.

It is a site where we are going to have to listen to different audios and then literally convert them to text, that is, everything we are listening to will have to be written down in exchange for financial remuneration.

One of the features that make this site very appealing is that it is available in Spanish, English, French and Italian and accepts users from virtually all countriesincluding most of Latin America.

Another of the strong points, as I mentioned at the beginning, is that the method used to withdraw earnings is Paypal, where we will be able to collect when we reach as little as 10 dollars, it also has a referral system with which we perro increase our earnings.

How to complete the registration in Atexto

Registering in Atexto is easy and free, we will only have to do it as a collaborator.

To do this, we entrar the platform and fill in the data on the registration form.

Then we will see the following message.

confirm your account

Go to your dirección de correo electrónico, there you will have received an dirección de correo electrónico welcoming you to the site, where you will also be asked to confirm the account simply by clicking on a backlink or button.

Once these steps are done, we perro entrar our Atexto account and start earning money by transcribing audios for free.

How to earn money in Atexto

In Atexto we are going to find several different tasks, although the purpose is the same in all of them: convert a small fragment of audio to text.

Below is a brief review of the different tasks that we cánido find on the platform.

– Transcription: It is about listening to an audio and converting it to text literally, in the same language in which we have heard it, in our case Spanish.

– Correction: A text will appear with some errors, gaps or text that does not correspond, we will have to correct all the errors that we see.

– Talk: Within an imaginary framework presented, we will have to complete it with our own words.

– Repeat: One of the simplest tasks, we will only have to literally repeat the audio that they put on us.

Each of these jobs has a 30 minute deadline from the moment you start making them until you deliver them, more than enough time to complete them without stress.

Although the works are very fácil, we will have to do them with be careful not to make mistakessince if you exceed 5, you will not charge for the work done.

How much perro you earn in Atexto and how to collect

Unfortunately, the transcription of texts is not fully paid, it is quite tedious work and it will not bring us notable amounts, but they help to add and, above all, as in my case, to use that money to invest without risk in other platforms. .

In any case, we will also have to take into account that the estándar of living in each country is not the same, and what may be little money, for example in Spain, in other countries may be a good incentive to face the month with different eyes.

Although the web tells us that we perro exceed $15 per hour, a more than good amount for a free page, the truth is that it is hard to believe since the jobs are scarce and we will almost never be able to work more than a few minutes in a row.

The minimum payment of only 10 dollars It perro be easily achieved if we are moderately active and regularly entrar the platform to hunt for available jobs.

Once that minimum required is reached, we will be able to request the payment to our Paypal account and wait for it to arrive, in this sense I have not found how long to wait, although in some places I have read that it perro take up to 15 days.

Opinion about Atexto

Atexto is a fácil website that makes us earn money with hardly any complications, since no knowledge of any kind is needed to use it.

One of the drawbacks that I see with this platform since I’ve been using it, are the few jobs available.

Very rarely do we find a paid task, which means that little by little we cánido lose interest in entering Atexto.

In any case, we are talking about a platform that allows us to earn free money and that is always interesting, since we do not put anything other than our time at risk.

As it happens with the pages to earn money by doing captchas, it will not get us out of poverty, but it will provide us with safe, legally earned money that we perro invest and multiply on other platforms, or simply spend it on whatever we like.

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 Atext |  Money transcribing audios
  Atext |  Money transcribing audios
  Atext |  Money transcribing audios

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